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Brisbane Hash House Horrors
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Brisbane Horrors Down Down Songs
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Oh No The Horrors are back!

  Brisbane Hash House Horrors, a Hash for kids, held every two to three months from venues all over Brisbane.
All are welcome from 0 to 100 years of age.
Start time is usually 10 am Run start at 10.30 or there abouts.
Nosh is usually a sausage sizzle
Refreshments: a
free popper for the Horrors plus water and/or cordial; Big Horrors bring your own

Cost Hashers $3.00 /Horrors $2.00 / $10.00 per Family Contact XXXX 07 3848 5704
Needed one person to update web page and access email contact Recci 0417 602 334

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Horrors Down Down Song
Heres to ******* they're true blue
They are hashers through and through
They are horrors so they say
Tried to go to heaven but they went the other way!!

Drink it down down down down ect

Why are we waiting
Slowly dehydrating


Melody -Click here for the tune

Here's to these hashers,
these hashers, these hashers,
Here's to these hashers,
May they) chug-a-lug.

They're happy, They're jolly,
They're HORRORS by golly,
Here's to these hashers,
May they chug-a-lug.

Down down down down etc

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Run History
# 1 Poison and Toothpaste Taylor St. Bulimba
# 2 Ozzie Beaver and One Stick Capalaba
# 3 Fillmacrackin’ Redland Bay
# 4 Radar and Sonar Margate St Mt Gravatt
# 5 Bootrooter Morvilla St Ferny Grove
# 6 Sperm and Rectinol Christmas 2000 Hash Pentathon Disco Night
# 7 Bootrooter and Grouse Sheila South Bank Parklands
# 8 Eeny Meey Miny Mo assisted by Calapacious and Lost and Found
# 9 Loony Tunes and Litle Barbie assisted by Lunatic
#10 Eeny Meey Miny Mo assisted by Calapacious and Lost and Found: Theme Halloween
#11 Mid Strength, Lite Ice. Tooheys Old & Tooheys New assisted by XXXX & Crown Lager: Disco Night Theme Rainbow
  #12 Sonar with help from Radar and Bedpan Easter Bunny 'Wear your bunny ears' Run
  #13 Stubby and Talley with help from Tinny & Pisstop
  #14 Eeny Meeny Miney Moe with help from Callypacious & Lost & Found
  #15 Platypus with help from Splutter & Puss
  # 16 Camp Kinkoona Week- End Away

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