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  Yu Yu Characters


Yu Yu Characters
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Index of Characters:
     The Good Guys:
Urameshi Kuwabara Kurama Youko Kurama Hiei Genkai Koenma Keiko Botan Raizen Yukina
Gouki Toguro Sensui
      Genkai's Tournament
Tsukai (The Bat Tamer) Kibano Kazemura Shorin Rando

     The Four Saint Beasts:
Suzaku Seiryu Byakko Genbu
      Other Characters:
Shizura Atsuka Urameshi George (Ogre) Sayaka Shiori Minamino Takenaka Puu Koto Juri

The Good Guys

Name: Yusuke Urameshi (The Spirit Detective)
Age: 14 (16 at the end of the series)
Personality: Yusuke is an energetic, talkative, funny and happy-go-lucky guy. He loves to fight strong opponents. He definitely isn't the role model of school boy, but he is a very nice guy who will do anything to protect his loved ones and his friends. He can be very funny but also deadly serious at times.
Techniques/Weapons: Spirit Gun, Shotgun, Spirit Wave

More Information:
      Yusuke is a bad high school student and a delinquent feared by many in the neighborhood. He lives with his mother Atsuko who is a alcoholic and it's unknown who the father is. After his unexpected death, Yusuke (in his spirit form) must do good deeds to return to the human world and to get another chance to live. During the separation of body and spirit Yusuke learns more about his mother, his rival Kuwabara and himself. At last Yusuke succeeds to revive and becomes a Spirit Detective. He meets the demon thieves Kurama and Hiei in one of his missions and becomes friends with these enemies. Soon he becomes the pupil of the infamous Genkai (with much luck though) who teaches him more than just martial art. After the Dark Tournament he has to save the Human World (his home town) from the plans of former Spirit Detective Sensui, but Yusuke dies in this mission. This time he resurrects by himself, the surprising factor is: Yusuke has demonic blood streaming in his body! After he killed Sensui he decides to go to Makai to meet the demon who gave him the blood, his 'father': War God Raizen.

Name: Kazuma Kuwabara
Age: 14 (16 at the end of the series)
Personality: Kuwabara probably is the least intelligent person of the four main characters. But on the other hand he might have the purest heart of the foursome. He also is the less cruel of all, maybe because of the four main characters he's the only full human... Kuwabara is also a very loyal friend who values friendship a lot.
Techniques/Weapons: Sense Spirit Energy, Spirit Sword, Twin Blade, Experimental Sword, Spirit Shuriken, Dimension Blade

More Information:
      It's unknown who his parents are, he lives with his older sister Shizuru, whose spirit ability might even be stronger than his. Kuwabara is just like Yusuke a bad student who always gets into trouble, they both like fighting, but Yusuke appears to be much stronger every time.. Kuwabara wants to defeat Yusuke so badly and is so excited to fight him that he gets into another fight as soon as he's recovered from his injuries. However, they become close friends with much respect for each other.

Name: Shuichi Minamino (The Romantic Warrior)
Age: 15 (17 at the end of the series)
Personality: Kurama is an extremely intelligent fighter, he thinks even a few steps more ahead than a normal person and will never let others know what he is thinking. Even in the most difficult situations he manages to stay calm and think about the best solution. He will transform into Youko whenever he is in great danger or when he gets mad.
Techniques/Weapons: Rose Whip, Rose Whip Thorn Wheel, Bloodsucking Plant, Grass of Death, Tree of Evil Thoughts

More Information
      When he was chased by a Spirit Hunter and got injured, Kurama (in his fox form) fled to the Human World and his spirit combined with that of the unborn baby of Shiori Minamino. Later he was born as Shuichi Minamino, his human mother loved him with all her heart and taught the once so cold hearted Kurama what human love is. Kurama who actually wanted to return to Makai as soon as he regained his powers learned how to love and to care and found himself unable to leave his mother. So he stayed to take care of her. When she got sick and couldn't be treated he decided to join Hiei and Gouki to steal the three Spirit Artifacts to save her life. And so he met Yusuke, who saved his life. At the end Shuichi lives with his mother, stepfather and little brother.

