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I decided to create an update section to keep track of site updates.

6/4/03 As of last Sunday, the site has hit its 1 year anniversary of being online :)  Couple things to talk about and mention.  First, and finally, the official Scryed site is now available in English, thanks to Bandai.  It was released just recently as well.  You can check it out in the link section of the page.  My only complaint is that the site gives out too many spoilers.  If you don't want the series to be spoiled for yourself, then avoid the bios section of their page.  Next, I changed the format of the menu on the main page.  I figured it was time to change it slightly. has finally gotten a banner that has a Scryed character on it.  Naturally, its going to place the Garfield one below.  Anipike also finished rebuilding itself, and they finally added a Scryed section.  So now I added a link to their page in the link section of the site. In addition, since the release of the American DVD is around the corner (July 1) AnimeNewsNetwork has posted the voice actors for the series.  I posted them on the information section of the page.   Sorry not updating the site in over a month.  I've been busier than I imagined.  I have a Scryed music video that I am finishing up and entering in Otakon.  Hopefully, it'll qualify.  After I finish additional touch ups on it, I'll post it on the web. So look forward to seeing that in the future :)  In addition, no one has submitted any fan creations to the site.  So, start creating.  I'll take practically anything as long as its Scryed related. Your own alter, fan art, wallpaper submissions, screen savers, ect.  Be creative, but submit something.  It helps get the site updated quicker.  I'll try updating sooner.  Until next time.


4/14/03 Birthday in T - 2 days.  :)  I can't wait.  Semester ends in t - 3 weeks.  Work load.  Increased to unbearable proportions.  :(  But I got a quick break to add some fan submissions that I've been meaning to add to the site since the last update.  Sorry for taking so long.  First, I updated the link to the shine site.  So it should work now.  Check the site out.  Next, Ryo sent me a lot of updates.  So here they are.  The Japanese and English lyrics to the song, Discovery.  He also sent the English lyrics to All I Need Is Love and the second verse of Reckless Fire.  Finally, he submitted 5 pictures which I put in the Other 3 section of the page.  Enjoy.  Now time to do all my final projects.  :(  I probally wont be able to update again until after the semester ends. Oh well, ttul.


3/23/03 Hey all.  I got a couple new fan submissions for everyone to look at.  First, D*H submitted a link to her new scryed shine.  You can take a look at that in the link section.  In addition to that, she created a new alter for the create your alter section.  Next,  Buckets sent me two fantastic wallpapers.  You can check them out in the wallpaper section.  Other than that, I fixed a few bugs on the site,  I have to find to time couple sections that still give problems.  That'll take time.  School is giving to much work :o(  Oh well, enjoy the new updates.  


3/14/03 It's Spring BREAK!!!!!!!  I can't believe it is finally here.  My update this time round is all fan submissions to this site.  The first submission was from Colby again.  He outdid himself this time and sent me three things to add onto the bios.  He submitted info for Cougar, Asuka and Unkel.  Check them out in the bio section.  The other update is a new wallpaper.  Jani sent a really nice one of Kazuma.  Anyway, take care, and keep giving submissions to this site. 


3/2/03 Quick update. I got midterms this week and I don't have much time to spare.  :(  First I would like to apologize for a mistake a made with the new info that was submitted.  I accidentally put info for Kazuma under Ryuhou.  My appolgies and special thanks to anxious soul for pointing out this error.  Next I added a new link to the link section.   A new Scryed site, called Shine.  It is still under construction, but the site has potential.  Anyway back to studying.  

02/21/03 Happy Late New Year.  No, I am not dead. I am alive and well. Well more like alive and over worked by school .  Who would have thought college was going to be so much work.  :(  As I have promised in the past, I will continue to update the site when possible.  So finally after almost 2 months, here is an update.  First, I fixed the bug with the thumbnails in Create an Alter Section of the site. Next,  Go Soshi e-mailed me three new wallpapers.  I added them to the wallpaper section.  In addition to that, I did some tinkering with the code, so that the wallpaper page will load faster and use less bandwidth. Since Scryed now is licensed to Bandai, the poll is now over.  So I added the final results to the poll section and a created a new poll.  Finally, Colby Downing took the time to submit some additional information about the first two alter levels of both Kazuma and Ryhou. I hope you all enjoy the new updates.  Hopefully, I'll be able to make another update sooner than this one came.  


