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Zoid's Kingdom

This site is devoted to Zoids. Primarily The Liger Zero. Check the different links for Liger Zero info. Each link explains the Jager, Schneider, and Panzer CAS(Conversion Armor System). I also have info on the other Blitz team zoids. I also have special a "Zoid of the Month" site. Just click the link and find out what zoid it is! Please excuse the little pictures of the Zoid toys, they are only temporary while I try to get some from the show. Also, the episodes of Zoids that are on in the morning, are never before seen in the USA.

I UPDATED SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, I've started my Inuyasha website click here, Houshi Time Magazine!

Blitz Team Zoids:

Liger Zero
Liger Zero: Jager
Liger Zero: Schneider
Liger Zero: Panzer
Shadow Fox
Berserk Fury
Bit Cloud
Brad Hunter
Dr. Torros
Harry Champ
Jamie Hemeros
Leena Torros
Leon Torros
Naomi Fluegel
Zoid's List
Zoid of the Month
Zoid's Storylines
Just For Laughs
Zoid's FAQ
Chaotic Century