Name: Youko Kurama (The Silver Fox)
Age: 1000+
Personality: Youko Kurama is a ruthless killer and also an extremely intelligent strategist. In Makai the youkai still fear him.
Techniques/Weapons: Mimosa, Shokuyou Butsu (Don't know English), Tree Spirit Demon Slash Punch, Floating Plant

More Information:
     Youko's closest friend and companion was Kurounu who died during one of their robberies in Makai. Kurama is still quite upset about his best friend's death, the feeling which the enemies of the second YuYu movie took advantage of.
Kurama was also the leader of a group of thieves, his second mate was Yomi who would later become one of the three most powerful demons in Makai, but Yomi was a ruthless and brainless fighter who didn't want to listen to the much smarter Kurama. When Yomi ran his own group of thieves and let many loyal followers die by acting on instinct instead of thoughts, Kurama sent an assassin to kill him, but this assassin failed and only blinded him.

Name: Hiei (Jaganshi, The Flying Shadow)
Age: unknown
Hiei can be very stubborn and sometimes even selfish. He is very straight in what he wants to say, he'll never say more than needed. Unlike the others Hiei refuses contact, maybe afraid to owe anybody anything, and it seems very difficult to gain his trust. He was a mindless killer and thief in the beginning, but after he met Yusuke he began to change. He started caring about other people and one could clearly see that Yusuke had rubbed off on him.
Techniques/Weapons: Sword, Inferno of the Darkness Flame, Sword of the Darkness Flame, Dragon of the Darkness Flame, Fist of the Mortal Flame

More Information:
     Hiei's mother Hina is an Ice Maiden who lived in the Ice Country of Makai (a big iceberg that floats above Makai). Ice maiden can produce valuable gems by crying: their tears will turn into gems. And these Ice Maidens don't need men to get pregnant and always give birth to girls. So when Hiei was born, he was considered a monster that would ruin the country (a so called Forbidden Child) and Hina a traitor. Ruri, Hina's best friend, was ordered to drop the child from a high ground, which she did. But not before telling the child to stay alive to come back and kill her, and giving him Hina's Ice-Tear Gem, which actually was the tear that Hina shed while giving birth to Hiei. Hiei was a newborn baby, but understood and remembered every word said. And he was willing to come back to kill the Ice Maidens.
     A group of thieves found the baby and took care of him. They gave him the name 'Hiei'. Hiei enjoyed fighting and killing, he became so strong and so ruthless that even the thieves feared him. But in one of his fights he lost his Ice-Tear Gem. Now there were two things he needed to find: his homeland Ice Country and his mother's inheritance. He realized that he needed a third eye to find the two things, so he went to the surgeon Shigure to implant the third eye Jagan. Hiei lost his Demon Energy and became a demon of the weakest level, Shigure taught him some sword fighting techniques. Now that he has the Jagan it was no problem at all to find the Ice Country, but when he got there and saw that the place had turned out to be not more than a ghost city, he suddenly felt no need and no tendency to kill. He met Ruri who told him that Hina had died many years ago and that Hina's daughter (Hiei's twin sister) had left the Ice Country to find her brother. As Hiei left Ruri realized that he was the child that she dropped from the cliff.


Name: Genkai (Master Genkai, Master Jeremiah)
Age: 70+
Personality: She is a smart and a proud woman. She is definitely a no-nonsense, and although she can be rude at times, especially when she's training Yusuke, and of course when she's facing her enemies. But to other people she's fairly nice.
As she said: "I don't want to be a heroine, it just happens the ones I fight are bad guys." All she wants is to have a normal life. Of course she would protect the human world from evil demons because she has the strength and ability to, but she would never stand up to be known as their savior.
Techniques/Weapons: Spirit Gun, Shotgun Blast, Fist of Cleansing, Spirit Light Mirror Counter, Spirit Wave

More Information:
     There isn't much known about the past of this lady. But we know that she has been invited to the Dark Tournament once before. That was many years ago as she was a young, beautiful girl and already a marvelous fighter. She and Toguro trained together, were teammates and won the Tournament. As one of the winners she wishes that she would never be invited to this cruel event ever again. But years later she joined the Urameshi Team voluntary. It's obvious that she hasn't forgot about her former teammate with whom she was in love with.
     As Genkai realized that she has reached a high age and should pass her techniques to someone, she starts a tournament to find a successor. Yusuke wins and becomes her student. He soon finds out that her training is the toughest he's ever experienced... as well as the best.

