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Zoids: Guardian Force

Character Info.



  Van Flyheight:

  Van is back again. He is a couple of years older and has been trainig since we last saw him. In this series, Van is chosen to be a member of the Guardian Force, which was created by the the Empire and the Republic. Van meets some new people, friends and foe, and must battle new enimies along with the help with his old friends. He is known around Zi as the greatest pilot on the planet.


  Fiona is back and is still searching for Zoid Eve. With no luck of finding it, she meets up with Van again. Together they go on adventures just like before and still try to find Zoid Eve. But on the way, Fiona learns more about her past, and is discovering more about the race on the Ancient Zoidian. In the end she finds Zoid Eve.




  Irvine is back, but at first he was just another person doing jobs for money. He meets up with Van and Fiona to help them battle a new threat. In this series Irvine loses his Command Wolf, but he receives the first Lightning Sax.





  Moonbay is back as a transporter. She rejoins the gang when all the threat of Hiltz is heating up. We learn more about Moonbay in this series and learn that she almost got married once. Moonbay also becomes the pilot of the Ultrasauras.


  Zeke is an organoid. He has the ability to enhanced the capabilities of a zoid. He gets much stronger to help Van in defeating Hiltz, and helps Fiona unlock some keys about her past.




  Raven who was thought to be dead is back. At first he has no memory of what happen or who he was, but still has his great skill. He regains his memory when he faces Van for the first time since there last battle, and his memory reawakens. Raven starts to do evil at first with Hiltz, but later fights against him along side with Van because of his realization of what he has been doing and how much Shawdow meant to him.




  Shadow is a black organoid. He is similar to Zeke, but is black and has wings. He belongs to Raven, and together they destroy Republican bases.

  Thomas Shubaltz

  Thomas is the younger brother of Karl. Thomas is very knowledgable in machines and technology. He pilots a Republic D-Bison, and has his man-made organoid named Beke.


  Dr. D

  Dr. D is back and is iventing more things. He builds many things to help improve the Liger, and creates the ultimate bullet for the gravity cannon. He also helps in the invention of the very first Lightning Saxs.



  Captain Rob Herman

  Herman is the Captain at the Republic's Red River base. He is the son of the Republican President Camford. He is a very good soldier.


  Colonel Karl Lichen Shubaltz

  Shubaltz is the commander of the Guylos Empires First Panzer Unit. He pilots a Iron Kong Mark 2. A very skilled pilot and is the perfect soldier.


  Hiltz is an extremely evil. He has his own organoid named Ambient. Hiltz takes orders from the Dark Kizer, and controls many zoids. One of the zoids he controls is the Death Stinger.


  Ambient is Hiltz's organoid. He is a red organoid and can fly. He's a very powerful organoid.


  Riece is also an Ancient Zoidian. She works for Hiltz, and has her own organoid, Specula. She starts of as an evil person, but with Raven's help, she becomes good.


  Specula is Riece organoid. Specula is a blue organoid, and has an ability, with the help of Riece, to manipulate people and zoids.




  Known as the Baron of Wings, Rosso, along with Viola, is the body guard of Rudolf.



  Viola, who is also known as Archabalony, is also Rudolf's personal bodygurad. She, along with Rosso, are still the Angels of the sky.




  Rudolf is now the emperor of the Guylos Empire. Now that he has helped bring peace to planet Zi, he is just having a fun time. He is seen from time to time in the back seat of Viola's zoid, and is part of the "Angels of the Sky."




  President Camford

  She is the president of the Republic Empire. She is also the mother of Capitan Herman.