Agent Tenki moved into the Downward Dog Stretch and got ready to do Salute to the Sun but slipped when her yoga mat moved on the slippery floor. She growled and swore before getting up and brushing a bit of dirt off her pants.

The woman started pacing the room, occasionally brushing some green hair out of her eyes, a left-over from her days as a DBZ ‘sue. She jumped a few feet when someone knocked on the door.

"Hello? Agent Kumori Tenki? Um… Are you there?" A timid voice from the other side of the door called.

Kumori glared, "Yeah, I’m here and the door’s open!"

A young girl opened the door and slowly came in, taking note of all the plants. Funny, you’d think in a place like HQ the agents wouldn’t be too fond of plants, even the non-sentient ones. It seemed this Response Centre wasn’t your average assassin’s home. Besides the plants everywhere, there was a small water feature in the corner with water lilies in it. Where a bed would have been in the other RCs was a futon which Georgia was actually relieved to see. The room was filled with the sound of running water from the previously mentioned water feature and had a distinct earthy smell, though not strong enough to be unpleasant. However, Georgia got the feeling she’d get sick of it after a while. Kumori was still glaring at her and the girl gulped.

"Can I help you?" The ex-Alien!Sue now just plain alien asked sweetly, "or did you just come here to admire my lovely décor?"

"Um… I’m Georgia Branch… I think I’m meant to be your new partner…" The girl said, shuffling her feet.

Kumori clucked her tongue, "How old are you? You don’t look any older than thirteen…"

"I’m actually fourteen…"

"And you got recruited into being an assassin?"


Kumori growled and turned the alarm off, "Well, you look a bit young but you’ll do for now. Do you know anything about computers? I’m not very good with computers. I am, however, very good at killing people so I’m sure we can work something out."

Georgia nodded weakly, "What’s the ‘fic about?"

Kumori read the information, "Oh, dear… Oh, dear…"

Georgia looked over her shoulder, standing on her tiptoes to do so, "What happens?"

"It’s a DBZ/Anne Frank crossover. Why they gave us one of these, I don’t know. Goku cheats on Chi Chi," This last fact seemed to really annoy Kumori, "Come on, we’ll just go as soldiers. It looks like they’re all canons so we won’t be noticed."

"Um, ok. But won’t I need to be older?"

"Yes, but that’s easily fixed. We may want to change your hair as well, from the looks of things we’re going to be Nazis," Kumori noted, "So green hair and red hair won’t be a good idea."

"Do you want me to program disguises?" Georgia asked,

"Do you know how?" Kumori turned to her,

"Not really…" Georgia admitted, looking at the unfamiliar computer, when she’d been in training she’d spent more time getting logicillin shots than learning to program disguises, "I could probably learn pretty quick, though."

"No time, this thing needs to die NOW!" Kumori growled, allowing herself a capital word, "I don’t know much about Anne Frank, but it sounds like she’s just OOC. We’ll have to check around to see if she’s been replaced by a ‘Sue. This author needs to learn that there’s a line when it comes to including historical figures in fanfiction."

She quickly programmed the disguises and opened a portal, "Well? Get going, kid!"

Georgia jumped and ran through the portal and Kumori was quick to follow. Once inside the fanfic, Georgia looked down and realized she was considerably taller and wearing the Nazi soldier’s uniform. This wasn’t a huge surprise, but something else was.

"Kumori, why are we male?"

Kumori glanced at her from the corner of her eye and shrugged, "I wasn’t sure of what Hitler’s policies were considering females within his military. So I figured we should just play it safe and go as guys."

They entered what seemed to be a shelter, with a young girl lying on a bed writing in her diary.

Kumori shoved a notepad into Georgia’s arms, "You write the charge list. First charge, one girl having a bedroom all to herself while in hiding during the war."