Name: Koenma Daioh (Master Jericho)
Age: a few hundreds years
Personality: Sometimes Koenma doesn't just look like a kid, he can act like a kid too... Especially towards Ogre. But as the series progresses, Koenma gets more serious and starts making his own decisions. In the Sensui saga, we learn about his feelings of guilt towards Sensui. After all, he gave him the orders for the mission that changed Sensui's whole life. So he decided to use the Evil Sealing Ring against Sensui, but unfortunately it didn't work. Sensui set things up so that Koenma would use some of the ki of the Ring to save Tsukihito (the Game-master), and with his own superior saint-like ki there wasn't a chance that he'd be captured. Also in the Sensui saga he refused to obey his father's orders for the first time: he refused to return to the Spirit World and followed Yusuke to Makai to fight Sensui. In the last story about the Makai rulers, Koenma secretly gave Kurama a location to train strong A-class demon hoping people from the Spirit World wouldn't discover.
Techniques/Weapons: Evil-Sealing Ring

More Information:
     Koenma is the son of the ruler of the Spirit World, Enma Daioh. When his father is away, he has to take the responsibilities. Mostly he does the paperwork and gives orders to the Spirit Detective. The closest person to him should be Ogre, who is his servant. However, Koenma isn't always nice to him and even takes his frustration out on Ogre.

Name: Keiko
Age: 14 (16 at end)
Personality: Very smart and caring, especially with Yusuke, but she's not afraid to slap him when he makes her angry.
Techniques/Weapons: Bitch Slap

More Information:
Keiko is Yusuke's closest friend and girlfriend. Keiko and Yusuke knew each other at a young age and have been friends since. She probably knows and cares for Yusuke more than anyone else (yes, including Yusuke's drunkard mother). Keiko is smart, kind, and well liked by almost everyone. And Keiko is usually the only one who can make Yusuke listen to reason.

Name: Botan (The Spirit Guide)
Age: unknown
Personality: She is a very cheerful girl. She might not be the smartest, but she is a very nice person and is always willing to help. Although she isn't human or demon, she has the feelings of love and care for Yusuke and his friends.
Techniques/Weapons: None

More Information:
     She is known as the Spirit Guide, who guides spirits to the Spirit World. After Yusuke died she took him to the Spirit World to see Koenma, and when he was waiting for his resurrection she kept him company and helped him many times. So she is also considered Yusuke's guardian. Later when Yusuke becomes the Spirit Detective, she becomes his assistant and also the messenger who travels from the Spirit World to the Human World to bring important messages, often concerning the mission. It's not explained very well in the anime, but from the manga we know that she's neither human nor demon, the appearance in the Human World is just her 'shell', she has no real body.

Name: Raizen (The War God)
Age: Unknown
Personality: Raizen is powerful but he respects his opponents. Like he respects his opponents, his opponents respect him as a worthy opponent and as a friend. Raizen won't always kill his enemies, especially not those with potential to beat him. Maybe that's the wish of great fighters, find a worthy opponent, even if it could mean it's own death.
Techniques/Weapons: We never really got to see them, but I'm sure he's got some good ones

More Information:
     Yusuke's ancestor and one of the three rulers of Makai, AKA War-God Raizen. He is the one, who helped Yusuke to discover his real demonic powers during Yusuke's battle with Sensui in Makai. Yusuke won the battle with ease, but he wasn't happy about it. Yusuke swore to find this person who interfered with his battle and kill him. Raizen couldn't show his true powers in the series or manga, cause he died pretty quick after his rendezvous with Yusuke. But not in battle, he starved...

