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Get Bush Out of Office!!!

Don't misunderestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers...

View My Anti-Bushbook, or sign my Anti-Bush Book! Let the world know you hate the dictator!

Click here to see the results of the first poll- about the election- and read all of the various comments left by the takers.

View my brand new webpage- Random Spyder Studios Click here to read my well researched paper on the internet's usefullness as a modern campaign tool.

Click here to see a funny picture of Bush giving a speech drawn by my sister

Click here to see her drawing of a mindless ultra-patriot

Links to the best Bush joke sites

JibJab- videos. The 'Year End Round Up' is a must view jem.

The Complete Bushisms- what could be better for a laugh than Bush's humorous way of speaking?

Blood For Oil- anti Bush art, some serious, some funny, all great!

This Modern World by Tom Tomorrow. Look for this guy's comics in cool, freethinking publications. He's one of the best political cartoonists ever!

Cafepress- wonderful anti bush shirts and bumperstickers. This is a great site for browseing.

Northern Sun- A catalog that sells some of the best bumperstickers etc... I could browse this one for hours.

Other websites of interest for the enlightened voter...

Make sure you check out the webrings at the bottom of this site!!!

America- From Freedom to Fascism movie. I saw this when it was screened in Greenville, very important information! The Libertarians need your vote and are the complete oposite of Bush

The biggest anti-Bush group- the Democrats.

Like father like son, one term and your done!

Drop Bush, not bombs!

Save the Enviroment! Plant a Bush Back in Texas!

Bush Sucks
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