Web Pages designed and developed by Casey Williams:

700 South (my band's page) - The Law Offices Of Elyssa M Korman - Criminal Defense Practice - The Law Offices Of Elyssa M Korman - Family Law Prctice

Cornell Woods Homeowner's Association - a site that I built for a neighborhood in Okemos, MI.

Reed's Lock Service - RLS.

Verifacts Investigations - a private investigative service in the southeast - I built and maintain this site.

Bogey's Atlanta area business

Other pages of interest:

YIBOS Central - The Central Michigan University chapter of Delta Sigma Phi (where I was a brother) has a website up again (at least it's a portal to a message board and has posted alumni events).

Colin Moore's web page - my buddy Colin - up in Grand Haven, MI (he comes down here to Georgia though every once in a while to hit the southern BBQ joints)

The Smoking Gun - A great place for time wasting, urban legends, band riders and more.

Consumption Junction - 18 and older only - contains explicit material

Drew Howard - My friend Drew who was my guitar teacher as a kid.

Alice Cooper's Official Site

92.9 Dave FM Atlanta

Salary.Com - Are you making what you're worth at your job?  This is where you can find out.

99X - Atlanta

Rob Little - Homepage of my friend Rob who was a fraternity brother of mine in college and is now on the stand-up comedy circuit.

The Local Band Network

CNet Downloads - The place to download freeware and shareware/trial period software for just about any purpose that you can think of.

Central Michigan University - Where I went to college

DAMM - Fight back against a lobby group that has gone way out of hand.

The Atlanta Journal and Constitution

The Lansing State Journal

The Detroit Free Press

Central Michigan University College of Business

American Association Of Information Technology Professionals (AITP) - I have been a member of this organization since college

Project Management Institute - A professional organization that I belong to

Golden Key National Honor Society - Another organization that I belong to