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Anime Boston 2003, Nerv anime club

pics taken by Ken spaziani. AIM: CloudStrife2889 E-mail:

Last pic taken by staff member. cuz i am in it.

Great lulu and wakka costumes from FFX!

Another Great FFX, Auron.

Alexender Anderson from Hellsing. really great costume.

We werent sure if it was dee who was too close to tidus, or Tidus who was too close to dee.

Dark Chii with a bit of glare in her eye ;)



Reno from the turks (FFVII)

Not a clue. but good.

San from Mononoke Hime

Two kingdom hearts characters.


Very good belldandy

Now theye were ready for the shot

Poophy, Master of all, Me then mike. and in the middle.. the one... the only TIFFANY GRANT!! AKA. The american voice actress for Asuka Sohryu Langley in Neon Genesis Evangelion!! HOLY GOD

Began counting: May 05, 2003 9:00 AM EST.