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Welcome to! This is the place to catch up on:

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Stay tuned to for the "1 Megabyte Spectacular!", including new series, new episodes, new formats, and new, well, everything!

"The Cause" is over. "the effect" has only begun. "An Unfriendly Eyeball": In this hilarious episode Ash gets some improptu surgery, and a spunky new sidekick with multiple personality disorder and a bad attitude is added to the team. wacky hijinks and a trip to the museum ensue.

One look below at the new poll suggests, yes, there are at least 2 new series coming to Mattshouse!
(For those of you who care, no, Spooky Squared isn't doing anything. Like the turd in the proverbial punch bowl, all she does is whine and complain about Frontpage. So there.)
So don't waste time with the rest of these updates, vote now!
(while you're down there, try "Signing The Guestbook". It freshens your breath and cleanses your earthly sins!)

Congratulations go to "North" in the latest Poll! By an astounding 10 to 5 victory over "South", "North" pulls ahead, and will soon become an integral plot point in the coming second season of "The Cause"!

Latest Episodes!

"The Cause"-Episode 15: "School Daze"
Series Finale! Ash floats in limbo, where he meets a strange man who wants to hear a story. "The Cause" will continue in the new Mattshouse series, "the effect"!

how about...

"the effect"-Episode One: "Brave New World" or "Square One"
Series Opener! In the followup series to "The Cause", Ash recounts his memoirs of the Socialist Revolution, 150 years after he died in "The Cause"! Holy Crap!

or maybe you'd like...

"Jigoku-Sama's Restricted Romance"-Chapter 11: The Request
In another supposedly, romantic turn of events, Kai actually asks Ai out on a date! Amazing! Who knew he had it in him?

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