I was born in Lansing, MI in the mid-seventies. 

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Growing up in Okemos, MI, in the Regan years - I was at first
a favorite target of the neighborhood bully Dan Esquina

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But I soon began training in the martial arts 
and became feared by my classmates

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In Highschool I played bass in the band Steel Water
which played various parties around Michigan State and the Lansing area

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This is me and my friend John before the senior prom.
I started my career as a bus boy at Big Boy.

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Upon graduation from High School, 
I began studying at Central Michigan University

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During my summers I worked as a fudge maker and a waiter on Mackinac Island

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At Central, I joined the Delta Sigma Phi fraternity

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Finally I graduated from CMU after 4 1/2 long years

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And that's my story in a nutshell.