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  Inuyasha Characters


Inuyasha Characters
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Index of Characters:
     Naraku's Gang:
Naraku Kagura Kanna
     Sesshomaru's Group:
Sesshomaru Jaken Rin Kohaku
     Inuyasha & Company:
Inuyasha Kagome Miroku Shippou Sango
     Other Characters:
Kouga Kaede Myouga

Naraku's Gang

Age: 50+
Race: Originally Human
Gender: Male
Role: Main Villain.
Weapons: Countless

Age: Unknown
Race: Wind DemonGender: Female
Weapons: Fan; Fuujin no Mai, Ryuu ja no Mai
Personality: Despises following Naraku's orders, but is forced to since he literally holds her heart in his hands.

Role: The younger sister of Kanna, she uses a fan and is in a relationship with Sesshomaru. Other than that she has a fairly small role.         
                                Weapons: Fan; Fuujin no Mai, Ryuu ja no Mai   

Age: Unknown
Race: Demon
Gender: Female
Personality: Kanna is a Naraku detachment too, but her type is very different than Kagura. She’s very quiet, calm, and doesn’t like to speak too much. She’s the most loyal of Naraku’s followers.
Role: The older sister of Kagura, she was Naraku's first detachment. Naraku always trusts her for his secrets. Kanna never thinks to betray Naraku because she thinks that she’s Naraku’s tool.
Weapons: Mirror; Absorb the spirits with her mirror.

Sesshomaru's Group

Age: 50+
Gender: Male
Race: Dog Demon
Family: Inuyasha [1/2 brother]
Personality: Calm and Cold. Murderous when need be, but wall flower most of the time.
Role: Sub villain. He's after the sword that was left to Inuyasha by their father but that's it. Oddly enough he saved a human girl named Rin after making it very clear that he hates humans.
Weapons: Claws & Tensaiga [ok this isn't a weapon. It's a sword that can revive people but can't kill. He got it from his father. I think. It's like Tetsusaiga's counterpart. It can heal and revive a 100 people in one swing or something like that.

Age: 50+
Gender: Male
Race: Reptile Demon
Personality: Leech. He's arrogant when he can hide behind Sesshomaru but a coward when unprotected.
Role: Sesshomaru's annoying but faithful servant. [Sesshomaru's stress reliever, he gets beaten up a lot.]
Weapons: He carries a mystical staff that has the heads of a woman and an old man. The old man spits fire.


Age: 7ish maybe
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Personality: Sweet and Innocent, much like Shippou. Very Talkative.

History: Her family was killed right before her eyes so she didn't speak until she teamed up with Sesshomaru.
Role: Sesshomaru's friend.  After her village was ran-sacked by wolves she was brought back to life by Sesshomaru and follows him around.

Age: 10-12
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Personality: Not really known considering he is under Naraku's control most of the time.
Role: Demon Exterminator like his sister and father. When he was alive Naraku controlled him through a spider bite and made him kill his own father and two village companions and severely wounded his sister. Kohaku was killed when he was fighting Sango. Kohaku became one of Naraku's henchmen after Naraku raised him from the dead and erased his memory.
Weapons: Chain & Blade,  a Katana

Inuyasha's Gang

Age: 50+  (Appears to be 17ish)
Gender: Male
Race: Half Dog Demon, Half Human
Personality: Arrogant, selfish, stubborn, crude, violent, protective and lovable. He's very well rounded. His philosophy is kill first, observe later, which has gotten him into a couple of scraps. Although at times he has proven he has a soft side.
Role: Hero most of the time. Was going to use the jewel to become completely demonic until he fell in love with the priestess then he changed his mind.  Inuyasha isn't one much for his family,  but he doesn't hate any of them except maybe his brother. He is also the half-brother of Sesshomaru.
Claws & the Tetsusaiga

Kagome Higurashi
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Personality: Very kind hearted but you don't want to make her angry. "Kagome's scary when she's angry." [Shippou] She chooses peace over fighting but knows when violence is needed. She's very clever and fends for herself pretty well, which makes her a likable leading lady.
Role: As the reincarnated Kikyo she possess powers and the Shikon Jewel. She's also Inuyasha's love interest, which also means so is Kikyo. Also the sister of Sota.
Weapons: Bow & Arrows, detecting Jewel shards. All of her abilities have yet to be explored.

Age: 20-25
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Personality: Kind to a point, but otherwise perverted and a thief. He helps people but usually for a price though. He asks every beautiful woman he meets if they'll "bear his child". He also has a habit of touching Kagome & Sango's bottoms, more so with Sango because 1.) He likes her and 2.) Inuyasha gets violent with him when he touches Kagome.
Role: Buddhist priest. His main goal are women. Every pretty woman he meets he always ask if they'll bear his children or just touches their butts. He's always getting slapped by some one. Inuyasha even takes some swings at him.
Weapons: A void hole in his right hand. [A curse from Naraku. If Naraku dies the curse is broken. The void will eventually swallow Miroku like it did his grandfather and father who had it before him.] He's also got a staff and spells to repel evil spirits or banish them.

Age: Unknown (Physically he looks young)
Gender: Male
Race: Fox Demon
Personality: Very protective of Kagome, sweet innocent but not completely naive like most kids. He's pretty clever and good with his fox tricks.
Role: He wanted revenge for his father's death and stole the shards from Kagome so he could kill the thunder brothers. He ends up teaming up with Inuyasha and is very loyal to Kagome almost like he has a crush on her or something.
Weapons: Play Tricks, Shape shifts, Fox Fire

Age: 16
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Personality: Fairly aggressive, she doesn't like Miroku's chauvinism to begin with but he grows on her and they become close.
Role: She doesn't have an extremely important role, she just joins up with Inuyasha and company to exact her revenge on Naraku, who slaughtered her village. She's a good fighter and can lend a hand in most of the battles.
Weapons: A very big Boomerang, Poisonous Gases [uses to kill, chase out or just plain incapacitate demons especially in Inuyasha's case], Katana & a dagger

Other Characters

Age: ?
Gender: Male
Race: Wolf Demon
Personality: Dense, Forgetful
Role: Somewhat a villain. He's in love with Kagome. In the manga later on he teams up with the Inu gang to fight Naraku but I don't know if he becomes a permanent member. He was the leader of the wolf pack that destroyed Rin's village. He has two shards, one each in bedded deep into his legs to give him incredible speed even for a demon.


Age: 60 or so
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Personality: Old and wise.
Role: Priestess. She takes over after Kikyou is killed. She helps Inuyasha & Kagome whenever the two need back-story or just need advice [that's mostly Inuyasha's area] Kaede is also the one who put the beads around Inuyasha's neck. [You know the ones that give Kagome the power to subdue him.]
Weapons: Bow & Arrows and binding powers

Age: Old... really, really old.
Gender: Male
Race: Demon Flea 
Personality: Coward
Role: Another helper. He gives advice and info to the gang but splits when danger is near. Everyone likes to squash him.



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