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St. Ann's Academy links

The 'Right to Sleep' Data Hub (or The Process of How It Is That It Is Legal to Have a Tent, at Night, in a park in the City of Victoria, BC, Canada)
Journal of the Occupation of St. Ann's Academy (Victoria, BC, Canada)
The Dream Monopoly (comic strip in .pdf form)

Assorted 'Liberation of Earth' Links

Preliminary Overview of Municipal Public Tenting Zone Cross-Canada Speaking Tour
Everything Tent-city (North America)
Official Supreme Court of BC ruling on the 'right to shelter'
Official Appeals Court of BC ruling on previous Sumpreme Court ruling
Press Release For Canadian Tent City Ruling (Oct. 24, 2008)
The City's Factum/Argument Defending The Daytime Tent Prohibition
My Factum/Argument Challenging The Daytime Tent Prohibition
94 minute 'Right to Sleep' Documentary, LOVE AND FEARLESSNESS (version 2.4) Online
B Channel News
Gandhi (full movie online)


on maturity
on honour
the amalgamation of the bodies of truth
professing endearment
OPERATION: Glorious Future
Virtue 101: a primer for those interested in being good
The Reality of Manifesting a World of Trust
I would love to sleep in a bed
In the Name of All Holiness and Royalty
The Only 'Action' That Can Work
a ninja battle song
Forgive Absolutely
'Judgment Day'
honour's way
Dear Elizabeth the Second, Queen of England
Where is your nobility?
Transcending Conflict
articulating to fit
Holy Holy Holy
The Truth Shall Set Us Free
Prophecy Dream
Moving Harmoniously
predestiny is real
Let there be clarity.
I don't use money.
Approaching Happiness
Plain English?
If you found out...
The Global End of Money
Mastery 101
Heaven-on-Earth: one nervous breakdown away
the only 'way'
Reality is ego.
Non-denominational Hippy Propaganda
drunken- the letter
Why You Should Not Vote
for Stephen King
the mystery of God
WANTED: Revolutionaries
A letter for the 'Rainbow Family'- reminding them of their strength.
Sometimes Honour Means 'Disassociation' (about vampires)
Patience is good.
Residential Schools Not Accidents
Dear Assholes,
Patience is a Miracle
A Good Brainwashing
instant ninja
Cry of the Lord
Dec. 21st: the emminence of freedom
I Will Not Scurry to an Unwelcome Place: Homeless Shelters and the Delusion of Pride
A Christmas Letter to the Warriors
7th Breach (or The 'right to sleep'?)
Zero Voter Turnout
Babylon comes at Full Assault
'Right to Sleep' potluck flyer
a vampire is a vampire is a vampire: the pathology of laziness
How YOU can help determine the RIGHT TO SLEEP
Flyer for the 2nd potluck.
Tired of Babylon?
When Dancing with the Dark Wizards of Mundainia
Taxpayers are as insane as the thing they pay taxes to (A.K.A. Tyrants and Tent-cities)
Capitalism Loves Violent Revolution
Ending Capitalism 101
The End of Fascism Begins Here
The Root of Poverty is, Literally, Belief in Pride
The Worst Kind of Monster
There Is No Grey Between Fascism and Anarchy
User Friendly Propaganda (3 per page)
Don't be afraid...
Catalyst Flyer for the Beginning of the Last Tent-city (at St. Ann's Academy)
Dream-journal kept while fasting in segregation (from April 3rd to April 21st, 2006).
Flyer for June 2006 tent-city.
Anarchy Is More Fun Than Eternal Slavery: press release
grabbing attention and keeping it for a spell
what hate is
The Covenant of the Knights of the Round Table (from a kid's book)
Puppies and Roses
democracy- bullshit since day 1
eradicating poverty
The Reality of Wizardry
Angelic Tutelage
Dear Jesus,
The Most Secretest Mystery
Capitalism is Hell
Are you a smart robot?
meditation suggestion
What's Going On 101
If You've Ever Voted or Paid Taxes I Forgive You
'Homeless By Choice': response to Times Colonist article about me
How It Is Understandable, Yet Incorrect, To Think The World Imperfect
The truth is it is insane to hate.
The Most Important Event In Canadian History (A.K.A. Here Come The Tent-Cities)
angels and witches
reality sans the hippy dippy
Have you ever had that feeling...
Everything you need to know about God in four short paragraphs.
The Canada-wide Establishment of Tent-cities
Things to enjoy as superheros.
dear zombies/everyone,
How To Stop The Crown With Only 60 Warriors
A Truth Stronger Than Any Conditioning
The Only Way Out Of This One Is To Remember That You Are The Buddha
I Am NOT A 'Homeless Activist'
my song
Every Ego Dies
superdrunk fuckyou
On Perfecting The Welfare State
The Standard of Time and The Ivanhoe Theory
On The Mountaintop With God's Eyes
Reflections On Not Using Money For Over 6 Years
The Fundamental of Pinpointing Corruption
updated police and court encounters list (as of Sept. 9th, 2009)
a little truth goes a long way: distraction and naivity
Application to redesignate the appeal away from the trial de novo
(: just breathe
The Claim of Peerage and Other Notes
Regarding the 'Right to Shelter' Appeal
Lawful Revolution (or Do You, Really, Want To Save The World?) #1
woke up with a full brain
On How Knowledge Of Fate Removes The Ability To Panic
Final draft of the 'RIGHT TO SLEEP DURING THE DAY' argument
Black Bloc: the politics of manufacturing consent
the Pandora Avenue Crack Market
Me and Women: the divine highschool geek
The Spin-Doctor Horror of a 'National Housing Strategy'
The Holy Poo
Why Pride is Sin
Where the 'True Hope that Makes Your Sanity Invincible' Lays
I Haven't Used Money In Seven Years, Today
Police and Courts Encounter List (as of Sunday, August 26th, 2012)
As of this June 27th I will not have used money in 9 years.
The Tao of Kung Fu
Meat Eating
Near the end of this month I will not have used money for 10 years.

Videos (mostly sorted with oldest on top and maybe more on facebook that aren't listed here)

Capitalism sucks balls.
trish and barry talk about fate
virtual shebib
Burger Talking
St. Ann's video update- Tuesday, December 21st, 2010
Me eating pie.
Head Dancing to Pokerface by Lady Gaga
God (read by the author)
The Holy Poo
The Cheat Code
Dramatic Flute
Apples and Oranges: the Interview
Jonathon Treefrog Rough Remix
Hugs - The Triumph of Our Tired Eyes
Mr. Ed (raw footage)
An Elk Call and an Awesome Monkey
Dishes: the interview (abridged)
Conjecture on Legal Tent Cities
History of the Victoria 'Right to Sleep' Campaign in 10 minutes
Update On 'Right To Sleep' Campaign, Victoria, BC (not placed in order)
who the hell is david shebib (edited by Tomiko)
Sh*t Something Something Bourbon Something Something Says
Released From Jail Again (youtube playlist)
Wasteland Survival Tips (youtube playlist)

Other Links

Camp for Justice (interview from MONDAY MAGAZINE - December 22 - 28th, 2005)
ever try to buy an apple from a tree (by Daffodil)
UNDE MALUM (a friend's article)
REAL Ultimate Power- a website about true ninjas

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