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Those 1000 words have never been spoken...

So far away, I'm sending them to you wherever you are ...

Suspended on shining wings...

Lenne and Yuna

FFX-2 Synopsis

Having not played Final Fantasy X-2, there's little I can give in terms of a review or a synopsis...but I can tell you what I already know via the World Wide Web. This information was written up by me, drawn but re-typed as my own personal "review". Please treat it kindly, I spent quite a few minutes working on this, lol.

FFX-2 is a sequel to the popular 2001 Squaresoft title "Final Fantasy X", which is the ninth title in the Final Fantasy series. FFX-2 is the first of its kind. No other Final Fantasy title has had a sequel officially marketted ever before. I've read from many various sources that this is bad thing, but personally I think the idea of an RPG sequel of an incredibly popular title can only be a good thing.


FFX-2 begins after the events of FFX: Another Story (a kinda of mini-movie sequel which lasts for fifteen minutes, and slots itself between the two games as a teaser for FFX-2. I downloaded my version from Kazaa, I recommend you to do the same.). Yuna has defeated Sin, and all of Spira is finally at peace. But there was a price our heroine had to pay...whatever happened to her first love, Tidus? A mysterious sphere is uncovered, and the person within looks very similair to our FFX hero...but can it really be him?

Can it be? Is it he?

While many have argued that FFX-2 is merely a ploy by Squaresoft at gaining fans by use of the characters wearing minimal clothing, I don't think that would be the case with this title. There is closure for those of us who were left on that annoying cliffhanger at the ending of FFX, and closure is a very important thing. I can't stand games that end with cliffhangers! Simply because a game has been sexed up doesn't mean that quality is substituted for skimpy clothes and big breasted women.

Less clothes, more action!

There are a few features exclusive to FFX-2 ( by-passing FFX-2 international, which comes out this month in Japan,) that make this game unique. For starters, not since Final Fantasy VI have we seen a central character who is female ( Terra, for those on you who went for a trip down memory lane for a few seconds). Now I was quite fond of the tiny pixellated characters of FFVI, which were very cute and to the point, in my own words, but by no means do they measure up the lastest technology Squaresoft has to offer. Think CG Movies, think voice actresses/actors, think 3D environments, think multiple endings, just to name very few.

Another interesting new development is the non-linear mode of gameplay. There is no set sequence for the specific amount of missions you are allowed to accomplish. You also gain access to an airship at the very start of the game, which means no more running around certain areas trying to complete every possible side-quest before you have to move on with the storyline. Personally, I'm very happy to be allowed that kind of freedom in an otherwise locked storyline pattern.

Rikku mach II

We have the return of most of the popular characters from FFX (with the exception of Auron), but a few new additions to the group. Yuna and Rikku have been dolled up with new outifts and new weapons, both of which look utterly stunning. Then there is the new addition to the group, a character who seems to be the love child of Squall (FFVIII) and Auron...which I don't think is possible...who goes by the name of Paine. Think Lulu, but more skin and shorter hair. Oh, and she wields a very big sword.

Newcomer Paine

Did I mention the fact that this title features the return of the job class abilities? Not only do we have our characters in their default job class, you have the oppurtunity to obtain new (and in some cases, sexier) job skills and abilities, as well a brand new outfit to go with each job class. Need to heal your characters? Switch to job class White Mage and make with the healing. Prefer an all out attack with big shiny swords? Switch your ladies to Warrior or Samurai job classes and slice away! Like to pretend Yuna is a kleptomaniac? Switch her to the Thief job class and watch her make use of her stealth.

Some variations of the apparel in FFX-2

Yuna the thief Rikku White Mage Samurai Paine

Can anyone say Fan Service?

YuRiPa Girls

The release dates for a PAL version of FFX-2 in Australia ranges beteen Feb 19th and Feb 23rd, so I have yet to own this highly anticipated RPG title. From what I have read, downloaded, viewed and obtained ( merchandise, WAI! ), it should be well worth the wait. I believe that FFX-2 is a sure winner as my pick of game of the year for 2004...but hey, that's just my personal opinion. :)

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