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Nap AttacK!


Yo! Here's the word... we're sad to say that Nap Attack is on a long term hiatus... Matt & Dan are playing with some new guys and Zach has been reunited with his previous Batars mate in their project "the Evening Paper". We'll let you know about any recordings that come about. Matt is also back doing his Stereoprimer stuff for those of you who can hang with goofy electro sounds. Hopefully we'll have more soon, but thats all for now.

More information and free MP3's can be found at our label's web page;

Our latest release is a 5 song cd called the "Choose Your own Adventure ep".
(actual cd is on green paper)

Track Listing:
1. 100,000 Welcomes
2. If it Doesn't Feel Good, Then Don't do it
3. Fact or Fiction?
4. I imagined a Aeroplane was a Beautiful Woman
5. Castle Grayscale

One song appears on this Monosyllabic Records compilation and feats. the Mercury Program, Maserati, Volta do Mar and many more.

Both CDs are currently available from the label page or at:

This is the our 7 song demo that we released before the ep. It will be made available again soon from Monosyllabic Records. Check out their page for more info:

If you were wondering about our name, or just thought it was stupid, this poem does a better job explaining it than we could:

Nap Attack

by: Virginia Salter

Nap attack--- if I had whiskers theyd be inching forward then spreading wide between clenched eyes and gaping hole ringed with sharp-pointed teeth
my motor would be revving up for a curl up on the sofa or a wonderful lap at the hand
Id be preparing to dream of rats and mice birds so nice feathered with down and quill
yet of whiskers Im absent and purring tool have I none
so, Ill just click on the save put to sleep on the page this message of sweet solitude
not wanting to be rude Id say See ya, dude! and Id crawl to my curl up glade
Good nap, for now, Sweet Friend!
February 20, 2001

Some stuff some people wrote:

"Nap Attack have just released their debut, the Choose Your Own Adventure EP. The five song effort combines intricate, writhing, algebraic rhythms with equal measures of poetic reverie and angular bombast, to create compelling and challenging odysseys that delight in defying your expectations and preconceptions. Nothing here is as it seems and none of their songs will lead you where you think they will."

"Careening through explosions, intricacies and unpredictable twists and turns, Arcata, California's Nap Attack create their own instrumental brand of "un-rock". The trio, featuring a lead bassist and rhythm guitarist, create a braided path of pummelling staccato and ultra-melodic passages. Complex, interesting guitar and bass work complements the erratic and precise drums, often experimenting with peculiar tempos and phase shift ideas earlier explored by avant-garde composers such as Philip Glass and Steve Reich."

"Don't let their name fool you, either. Barely into their twenties, Nap Attack's powerful, high-energy shows and unique labyrinthine assault has already garnered heavy praise and led to performances with national stalwarts The Mercury Program, Maserati, Caesura, Six Parts Seven, Volta Do Mar, Town & Country, Mates of State, The Building Press, The Intima, Oma Yang, Kill Me Tomorrow, and Roots of Orchis."