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01.8.02 - The Summer of Scarborough Wrestling.

Northern Britfest

SWA hosted the pisspoor be honest,the ground was far too hard and the lack of facilities dampened spirits.SWA's performances were also lacklustre after 5 months away,causing some doubts of SWA and comments of 'average' and 'over-rated' been cast over SWA......this summer SWA Music Video's will prove otherwise.

Other News:

ECW - Impact attended ECW They Said It Shouldn't Be Done and a awesome show was put on by all,download the music video

PPV! - SWA returns to the orginal arena of the classroom for Brawler of the Backyard 2002,Brawler of the Backyard 2001 featured a tournament to crown the Brawler of the Backyard won by Shadow Man,this year it is for the newly declared Heavyweight Championship,with Six Pak and Prostrate of EHW-UK also on the card.

Dover - Ben Dover has now been sighted as a policeman on the Merseyside and SWA is offering a 2 pence reward for any one who has information on Dover whereabouts so he can wrestle again,e-mail us
here with information.

Clips - The Video Clips should be working shortly.

- Webmaster
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Please call 0800 574511 with information on his whereabouts,thankyou.