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January 07 2003:

Details on the New Site!

Home Sweet Home - Approx. 250 k a page - Well, the gang is back home after BotCon, but how is everyone dealing with the post-convention fallout?

BotCon Report - Page size varies - BotCon BotCon bo-Botcon banana-fanna fo-fotcon, mee my mo motcon... BOTCON!

Getting to BotCon - Approx. 203 k a page - While the rest of the clubhouse gang were packed away, Jay and Sizzle enjoyed spending time in airports and having an adventure at the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo! Yes, that's right! The zoo!

Two Headed Freaks - Approx. 269 (!) k a page - We've now got a complete Vehicon collection! But instead of partying, there is TERROR! Well, there's a little bit of partying, but there is significant TERROR to warrant all caps. Really.

Project: Custom Chapter 2 - Customs on the Loose! - Approx. 110 k a page - BD's projects are underway, but the upstairs toys are becoming suspicious...

Project: Custom Chapter 1 - The Clubhouse - Approx. 163 k a page - It seems that BD and G2 Longhaul have something sneaky planned. Meanwhile, Scavenger, Sizzle, and Optimus Minor search for a place where they can play in peace.

The Gundam Conundrum Chapter 3 - Last Ditch Effort - Approx. 150 k a page - With the Toa defeated and no other options, the Transformers ask Super Deformed Wing Zero Custom, the littlest Gundam with the biggest heart, to help them in their fight.

Hey Look, It's Cryotek! - Approx. 96 k a page - The first true story about a toy that wasn't bought at a store!

The Gundam Conundrum Chapter 2 - Wing Gundam, The Gundam Wing Gundam - Approx. 200 k a page - Our heroes have finally acquired a weapon to counter the threat of Deathscythe. But there's one teensy weensy little problem with it...

The Gundam Conundrum - Chapter 1 - Approx. 128 k a page - Optimus Minor and Scavenger stumble upon a sinister plot. Could Optimus Prime hold the key to survival?

Come Back Bob Skir! - Approx. 183 k - While browsing through Altered States Magazine's Wizard Word East Update (and discussing English cuss words) Scavenger, Sizzle, and Optimus Minor come across some terrible news!

Heavyarms and the PS1 - Approx. 195 k - While normally docile, the PS1 can be deadly when provoked.

Sizzle the Misfit Sparkabot - Chapter 3 - Retaliation - Approx. 200 k a page - With a mysterious and violent stranger in control of the power suit, can the Transformers build up a resistance in time to save themselves?

Sizzle the Misfit Sparkabot - Chapter 2 - Party Crasher - Approx. 75 k a page - Sizzle has the new suit, but is he able to control its powers? Nah, not very well. Wacky hijinx ensue.

Debiruzufu-doke-ki Yuniba-su! - Approx. 158 k - In honour of April fools day, I present this cultural exchange. May your April fools be full of warusawagi and monki-bijinesu!

Sizzle The Misfit Sparkabot - Approx. 150 k - Poor sizzle. Nobody really likes him, but is that enough for him to trade his soul for popularity? I sure as heck hope not.

Draw! - Approx. 152 k - Pretty self explanatory.

Silly Pics - Third Round - Approx. 175 k - The Semester 1 exams are complete! And the people rejoiced!

Caption This! - Here's what you submitted for captions!

The AllSpark Awards - Approx. 120 k a page - Dru Mellon of The AllSpark asked me to present the award for "Best Personal Icon" at the 5th Semi-Annual AllSpark Awards, where formal wear is a must-have. Little did he know what he was in for, moohahaha.

The Bionicle Debacle - Chapter 4 - Approx. 100 k a page - The final chapter in my Bionicle Debacle, and my biggest one yet! Tankor figures out Tahu's only weakness, but can he capitalize on it before anyone else is killed?

Merry Christmas Mr. Heavy Arms! - Approx. 197 k - In another short deviation from the Bionicle Debacle, Heavy Arms gets into the Chrismas spirit by decorating! Mayhem ensues.

The Bionicle Debacle - Chapter 3 - Approx. 100 k a page - Tankor and Blastcharge learn more about the the Toa's strengths, and their weaknesses...

The "Hunt" - Approx. 95 k - Don't worry, I'm still working on the Bionicle Debacle, but here's something I just whipped up for fun!

The Bionicle Debacle - Chapter 2 - Approx. 100 k a page - After more causualties Tankor and Blastcharge discover the one weakness these "Bionicle's" have.

The Bionicle Debacle - Chapter 1 - Approx. 200 k a page - Something new has entered the room. But is it dangerous? Yeah, probably. But *how* dangerous, exactly?

Act Two - Approx. 177 k - As the collection grows, so does my insanity!

Heavy Arms - The Silent Punching Bag - Approx. 137 k - Without a word, Gundam Heavy Arms can express, in mini-comic format, what so few have before him could. The torment of being laughed at because pieces fall off so easily and that he wasn't completely painted. I think I got a bad one. :\

The First Batch - Approx. 240 k - See me experiment with my meager Transformers collection and poor camera skills. I get better. :)

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