Name: Yukina (Ice Maiden)
Age: unknown
Personality: Contrary to her brother, Yukina is a very easy going person with a sweet personality. She seems a bit naive since she still hasn't found out that Kuwabara has a crush on her. When she was kidnapped she had to face both physical and mental torture. One time one of the guards wanted to take her out of danger, but got killed in front of her. From then on she didn't want to see anyone suffer or get in danger for her anymore. Although she had no fighting abilities, she chose to run away from her home and risk her life to find her brother. So although she looks very sweet and cute, she is a very brave and strong young girl.
Techniques/Weapons: Healing Powers, Ice Tear Gems

More Information:
     Yukina is Hiei's twin sister and also the one that Hiei has been looking for for a long time. Yukina grew up in Koorime, but disliked the place for its rules. When she found out about having a brother and when her mother died, she fled from her place of birth to seek for her older brother. She was kidnapped by Tarukane, a wealthy but cruel human merchant. He knew about the priceless Ice Tear Gem that Ice Maidens produce when they cry and tortured Yukina to get his hands on the precious gems.
     The Spirit World finds out about this underground business and send Yusuke to rescue the beautiful girl. Kuwabara who also saw the video tape fell in love with her immediately and joins the mission. Hiei also hurries to Tarukane's villa and there they meet each other for the first time. However, Hiei has never told her that he is her brother.
Later Yukina will live at Genkai's far away from the city. Kuwabara visits her as often as he can, he never stopped loving her.

The Villains

Name: Gouki
Age: Unknown
Personality: Cruel and obnoxious
Techniques/Weapons: Fists mainly

More Information:
     Gouki is just another criminal in the Spirit World. Gouki is wanted for many previous crimes and makes quite a name for himself stealing. He has a reputation for killing any pursuers. Hiei recruited Gouki to join up with him and Kurama to steal the Artifacts of Darkness. Gouki had been hanging around in a park eating the souls of kids. Gouki then ran into and defeated Yusuke in their first fight, but in the second round Yusuke's outsmarted Gouki by jamming a stick in his mouth and then firing a Spirit Gun into his mouth... defeating him.

Name: Toguro Ototo
Age: 70+
Personality: In the beginning when he's introduced it's easy to conclude he is a bad guy with no mercy. But at the end of the Tournament we know much more about this tough guy: he's never healed from the pain and guilt of the incident in which his pupils got killed. He chose to become a demon (and sell his spirit to the darkness) because he didn't want to be weak and most of all because he has never forgiven himself for the deaths of his pupils. In the end he even chose to go to the most cruel part of hell to punish himself over and over again. Genkai called him a fool for his stubbornness. However, Toguro is a person who has been through a lot and who just lost the inner fight.
Techniques/Weapons: He basically only can raise his power. He just uses basic power skills to fight with.

More Information:
      The first time we meet Toguro in the series is during Yusuke's mission to save the captured Yukina. Yusuke and Kuwabara fought the Toguro brothers and won. (Later we learn they lost the match on purpose). Toguro works for Sakyo, who also is part of the organization that started the Dark Tournament. During the Tournament we learn that Toguro actually was a human, he had his own dojo and pupils. But a terrible thing happened before the Tournament: a powerful demon killed all his pupils and left Toguro in pain and grief. In the final of the Tournament he defeated that same demon and wished to become a demon so he could remain strong forever. It's also revealed that Genkai and he were teammates and fought side by side. But his wish separated them. It's not explained very well, but it seems very likely that they were in love and that they still care a lot about each other.
     Toguro has an older brother who can transform into anything. When the brothers fight together he'll transform into a weapon (for example sword) which Toguro Ototo will fight with. They form a good team, but they have different personalities, as Toguro Ototo still has some sense of honor and respect for his opponent, his brother is a rat and ruthless killer. We assume that he was a human but also chose to become a demon. It's not very clear how and when, but we think that he might be a teammate as well and wished to be a demon.

Name: Shinobu Sensui (The Dark Angel)
Age: 26
Personality: Sensui has 7 different personalities, Itsuki said Sensui created them for himself when he was so desperate and losing his faith in human nature. One of the people inside him is the philosopher who appears in the beginning of the Sensui Saga, another personality Yusuke fought was the monster and killing machine Ichiya, who used his arm as a gun to fire ki bullets. One of the personality is female who cries a lot. And of course the main personality Shinobu, that is the original personality of Sensui. He is also the only personality that can use the Saint Light ki. We don't know much about the other 3 personalities.
Sensui is a person who's always had a strong sense of honor. Sensui believed that he was the chosen one to protect the humans from the evil demons, but when he saw the horrible side of human nature, his only belief was destroyed; he began to doubt if humans deserved to be protected, and if he was doing the right thing. He felt guilty for the things he had done for the human world and chose to terminate humans. You can say that Sensui is a very stubborn person, and that his stubbornness drove him to his extreme plan. He's also a very intelligent person, his plan was just perfect, everything worked out the way he predicted.
Techniques/Weapons: Resshou Ken, Spirit Resshou Ken, Red Ball Wave, Purple Heat Bullets, Spirit Gun, Saint Light Spirit, Spirit Battle Armor, Slicing Wind Punch