Georgia quickly took the notepad, easily intimidated by the still taller and older woman, "Is that really a charge? That might be canon for all we know…"

"I haven’t read the book, but since it was non-fiction I find that very unlikely. I’m pretty sure Anne Frank had sisters, she would have been roomed with them plus maybe her parents," Kumori said, rummaging in her bag for the CAD, "And since we haven’t read the book, we’re going to need this to know how OOC she is." Kumori pointed the CAD at the girl who was staring at a wall, being careful to mute it. "Yikes, 65% and the story’s only just started…"

All of a sudden, a flash of light appeared in the room! Anne jumped back, stifling a scream.

"Damn it! My eyes!"

"Ow! I’m putting that on the charge list!"

Kumori and Georgia looked at the man who had appeared in front of them and smiled. "Son Goku…" Kumori muttered, looking at the man fondly.

Georgia blinked, "Wait, how’d he get here? Instant transmission doesn’t cause a bright light!"

Kumori didn’t listen but glared as Goku walked over to Anne and kissed her hand, "Another charge. Goku’s married and isn’t comfortable with physical shows of affection anyway. He doesn’t even hug his sons in public."

"I'm sorry for what just happened," Goku told her, "But I was caught in a time portal and deposited here! My power cells will recharge soon, but until then, I'm stuck here."

Georgia tilted her head, "Oh, which is how he got here… that makes no sense! Does he mean a Time Machine? But where’d it go? I’ll add that on to the charge list…"

"Add causing Goku to speak outside of his normal vocabulary. I doubt Goku knows what a power cell is, let alone how long it takes to recharge." Kumori glared,

"Plus, why would Goku have one? Does she think he’s an android?"

"Oh, no! More androids from the future! Someone grab Trunks!"

Anne clearly had no idea what Goku was talking about but had decided to flirt with the handsome man who was twice her age and had just appeared out of no where. Goku looked around and Kumori and Georgia ducked behind a closet before they realized he couldn’t see them.

Georgia frowned, "Repay her? What does that mean? Goku doesn’t really know how money works…"

"I don’t think he means cash," Kumori told her glaring furiously at the young girl, "How old is this kid? Fifteen? Sixteen?"

"Depends what point of the story we’re in. But I don’t think she’s that much older than me."

"Then she’s far too young for Goku," Kumori was distracted by the CAD, "Hey, check this out! Anne’s turned into a Mary Sue!"

"I wonder why," Georgia said darkly, as she watched Anne randomly kiss Goku’s cheek, "Jeez, girl! If you’re going to kiss a random hottie for no reason, at least go for the mouth!" They continued to watch the characters, both feeling some pity for them. Mostly for Goku, it was true since they knew him best. But they knew it wasn’t really Anne’s fault either.

Kumori blinked as she realized that the near blinding headache she’d had since they entered the fanfic hadn’t faded yet, "Hey, how’s your head?"

"It’s killing me. Why?" Georgia asked, rubbing her temple. She’d been getting a headache since she’d entered the fic.

Kumori checked the words and swore, "Paragraphs, Gofer-chan! Paragraphs!"

Georgia raised an eyebrow, "Her name’s Gofer?"

"No, it’s Gofer-chan…" The two females, both reasonably fluent in Japanese, giggled.

Kumori looked back towards the couple on the bed and glared as Goku wrapped his arm around Anne, "Oh, good Kami. The girl’s not even fifteen, for somebody’s sake!"

Georgia snickered, "You know, you’re a very beautiful girl. Reminds me of that time my family went to Thailand and some guy at the market asked my parents how much I was."

They watched as Goku told her he was already married, looking as if he might cry.

Kumori was astounded, "Is that really Goku? No way is that Goku. You met the girl five minutes ago, for crying out loud! Goku isn’t a very emotional person either! People think he is because they set up some kind of Yin and Yang thing between him and Vegeta! But he’s not! Even with his best friends he isn’t very emotional, he just smiles all the time!"

Georgia pulled Kumori back behind the closet as Anne stood up and started throwing a hissy fit.

"No!" she said loudly, almost in tears. "I'm sorry..." he replied. Anne was furious. "Nothing ever goes right!" she cried out.

"Oh, cry me a river." Kumori muttered, "Some guy you just met turns out to be married. How horrible. Someone you met and instantly liked leads a happy life somewhere. Boo-hoo."

"Charge list?"

