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The DOM FanClub!!

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This is a fansite dedicated to his Domness, Dom. This page is still in the beginning steps of L337N355, but give it a month, or two, and it'll be worthy of praise from the one and only Dom! AND! The # 1 RULE is to -NEVER- hump Dom's leg (or any other part of his body for that matter) without express permission.

This is the Update Marquee! I will post all the recent updates here (last 3 or so major ones). I hope you will like this Dom site! If u want to join the fanclub, email either me (Ris-chan) or Su-chan and title it 'Dom fanclub membership' or something like that. UPDATES!! Fixed top 10 list below. Added #1 Dom fan club rule, above, too. Added fanart for his Domness, as well as a Menu, below, and member list.If you want us to post your fanart send url link to one of the emails. Do NOT send it as a file to us! Unless there is no other way, and you talk to us before hand so we can approve. ja mata ne!


The Top Ten Reasons Why We love Dom!

  1. He's awesome.
  2. His undying love of cosplay, video games, manga, etc.
  3. Vibrating sheep of death. ^_^*V*
  4. His large collection of assorted guns. >:D
  5. He actually answers his emails.
  6. The fact that his hair can be inhalent.
  7. Vicious sarcasm.
  8. His non-pirate heart.
  9. His wit.
  10. He's his royal Domness!

L337 L1N|<4G3

Here's Dom's home! Mega Tokyo! (which belongs to Piro, not us.)
Here's Member Rasseruu's site!Click Here!

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