More Information:
     Sensui has possessed strong spirit energy since he was a child. Demons were always after him, so he became a fighter very young. Soon he became a Spirit Detective, and fought against innumerable demons. He also developed a reputation: not a single demon would survive a fight with Sensui. The first demon who did survive was Itsuki; probably because he showed human emotions, Sensui let him live. Itsuki even became his companion and they fought evil demons side by side. But on one of their missions Sensui saw the cruel side of the human race: a group of rich guys, who were in the organization lead by Sakyo, were having a big party and were having fun torturing a helpless slave demon (which are traded).
     Soon he would quit as Spirit Detective. He stole the Black List Tape, a tape that contains hours of pictures of human cruelty over the centuries, and disappeared along with Itsuki. Years later he would save the seriously injured Toguro (the older brother) and continued the plan Sakyo had in mind before he died: opening a door to Makai, so that the demons can come to the Human World. He assembled 5 people with special abilities to accomplish his plan. In the end he was killed by Yusuke, but at the place he wished to die: Makai, home of all the demons he had killed.
      There is not much known about his family, the closest person to him is Itsuki who is in love with him. However, we don't think Sensui is actually in love with him too. After Sensui died, Itsuki took his body away and disappeared into another dimension where they could peacefully stay away from everything. Sensui's wish was that he wouldn't go to the Spirit World, even if he died. Itsuki refused to let his love be judged on the basis of the Spirit World's standards.

Genkai's Tournament:

Name: Koumori Tsukai (The Bat Tamer)
Age: Unknown
Personality: Not enough time to establish one
Techniques/Weapons: His speed

More Information:
Tsukai appears in the episode where Genkai is trying to find an apprentice to pass down her spirit techniques. He doesn't really attack Yusuke, but just gets in his way while he is passing through the Devil Forest. He is very quick but no challenge for Yusuke after his fight with Hiei.

Name: Kibano
Age: Unknown
Personality: Man of few words
Techniques/Weapons: Martial Arts, Big Arm Bomber

More Information:
Kibano is a man of few words, preferring to let his arsenal of martial arts attacks do his talking for him. Among his more devastating moves is the Big Arm Bomber, an attack which uses concentrated Spirit Energy to amplify the power of his already explosive punches. Kibano uses a special helmet that enhances his Spirit Awareness and allows him to sense the movements of his opponents in the pitch black arena. He was Yusuke's first match in Genkai's Tournament, Yusuke had a hard time with this guy, he's strong, quick, and can sense (instead of see) in the dark. Yusuke is able to defeat him only by putting one of Genkai's lit cigarettes on his belt and firing a Spirit Gun through him.

Name: Kazemaru
Age: Unknown
Personality: Straight to the point and determined
Techniques/Weapons: Nijitzu, Speed, Spirit "Cannon," Explosive Shuriken, Tracking Shuriken

More Information:
One of the semi-finalists in the Genkai Tournament, Kazemaru is well trained in the Nijitzu art of stealth. His considerable fighting skills put him in high demand among government officials as a top professional bodyguard. Kazemaru is able to channel his Spirit Energy through the palm of his hand, emitting a powerful blast similar to Yusuke's Spirit Gun - but far more potent. Yusuke has to fight him directly after his fight with Kibano for the semi-finals. First Kazemaru throws explosive shuriken at Yusuke, who easily dodges them, but then Kazemaru whips out another type of shuriken. These shuriken were able to detect Yusuke's spirit energy and followed him everywhere a few hit a tree and explode, but two more follow him. Yusuke gets desperate and charges at Kazemura, the shuriken close behind, but just before Yusuke reaches Kazemura (who is charging a Spirit Cannon) he falls into a hole in the swamp, thus causing the shuriken to hit Kazemura and KO him.