"You bet."

"I have to go now, my power cells have recharged." said Goku.

"Thanks for letting me use your wall outlet," Georgia joked.

They watched as Anne childishly refused to face him and Goku disappeared again in the same flash of light as before.

"At least give him a freakin’ time machine or something," Kumori muttered, "Not that it’d help. Goku comes from a totally different Earth than this one, though Hitler did exist there."

Georgia suddenly panicked, "Chapter change!"

They both grabbed onto the closet and tried not to lose their lunch as the next chapter prepared to start and the authors note came flying over head.

"How did everyone like it? ^_^ Please review, as it's my first story!"

"Don’t use an author’s note unless you actually have something useful to say! Don’t just repeat the authors note from the beginning!" Georgia cried over the raging chapter break.

Suddenly there was silence and chapter two had begun.

"Notice she hasn’t put a disclaimer in?"

"I’ll put it on the list," Georgia muttered.

Kumori glared at the ‘Sue who was writing in her diary, "Stupid ‘Sue kidnapping Anne Frank. We need to find her before we finish as well."

Georgia however was distracted by the "red string of fate" that had one end attached to Anne Frank’s chest, while the other lead out the door, "Heh heh! It’s like wool!"

"Hey! Leave fate alone!" Kumori slapped her wrist.

"Can I please keep it? I bet I could knit a really cool fate scarf with this stuff! And there’s plenty since it leads all the way to Goku and he’s years in the future!"

"Yeah, yeah." Kumori stared at the young girl writing in her diary and noticed something in her eyes that hadn’t been there at the start of the last chapter, "Of course, she’s a ‘Sue now…" Agent Tenki muttered to herself.

It never occurred to her, however, that this entry would be her last. As she wrote in the quiet attic, there was a loud noise from downstairs. Her heart jumped with both fear and excitement. Was it them? The Nazis? Or, could it be… him?

"I’m more inclined to believe it’s the Nazi’s, Anne," Georgia said, busily writing out the charge list, "And even if it isn’t, better safe than sorry, eh?"

The two agents quickly hid behind the closet again as a soldier burst into the room and led Anne downstairs to the truck. Kumori seemed most distressed.

"No, no! Don’t put her in the truck! Shoot her! She’s obviously just going to cause trouble!"

"So this is it." She said quietly to herself. "I’ll never see him, my one true love, ever again. And all those years of hiding… they were for naught."

"Yes, all those extra years of living are all for naught because I didn’t see a guy I met a month ago again. Oh, woe is me!" Georgia pretended to faint, only to be caught by Kumori.

"Quit fooling around," The alien disguised as a human said, cuffing her around the ear. Both jumped slightly when Anne suddenly ran past them. The soldier, quite sensibly Kumori thought, shot at her and she fell to the ground.

Anne lay on the floor, feeling searing pain run through her leg, where the bullet had met its mark. The Gestapo officer menacingly moved towards her, grinning, when all of a sudden there was a blinding flash of light, causing the officer to shield his eyes.

"Son Goku," Kumori muttered, "We need to record his OOCness level…"

"Hey, look! The Time Capsule’s here this time!" Georgia said excitedly, feeling her fingers start to twitch at the thought of getting her hands on a real time machine, "And it sounds like it’s the real one!"

Kumori blinked, "Then why the flash of light? Did Trunks’ Time Capsule appear in a flash of light? Or the smoke?"

Georgia bit her lip, "I can’t remember… Can I keep it anyway?"

"I don’t think so. It might have to be destroyed," Kumori cringed as she heard Goku’s sappy lines, "Add that to the charge list, Georgia. How can she give Goku sappy lines? He’s not at all romantic!"

Suddenly Goku glared in their direction, Kumori then realized that Georgia and herself were disguised as Nazi soldiers and the story had only spoken of one soldier. The story’s grasp on the canon wanted only one soldier and that was what it was going to get. Since it couldn’t kick her out of the story, and she was currently standing directly next to an extra who was in the story, Kumori quickly ended up taking that soldiers place.

