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hi! i'm kat! u may notice tht most of my site is red. my favecolor is [geranium]red and u wanna know why? two of my fave anime(my humble obsession) guys wear it. inuyasha and vash. Vash is \/ there by the way. this month. each month(or day depending on how bored i am) there will be a different piccy. also if u want the pic u can go to mitsu(my other site) and take the qwiz urself.|P.i hope you like it sooner or later. if u see a mark in ur g bookie er sumthin like this: Kat[ (^.^) miaw! ] i signed it! there may b another piccy of the month. not just one u no! then it'll lokk like a double werd but it's just a link 2 the other one! o ya... don't lemmie catch u stealling my piccy of the month. i will make the rest of your life a tormenting whirlwind of hell. have a nice day! =)

p.s. i like white 2^_^


btw...if u can figure out who neko is and what he's 4 u can play wit him [ (^.^) miaw! ] hint1: neko is cat in japanese! hint2: klik 1s klik 2s.


YAY! i gots a purdy scrollbar!and remember! this is a place 4 anime luvrz so if u don't like anime [censored] off!(here's a hint to what i said:) ,,|,,(these are fingers!))

pleeze sign!(pop!)




i put in a tribute to all the anime ppls i could find Here! and put music on evrything.ooooohhh i could fall asleep to the moooooosic...and i now review anime and adult swim Here!


inuyasha quote of the day="If u try to use that thing again i'll RIP YOUR STUPID ARM OFF!!"
Vash the stampede quote of the day="love-And PEACE! love-And-PEACE!"
i put in my blog today, and you sure as hell don't wanna go there if you don't plan on falling asleep. it's the only non-anime page and the music is so calming it puts me to sleep. i put it there for people who need a stress reliever:) aren't i thought ful?


lookie! i gotta guestmap! pleeeeeze sign it?

And...And...YES!!!! my VERY OWN SHOUTBOX!

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YASZ!!! this is mine now! she gave it to me! LIZZIE!!! CRAP THIS ID GREAT!!!!! good thing i'm practically her personality twin! i LOVE anime! anyways i'll b updating now cos its mine all minE!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA*COUGH, COUGH, COUGH!*HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

this is one of my fave pics! i got it frm a quiz!


more Vash

The Wandering Samurai-Kenshin he gots purdy eyes=)

more Vash yet again

InuYasha-finnally a piccy of him JEEZ!