Name: Shorin
Age: 14
Personality: Quiet and mild-mannered
Techniques/Weapons: Fireballs, Whirlwind Slash, Shrinking Technique

More Information:
A mild-mannered but powerful young fighter, Shorin enters Genkai's Tournament in hopes of becoming the aging master's pupil. Shorin claims to be a wandering kenpou master (1st Grade), he remains an enigma for the greater part of the tournament. Later we discover he is not quite what he seems. He quickly defeats his first opponent, Chinpou and claims that he was injured in the process, no one could really see what happened in the darkness. I know what you're thinking... Kuwabara could have, but Kuwabara was distracted by Botan. He also defeats Kuwabara in the semi-finals by shrinking him (After Kuwabara put up a pretty good fight with his Spirit Sword).

Name: Rando
Age: Ancient
Personality: Sadistic... simply evil
Techniques/Weapons: Fireballs, Whirlwind Slash, Spirit Gun, Demon Web, Shrinking Technique, and dozens more

More Information:
Rando is a demon that specializes in stealing techniques from other fighters and testing them out on helpless humans, not to mention the people he steals them from. Rando only has to see a move once in order to copy it, he does just this to Yusuke, after seeing his Spirit Gun. Koenma leaves the capturing of Rando up to Yusuke and sends him to Genkai's tournament, thinking that Rando would be there if anywhere. After capturing Yusuke in an unbreakable web, dipping him in a pond of demon fish, and firing a Spirit Gun (Demon style) at Yusuke, Rando is finally defeated by being cocky and trying to use the Shrinking Technique he used on Kuwabara to torture Yusuke to death. Yusuke didn't really deserve this win because when Rando started to do the Shrinking Technique Yusuke had moss in his ear. So when Rando completed the chant and Yusuke couldn't hear a word he had said, the technique backfired on Rando and caused him to shrink... Yusuke killed him.

The Four Saint Beasts:

Name: Suzaku
Age: Unknown
Personality: Ruthless and determined to destroy Yusuke, he seems pretty bright, but does have a couple of thought lapses which cause him to lose. Allowing Yusuke to see Keiko was one of those mistakes.... big mistake.
Techniques/Weapons: Storm of Torment, Prism of Seven, Healing, 7 Thunderbolts of Hell, Dark Thunder

More Information:
     Suzaku is the leader, and the strongest of the Four Saint Beasts. Suzaku uses a mixture of Demon Energy and lightning in most of his techniques. Suzaku was a good match for the early Yusuke, but would be no contest at all later on in the series. He nearly defeated Yusuke, but made the dire mistake of showing Yusuke what was happening to Keiko, which caused Yusuke to go crazy and tap into his life energy so as to kill Suzaku and nearly himself.

Name: Seiryu (The Blue Dragon)
Age: Unknown
Personality: Cocky and annoying, he kills one of his own companions because he was unable to defeat Kuwabara
Techniques/Weapons: Shards of Ice, Ice Fist, Freeze Blast, Ice Dragon

More Information:
     Seiryu is the third Saint Beast and an ice dragon, he gets to lose to Hiei... The match doesn't last long because Hiei gets really pissed when Seiryu kills Byakko, who was unable to defeat Kuwabara. Seiryu throws some shards of ice at Hiei, who avoids them. Seiryu then tries to freeze Hiei, his leg is frozen but he charges at Seiryu and slices him 16 times... annihilating him and getting his arm frozen in the process.

Name: Byakko (The White Tiger)
Age: Unknown
Personality: Cocky and hungry... really hungry.
Techniques/Weapons: Spawn Creatures, Consume Spirit Energy, Tiger Scream

More Information:
     Byakko is the White Tiger and the second Saint Beast. Byakko seems to be much stronger than his opponent, Kuwabara. In fact he nearly defeats Kuwabara with only four hairs, but Kuwabara outsmarts them and kills them. Then Byakko himself comes down to fight Kuwabara hand-to-hand, Kuwabara stabs him with his Spirit Sword, but Byakko just consumes the energy. Kuwabara then gets mad and puts a lot of power in his Sword and stabs him again, this time Byakko only gets fatter and not bigger, thus giving Kuwabara the idea to make him consume too much spirit energy. This works a little, it makes Byakko weaker and causes him to retreat to a room of lava with small columns sticking up out of it. Kuwabara outsmarts Byakko and kicks him in the fire, thus defeating him.

