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Eien Bankotsu! A Shrine To The Best Of The Shichinintai

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Bankotsu no Miko's web journal

^.~ Thursday, November 20th 2003

~BnM~ Komban wa~! As much as it pains me to say it, I have just finished watching episode 123, Bankotsu's final show.... *sobsob* and I now HATE Naraku with all my Bankotsu-loving heart~~ Oh, and i got a whole lot of new pix, as well as deciding on making a little Naraku TORTURE chamber.... Muahahaha.... for all of those bish-loving Inu fans who have had their fave character damaged/killed/injured/brainwashed/cursed/possessed/insulted/etc by this CRUEL CRUEL.... thing...

~sound of door opening/shutting~

~Bankotsu~ *yawn* Oi. Miko. Tadaima.

~BnM~ Waaaiii!!! Batsu-chan, Okaeri~! Guess what!

~Bankotsu~ You're planning to paint my toenails pink while I'm asleep?

~BnM~ o_0... tempting, but no.

~Bankotsu~ T_T... Well.... You're inviting one of the Shichinintai to the site?

~BnM~ Later, but no.

~Bankotsu~ Um... I give up?

I don't know! I just wanted to get more ideas from you! Oh, and by the way, you don't have to work on the site as much anymore. Is that okay? *starts writing down stuff*

~Bankotsu, feeling a bit left out~ Uh, yeah, its okay i guess...

~BnM~ I thought I'd give you a break from all the work, seeing as you complained so much about it....

~Bankotsu~ Uh... uh... hai....

~BnM~ Anyway, minna, I will see you guys hopefully soon, in about a month or so, seeing as I have a 3 tests, 2 assignments, 2 websites (English and Computer Studies) which practically count as Assignemts, so yea.

~Bankotsu~ I could do the site!

~BnM~ No, Its okay, you should take this opportunity to relax without having to do any work~ ^^!

~Bankotsu~ H-Hai....

^.~ Sunday, November 2nd 2003

~BnM~ Hey there!!! I sent Bankotsu away for a holiday, seeing as he's been working so hard on the site lately, so I've been managing on my own for a while!! (that's probably why it took so long since my last update) I added my fanfic and fixed up a few errors on the site, but if you find any bugs int he site, please tell me at .my Bankotsu Fanfic will be up as soon as i finish this one. ^^'.... But I managed to get Shippo to come visit!!

~Shippo~ Heya!

~BnM~ So Shippo, what's it like being one of the "smaller" characters?

~Shippo~ It's not so bad. I get more attention from Kagome than Inuyasha does, so that's good, but Inuyasha hits me because he's jealous, and that's bad. Most of the time I feel kinda useless coz I don't have the same kind of power that Miroku and Sango and Inuyasha, but Kagome makes me feel happy 'coz she's like a mommy to me.

~BnM~ I see...

~Shippo~ So, what is this place exactly?

~BnM, ^^~ This is Eien Bankotsu, A shrine to the best of the Shichinintai.

~Shippo,0.0~ Sh-Sh-Shichinintai?!

~BnM~ Oh don't worry, he won't hurt you as long as I have *this*(pulls out a large beaker of green stuff)

~shippo~ What's that?

~BnM~ Acid! ^.~

~Shippo~ 0.o?

~BnM~ Eto.... never mind. You want some Marshmellows? (starts looking for a bag of marshmelllows)

~Shippo~ What are Marshmellows? Are they like Crayons? Kagome brang me back Crayons once, but I had to give them to Souten.

~BnM~ ^.~Souten eh?^.~

~Shippo~ Ack!!! I don't like her, ok?

~BnM~ I never said anything...^.~ ^.~ but you never know, it might just slip when I talk to her later on...

~Shippo~ No!!! Miko, don't!!!

~BnM~ Heehee~! Ja ne Minna~~!!! Shippo no S-o-u-t-e-n wa daaaaaaiiii suki~~^.~!!!

~Shippo~ MIKO!!!!!

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