After laying Anne on the concrete, he dashed towards the Nazi and knocked him to the ground, unconscious, with only one blow. "Nazi scum." Muttered Goku as he spit on his enemy’s limp body, then returned to Anne.

Georgia muffled her shriek as she watched her partner fall to the ground and not get up again. She forced herself to wait until Goku and Anne left before running up to Kumori and shaking her awake, "Kumori? Kumori are you okay?"

The assassin groaned, "No way is that Goku. Goku doesn’t act like that over fallen enemies. Even Piccolo and Freiza…"

"I know, I know," Georgia said soothingly, helping Kumori up, "Are you badly hurt?"

"No, he didn’t hit me too hard. Must be his canon trying to regain control," She replied, getting back onto her feet, "Check his OOCness level for me, all right?"

"Um, I can’t," Georgia said nervously, "They’re gone,"

Kumori looked around her before checking out the words, "So they are. Well, I can’t fly in this body, so you’d better set up the portal,"

Georgia did so, quickly setting the co-ordinates to the next scene.

After only a few moments, the two of them arrived in Berlin. Tanks were parading down the street, as Adolf Hitler himself stood on a platform overlooking it all.

The two assassins watched in horror as Goku attacked the troops, hijacked a tank and used it to destroy all the soldiers. They watched him massacre the crowd of easily a hundred people in shock. They couldn’t think of anything to say as they saw him grin as he looked at all the destruction he’d caused. In the space of a few minutes, Goku had gone against everything he had ever stood for and become a mad man.

"That’s… That’s… That isn’t Goku…" Kumori stuttered, horrified. She’d been raised to destroy planets in her home story. But to see Son Goku, a man she’d always admired, take joy in such wanton destruction was horrible, "Even if they deserved it, Goku wouldn’t… Even with Frieza and the Ginyu force… He’d never…"

Georgia covered her mouth with her hands, unable to think of a thing to say. She simply stared as she saw Son Goku, hero to thousands, and Adolf Hitler, one of the cruelest men ever to walk the face of the Earth, stare each other down.

Kumori swallowed, "Check him with the CAD, Georgia,"

Georgia nervously pointed the CAD at the two men, deciding to do Hitler first, "BEEP! Adolf Hitler, male human, Gary Stu, kill immediately." She then pointed it at Goku, shaking slightly.

"Son Goku, male Saiyan, OOCness level at: BEEEEP!!! BEEP BEEP BEEP! FRIED POTATO! BEAM ME UP, SCOTTY! BLUE CHEESE BLUE CHEESE!!!!!11111!!!oneone!!eleventyone!!! BEEEEEP!"

"I’d say that’s a bad sign," Kumori muttered grimly.

Anne watched from nearby fearfully as she saw the two men stare at each other for what seemed like hours. Her one true love, and her ultimate oppressor. It had come down to this. "So," Hitler said jovially "You took out all of my men. However, you aren’t going to defeat me." Hitler then jumped down from his platform and down onto the street in front of Goku, pulling a chain gun from the ground nearby

"What the heck is a chain gun?" Georgia asked, "A gun that shoots chains?"

"No, it shoots out bullets continuously. I’m more worried about the fact that Hitler’s apparently growing them now…" Kumori mentioned, "But I’ve got to wonder, Hitler and Anne don’t seem anymore out of character than some of the characters from other fandoms. I’ve seen Legolas and Arwen stay themselves while getting a much worse time of it,"

"It must be because they were real people," Georgia theorized, "Writing fanfiction affects the canon world, right? Anne Frank’s diary was a real girl’s diary, pretty much word for word. Writing a fanfic about her would affect her canon, which is our- I mean my world. It’s also the world that the author inhibits. It can only really be written from a historical point of view, or an original fiction view, not a fanfiction one. So, the canon shoved in a Mary Sue and a Gary Stu to take their places. The real ones are probably in a plot hole somewhere…"

"Interesting," Kumori muttered as she watched the fight, "but is the author aware that Goku is immune to bullets? He has been ever since he was twelve, and he’s gotta be at least thirty here."

