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Kon'nichi wa minna-san! Welcome to Kannamesai anna InuYasha-san! This site is dedicated to that great inu hanyou, InuYasha! Look around and enjoy yourself! And when you're done, sign my guestbook? [It's that the bottom of the page]

Also, in case you're wondering, here's the adult swim InuYasha schedule: Auctally, it's here... x3

What is InuYasha? InuYasha is a story of girl named Kagome Higurashi, a high school student in Toyko, Japan, is dragged down an old well by a monster. Kagome house is a old shrine, she lives with her younger brother, mother, and grandpa who believes in legdens, myths, etc. [Kagome thinks it's all rubbish and doesn't listen to him] When she climbs out, she finds herself in old Japan, filled with horrible demons and strange creatures who are out to get the Shikon no Tama that was found inside her body. This jewel has the ability to give immense power to any demon who consumes it. It's Kagome job to prevent this from happening. When she first arrives in Fudel Japan, she meets a half demon InuYasha sealed to a tree by Kikyo[Kagome is the reincarnation of Kikyo, and Kikyo was the keeper of the Shikon no Tama, and that's how it was 're-born' in Kagome's body] InuYasha wants the jewel for himslef, and battles Kagome for it. Kadae, Kikyo's younger sister, put a powerful spell on InuYasha in a necklace, and is now able to subduce InuYasha with one word: Sit


[3/8/04] Wow, a month and 2 days I haven't upload O_o; Sorry 'bout that, been a little busy ^^;

ANYWAYS, the site is going down for a while. :( I'm going to try to find another [free] host, a whole new layout[and they won't change every month, lol xD], more sections, and tons of more pictures.


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