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Pontiac ATV Pullers

All participants must register, $10.00 per class no refunds. Prizes will be paid to the top 2 finishers in a class with 4 to 7 entrants 60/40 split. Classes with 8 or more entrants will pay top 3 finishers 50/30/20 split. (All prizes are rounded off to the nearest $10.00) 

Minimum of 4 bikes for a class, if there are not enough bikes in your class you will be moved up a class. We reserve the right to limit the number of pullers in a class.

No alcohol or drug consumption by drivers or pit crew before or during the event.

Helmet required, full face preferred.

Drivers must remain seated with both hands on the handle bars at all times when pulling. Leaving the seat will result in disqualification.

Pull ends when forward motion stops. Must stop when flagged.

Pullers are not required to add sand bag weight to ATV. If weight is added it cannot exceed the maximum allowable weight and must be added to front and rear equally.

Drivers will be allowed 2 attempts to start the sled, as long as the sled has not gone past the 25-foot mark on the first attempt.

Only ATV tires allowed, no studs, duals or chains

If ATV breaks during pull, driver may fix it and move to the last pull position, if not repaired in time for last place, contestant will be eliminated.

ATV operators will not speed, spin or otherwise operate an ATV recklessly on event property.

Factory or aftermarket hitch is acceptable with a 1 7/8 ball. 

Judges decision is final!!!!!!!