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Inuyasha is quickly becoming one of the most popular anime series out today, and for good reason.  Its diversity, imagination, and emotion trigger something inside readers and viewers young and old.  It literally has something for everyone.

This is your online source for information on Inuyasha, mainly relating to the animated series, although manga references will pop up.  This includes a basic layout of the storyline, pictures of the characters each with a basic description, an Episode list, links to distributors, and the latest as far as news is concerned.  This will include Cartoon Network's intentions for the future of the series and up and coming "Comic Conventions" that are to hit specifically the Eastern side of the Mississippi.

With all this information to collect, you can imagine that this will take awhile to complete.  Be patient with me while I compile all that is Inuyasha into this site.

And, of course, this site belongs to all fans out there.  If there is any information that has been misrepresented, unaccredited, or simply left out, please contact me and I will make amends as soon as possible!

This page was last updated on 04/24/04.