"I guess the author wanted a proper fight scene," Georgia said as she watched Goku grab the gun and snap it over his knee, "After all, she can hardly make Hitler a super saiyan, can she?" Georgia laughed but suddenly stopped.

Goku smirked, then said, "It’s come down to this. You and me. Fighting like men. If you admit defeat now, I’ll kill you rather painlessly." Goku had the definite advantage. Or so it seemed. Hitler burst into a laugh, as Goku looked on quizzically. The mustachioed man slowly rose into the air, as his brown hair and pencil moustache turned a blonde color, and his brown eyes turned blue.

"Oh, no!" Kumori moaned in horror,

"She wouldn’t, would she?" Georgia muttered, horrified as well.

Goku reeled in horror. Hitler continued laughing, then finally said "Goku! You came here expecting to find a madman, but instead, you found a GOD!" Hitler had become a Super Saiyan.

So it was that Kumori, Georgia and Goku were all horrified together, not that Goku was aware of the extra two members of the audience.


Georgia tugged on her sleeve, "Kumori, you’re using all caps and multiple punctuation… Please calm down or they’ll hear you."

However, there was very little risk of that happening. Goku and Hitler were both too wrapped up in their fight to pay attention to anything else, and they were very far away from Anne who was, at any rate, too busy staring at her new love to pay attention.

Kumori finally calmed down and sat, "Georgia?"

"I’m writing it down right now!"

Hitler continued to speak "Goku, can’t you see? I’ve reached a power level 10 TIMES anything you’ve ever achieved! Your fate is sealed, weakling."

"Ten times anything GOKU has ever achieved?" Kumori said, standing back up. Georgia sighed.

Even though the battle seemed unwinnable, Goku charged in, screaming at the top of his lungs.

"Unwinnable? Is that even a word?"

"Ah, finally," Kumori relaxed, "some of his canon personality showing through…"

Hitler waited for Goku to tire himself out, then raised his fist and punched Goku. And one punch was enough. Goku was knocked across the street into a large propaganda poster of Hitler, thudding to the cold, hard ground.

"Or not," Georgia said.

The two stared as Goku faced down Hitler. Kumori winced at Hitler being described as Goku’s archrival but stayed quiet. Suddenly, Goku screamed something about this being for love and went super saiyan.

Or, as the author called it, Super Ultra Power Saiyan.

"THAT’S IT!" Kumori screamed at the top of her lungs. She grabbed Georgia by the collar and pulled her up, "You go look for the real Anne Frank and Adolf Hitler. Check Anne’s room, you might wanna leave Adolf till last. Be careful." Then she charged down to where Goku and the Nazi impersonator were fighting, waving and shouting in order to attract their attention.

The story was interrupted by the confusion and Goku had a brief moment of clarity as he saw the woman, "Wait, who are you?"

Kumori realized she was still wearing the Nazi uniform and pulled off the hat and swastika and stomped on them before Goku attacked her, this way she might be able to pull off being a deserter. She then turned and saluted the saiyan, "Agent Tenki, at your service, sir!" Then she turned to the Hitler-stu.

"Adolf Hitler, otherwise known as Gary Stu, you are hereby charged by the PPC with each of these crimes: impersonating a well-known historical figure, having horrible paragraphs, having a very annoying background that made the story hard to read (just because it was a blessing in disguise doesn’t stop it from being annoying), sending Goku so OOC he couldn’t find canon if Chichi was firing it at him, giving Goku time travelling powers with no explanation, unnecessary flashy lights, turning Goku into a bloodthirsty maniac, having strange gardening skills, being the wrong species, being a SUPER SAIYAN, not giving a damn that around a third of you army was wiped out in thirty seconds (Hitler was insane, not stupid), giving me a headache and finally seriously pissing off two PPC agents. For your crimes you are condemned to die. Any last words?"

"You honestly think you can defeat me, girl?" The Hitler-stu asked, sneering down at her, "I am a god!"

"I don’t know about defeating you, Mister. But I sure can kill you," Kumori pointed a gun at the man’s forehead and shot at him. Her eyes widened in shock as he absently caught the bullet.

"That all you can do, girl?" He said, his sneer becoming even more pronounced, "You can’t defeat me!"

