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Cube is a tiny game engine hosting a singleplayer/multiplayer First Person Shooter game.
The engine was created by Wouter van Oortmerssen.
This is one of the cooled shareware programs I have ever got the hook up with.

Official Cube Page.

My Multi Player Levels

Download all my Multi Player Levels


Rating: 3/10

The first level I completed. A lot of corridors and mostly smaller sized rooms.
Would be a nice level, but rooms are just not big enough.
There are a lot of hiding places though.



Rating: 8/10

A very good level, Large rooms, Beautiful graphic effects. This is the first level that I have used Teleports.
Fun, Big Level, Fun to explore.
There isn't really anything wrong with the level.



Rating: 5/10

A very open level. Just one big large room. Mountains on one side and a huge lake on the other side. I started this level before but just finished it by adding tons of graphical effects. Looks a lot better now that I am done.

No teleports