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G&G M14 airsoftgun

When I saw that WGS had the M14 available for pre-order, I did not need to wait a second to decide that this would be the next and hopefully last Airsoft gun I would buy. The M14 has always been my "Holy Grail" of replicas, and I was dismayed when I heard that the TC version was, well, crap... So I was very pleased to learn that both TM and G&G were making the guns as well.
I payed up, went to Africa for a week, and when I came back UPS had the gun waiting for me. Life is good.

In time of writing I have only fired the gun to set the hop and test its power, no games or long term (obviously!) use. Of course, I have also never even been near a real-steel M14... =(

So, the gun comes in a long white box, so long that it did not fit in the trunk of my car... I need a bigger car! The gun itself is also very long and elegant looking, its stock is a black drab color and has a slight texture to it, while all the metal parts are either black or drab grey.

When handling the gun there is no hint of squeeking or wobbling, it feels very robust and quite well built, with one exception. The upper handguard is not made from the same material as the rest of the stock and feels a bit loose. It also looks like cheap plastic.
The magazine, which holds maybe 450 rounds, fits very snugly into the well.
The safty on the gun is situated in front of trigger, while the firing selector is a switch under the rear sight, so they are not in the same place as on most modern guns.

The battery compartment in the stock seems like it could hold just about any size battery, my 8.4V 2000mAh battery shakes and moves quite a bit in there. Adjusting the hop up is easy. The hop adjustment is reveald by pulling the bolt open, which can then be locked in place to make the adjustment quicker. I found the gun to fire well, good range and power for a stock gun. Reasonable accuracy too. Rate of fire of full auto is amazing...
I did get some double feeds at first, but that seems to have gone away on its own.

Overall, Iīm very happy with the M14, and canīt wait to get out and play some games with it