Kumori’s insides went cold. He was right, she couldn’t. Maybe if she were in her real alien body she’d stand a chance, but in this untrained human body she was just another mark on the body count. She gulped and probably would have died right there if Goku hadn’t lightly pushed her out of the way. He had dropped out of the made-up super saiyan stage, but still looked mighty impressive as a true Super Saiyan. He was frowning at Hitler, a pitying look in his eye.

"Maybe she can’t, but I can," He said, "This is what you wanted, right? To fight me?"

"Goku," Kumori whispered in a hushed voice, "You’re-"

"I’m not sure what happened," He admitted, "But I’ll set things right. Thank you for your help by the way,"

"You’re welcome." She whispered, standing aside. Seeing a Super Saiyan fully powered up close was something that few could say they had experienced.

The Hitler-stu laughed, "You think you can defeat me! I am a god!"

Goku stared at him sadly, "Hitler! I’ll give you one chance to surrender and promise to redeem your ways. If you don’t, I’m afraid I’m going to have to kill you!"

Meanwhile, Georgia was searching Anne Frank’s bedroom in search of the real Anne. "Okay, okay… How do I do this?" She pulled out her canon-analyzing device in order to search for the plot hole. Eventually, it was found under the bed and it was relatively easy to pull the shocked Anne Frank out of the plot hole. However Anne panicked at the sight of the man in the Nazi uniform.

"Please don’t hurt me! How did you find us?" She panicked, trying to pull away near tears. Georgia felt a stab of guilt and pulled off her swastika.

"Don’t worry about me! I’m not with them, I’m here to help you!" She assured the frightened girl. Eventually she managed to convince her that she was a spy for America.

"Now to find, Adolf…" Georgia muttered, looking very nervous. It turned out that Hitler’s plot hole was just down the hall, and he was already sedated. It was terribly good luck, so Georgia decided not to question it. Anne was, understandably shocked and frightened at the sight of the dictator but a quick flash from the neuralyzer solved that problem with ease. After that, it was relatively simple to drag them both through a portal.


Meanwhile, back with Kumori and Goku, the Gary-Stu was laughing maniacally as Goku started to charge up a Kamehame Wave. A portal opened up behind Kumori but she hardly noticed until Georgia, the real Anne Frank and an unconscious body tumbled out.

"Georgia? You got them then?"

"Yeah," the girl panted, "Hitler is sedated and I had to neuralyze Anne, but she’s okay now."

"She said you’re here to help us," Anne Frank murmured, trying to sound brave but stammering a bit, "What’s going on?" She was also speaking German, but Kumori’s Universal Translator took care of that problem.

"Don’t worry about that dear," Kumori said, mockingly, "Just sit back and watch the show."

"Is… Is that…? GOKU?" Georgia nearly screamed.

"Pipe down, I’m trying to watch."

Needless to say, Goku quickly obliterated the false Hitler. Just then, the Anne Sue ran down to meet him, desperate to salvage some of the situation.

"Goku, my love! You did it! You saved me! Now let’s run off to Australia and get married!" She squealed and glomped him. Goku was momentarily stunned and the two agents could see his eyes glazing over. The real Anne Frank was too shocked to say anything at the sight of what appeared to be her hugging a man easily twice her age.

Kumori grabbed the ‘Sue’s collar and pulled her off Goku, "Georgia? You want to read the charges?"

"Huh?" Georgia had been staring at the real Hitler who was beginning to stir, "Oh, right! Anne Frank, AKA Mary Sue, you are hereby charged by the Protectors of the Plot Continuum for impersonating Anne Frank, having annoying paragraph structure, having annoying backgrounds, having bright flashes of light for no reason, mangling the character Goku so much that he can barely touch canon, not having a disclaimer, getting dimensions mixed up, falling in love within two minutes (love at first sight is just a myth, dearest), acting extremely childish and selfish, having a grown man fall in love with yourself who is only fourteen, turning Goku into an android, messing with the properties of time travel for your own purposes, belittling Adolf Hitler, belittling the Super Saiyans, having Goku hit my partner, being stupid, having yourself be shot in the leg for no real reason, causing a great man to cause mass murder, conspiring to marry Goku, destroying a Time Capsule thus cutting off his escape route, severely annoying two PPC agents and above all BEING A MARY SUE. For your crimes you are condemned to die. You have no rights. Any last words?"