Name: Genbu
Age: Unknown
Personality: Not really much of a personality...
Techniques/Weapons: Merge into the stone walls and floor, Tear himself apart and attack, re-form himself

More Information:
     Genbu is a stone beast and the first of the Saint Beasts. Kurama steps forward for this battle. Kurama gets hit a few times with some trick attacks, but then brings out his Rose Whip and slices up Genbu. That doesn't do it, he just rebuilds himself. This time Genbu tears himself apart and hurls himself at Kurama, who avoids it but something catches his eye. When Genbu does it again Kurama takes the hits, but catches Genbu's heart-like-thing. When Kurama destroys the heart Genbu falls to pieces and dies.

Other Characters:

Name: Shizura
Age: 16
Personality: Forceful and demanding, fairly mean and rude, but still she is bright and wishes the best for Kuwabara.
Techniques/Weapons: Kicks and Punches

More Information:
     Shizura is the older sister of Kuwabara and takes it upon herself to raise him right. She treats his wounds, feeds him, and makes sure he studies. Although when he disobeys her or just does something absolutely stupid she beats him up. She's very good at sensing spirit and demon signatures, much like her brother and she also is a pretty decent fighter.

Name: Atsuko Urameshi
Age: 28
Personality: Lackadaisical and drunk most of the time, yet she cares for Yusuke and worries about him.
Techniques/Weapons: None

More Information:
     Atsuko is the young, single mother of Yusuke Urameshi. She is unemployed and spends all day at the bar. She cares about Yusuke and, in fact, makes sure he is admitted to school, even if it requires threatening the administration. She is alcoholic and has many problems but I believe her heart is in the right place.

Name: George Saotome (Ogre)
Age: unknown
Personality: Nice and understanding, a good servant to Koenma
Techniques/Weapons: None

More Information:
     George is the blue ogre that is constantly at Koenma's beck and call. He puts up with all the abuse Koenma throws at him and is in the constant state of panic/weeping. He is a commentator for most of the battles throughout the show and even helps Koto out toward the end. He's excellent at groveling. All in all he's just a nice guy that seems not to mind being abused by people around him.

Name: Sayaka
Age: Unknown
Personality: Brief and to the point, like this description
Techniques/Weapons: None

More Information:
     Sayaka was sent by Koenma to check in on Yusuke and his egg. She is a spirit investigator who decides whether people deserve to be resurrected or not. She physically appears as a child, but she is actually very old and wise.

Name: Shiori Minamino
Age: 30-ish
Personality: Loving and caring... other than that little is known
Techniques/Weapons: None

More Information:
     Shiori is Kurama's human mother. She begins the show with a very weak heart, and is in the hospital. Later on she marries a man who has another son with Kurama's same human name (That makes Kurama having a brother named Kurama... it gets confusing).

Name: Takenaka
Age: 50-ish
Personality: Fits into his principal role well.
Techniques/Weapons: None

More Information:
     Takenaka is the principal of Saraiashiki Junior High School. He's a kind man who worries about his students and truly wants them to succeed. He makes it his mission to help the troubled students even when they don't want to be helped. He keeps the other teachers in line whenever he catches them doing things to harm the students. He's very fair and just, even to the troublesome Yusuke.

Name: Puu
Age: Newborn
Personality: Cares for Yusuke like no other
Techniques/Weapons: None

More Information:
     Puu is the result of Yusuke's spiritual test. He is the spirit monster born from the egg that Yusuke used for the Trial of Resurrection. Puu is quiet and sweet, he helps when he can. He can fly by flapping his long ears. He also feels any pain that Yusuke feels, so if Yusuke dies, Puu will die with him.

Name: Koto
Age: Unknown
Personality: Enthusiastic and loud
Techniques/Weapons: Acrobatics

More Information:
     Koto is the announcer for both the Dark Tournament and the Makai Tournament. She is a cat demon and good at acrobatics. She's extremely enthusiastic and nearly fearless... the crowd loves her.

Name: Juri
Age: Unknown
Personality: Obnoxious and intelligible
Techniques/Weapons: None

More Information:
     Juri was the referee in the latter stages of the Dark Tournament. She is a sea demon and judges very fairly, she knows the rules real well. She can be a little timid on occasion but so would anyone who had to be in the midst of the tournament ring.

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