"You can’t do this!" The ‘Sue cried, she had switched to English so now only Georgia and Kumori could understand her, "Me and Goku are destined for one another! Ur so M333334N!!!!1!!"

"What a waste of last words," Kumori noted as she knocked the thing out with the handle of her gun, "not very good grammar either. She’s just lucky Anna wasn’t here, she’d have killed her for that ‘Me and Goku’ thing."

Kumori put on some sunglasses and motioned for Georgia to do the same. She nudged Adolf Hitler awake and waited until everyone was looking at her. She then used the device that she named "The flashy clicky thing" to stun them, "Okay, now… You’ve all had a very strange dream but can’t remember any of it. Anne, when you wake up you won’t mention this in your diary. Goku, you won’t let it bother you and will go downstairs and spar with your son after giving your wife a hug. Hitler… You can just do any dictator duties you have to do…" She then opened a portal for Anne and ushered her through, proceeding to do the same for Goku and Hitler.

Then the two agents looked down at the unconscious ‘Sue.

"What do we do with her now?" Georgia asked, "Kill her?"

Kumori grinned, "I thought we might teach her a bit of respect for Super Saiyans…" She then opened a portal and dragged the ‘Sue through. Georgia followed after a moment’s hesitation. She was more than slightly surprised at where she found herself.

It was an alien planet, she could tell that much. The sky was orange, and they were in the middle of a city with strange black buildings. There were plenty of people in the street, green aliens with purple hair. However, Georgia found herself finding similarities with the typical Earth city. She then noticed she wasn’t a Nazi anymore either, looking just like her normal self.

Kumori smirked, "We won’t be here too long, no point to disguising ourselves."

"Mind telling me why we’re here?" Georgia asked, poking the ‘Sue. The false Anne looked like she might wake up soon.

Kumori grinned, "This is Planet Vesgi. It’s rather secluded and has little contact with other planets. However, two certain aliens are going to be visiting it soon, and they’re going to make a rather large impact on it."

Georgia gasped, "Vegeta and Nappa?"

"Nope. Brolly and Paragus. If she doesn’t respect the Super Saiyans after this, she never will." Kumori slapped the Mary Sue on the cheeks a few times until she was fully awake and then pushed her away.

Georgia looked down the street and sure enough there was Brolly laughing insanely. She wasn’t the only one to have noticed this and many people on the street were running away.

"Um, Kumori?"

"Don’t worry, Georgia," the alien said briskly, "We’re leaving now!" She opened a portal and stepped through, pulling Georgia after her.

Little Anne Sue was left on the alien planet as Brolly tore it apart, piece by piece, laughing as he did so.

Back at HQ, Georgia was panicking. "We left her there alive! I thought we weren’t allowed to do that! She could contaminate the fandom!"

"It’ll be fine," Kumori said, waving her concerns off, "When Brolly wants to destroy a planet and everyone on it, then the planet and everyone on it are destroyed. Well, unless Goku’s there of course."

Georgia calmed down, "So, we won?"

"We won. Now why don’t you go knit with your little String of Fate? I need to write up this mission report now."

[Oozaru Angel's Note: Well, this fic was really bad. HMH showed it to me and one person on the PPC board -I think it was Rohirric Monkey- thought it might have been a troll. Even so, it really deserved to be killed. I'll admit I don't know much about Anne Frank, though I did see a bit of a play based on her diary, but Agents Eris and Karma seem to and they demanded that she die. So she must have been replaced by a 'Sue. Plus, like Georgia said, using genuine historical figures in fanfiction is quite difficult. Especially as major characters.
Anyway, this was my first mission for the PPC and I have gotten a large fondness for Agents Tenki and Branch. I also finished this in record time for me, so I'm proud.
Until next time! Bye'cha!]