12/28/02 Being sick sucks so much.  Sorry I haven't updated the site in over a month, lots of things came up, finals, end of the semester, wrestling, getting dumped by my gf, ect. Then on top of that, there is still the fact of me finding an internet place where i could hook my pc up too.  Sorry for the wait.  Anyway, I got a small update this time.  First Go Soshi sent me his Alter.  Take a look at it in the create your own alter section of the site.  That makes 4 alters fans have made, including myself.  Next and unfortunately last for this update is the addition of 33 picture of episode 19.  Enjoy the updates.  Like I always say, if you want to see this site get updated more, all you have to do is send in something Scryed related.  Anyway, take care and happy holidays.


11/24/02 I've finally reached 10,000 hits.  Not only that,  yesterday, the site had a new record high for hits.  147 hits!!!  To celebrate these two mile stones, I got some updates for you all.  First of all, I added a Merchandise section under the link page.  This contains five links, including TokyoPop, which is now releasing the Scryed Manga.  I also added a link to AnimeNewsNetwork, in the link page because they have a section on Scryed.  Next, Garnet was kind enough to send me her alter.  You can check it out in the create your own alter section of the page.  Ryo was kind enough to send me 17 additional scans of Scryed, so I added them to the picture gallery under other.  Finally, I added 27 new pictures from episode 18 to the picture gallery.  Enjoy the updates.  And keep submitting stuff :)
11/15/02 People have submitted stuff to the site.  :)  First, Rocky has submitted his alter.  Check it out on the create an Alter section of my page. He even took it a step further and created a small bio to go along with his alter.  It inspired me to create a bio for my alter Blaze which has been on the page for a while.  Check both alters out in the Create an alter section.   Next, and  to my surprise, Ryo, took the time to translate the song, Tabidachi No Kane Ga Naru.  Naturally, it's been added to the music section of the page.  Thanks to both of you.  And as you all know, I love getting stuff submitted to my site, so don't hesitate to submit anything you have that's scryed related.  I've also added 26 new pictures from episode 17.  Enjoy ~ZeWrestler
10/25/02 I know I haven't updated this site in over a month.  I am extremely sorry for the lack of updates.  I've been extremely busy lately.  Partically between, wrestling, school, my gf  and making AMV's. (Planning a Scryed AMV eventually.)  But I promise I will do my best to continue updating this site. But my time has been and still limited, so when I can add stuff, I will.   If more people sent in stuff to be posted on this site, I would have more things to include in updates.  But alas, I was sent nothing in the since the last update, so I can't add any of that.  If someone has fan art, or anything scryed related, I would gladly put it on the site if you send it in.  In addition, I want to make a new poll, but I can't think of what to ask.  If anyone has any suggestions for the next poll, please e-mail them to me.  So anyway, here is what I have for an update.  First I updated  Holy Ground on the link section.  Also, Anime Academy, just added an article about Scryed to their library, so I added a link to that section of their site. Animate-USA has some good prints you can purchase.  I added to link to that in the link section.  I got the Japenese Lyrics to the song, All I Need is Love.  You can find that under the music section.   Picture wise I added 34 pictures from episode 16 to the picture gallery.  
9/15/02 Small update this week.  35 pictures from episode 15.  Enjoy.  Also, as usual, fan work would be great if it was submitted.  ~ZeWrestler
9/09/02 It is 1:30 in the morning now.  I am tired as hell.  I bring to you two new wall papers, and long awaited pictures from Episode 14.  I am still looking for fans to submit their work to be posted on  this site.  I'll take anything that is sent my direction.  I am also starting to look into some suggestions that were made for this site.  Hopefully, I'll have some good stuff coming in the future. Until next time ~ZeWrestler
9/02/02 Hey everyone.  I know I haven't updated in a while.  I had to move out to college, but here are a few new updates that you all should love.  First, my good friend Nadia, was nice enough to make me a new banner for the site.  You can check it out in the link section for that new banner.  Thanks again Nadia.  Second, I've added three new wallpapers to the  wallpaper section.    They all look great, you'll enjoy them.  Finally, I created a new poll.  Yes, the last poll has finally been retired, and put up in the poll section.  Please vote in the new poll.  Also, like I've said before, I love getting submissions for this site, so please feel free to make and send me something.  I'll try getting a new update soon. ~ZeWrestler   


The eps that were taken down by my host are now back up on a different host. Hopefully this one will allow me to keep everything in tact. I finally got a new pc, so I am going to transfer all of my data files to it. I wont be updating this site then, until I move into college. In addition, the poll for being replaced. This time around, I would like some suggestions, e-mail me, and if I like what you send me, I'll post it. Well, until I update again. ~ZeWrestler


Well, the web provider took down the web servers which host the pics of ep 6-13. So, i started moving those pics to a new server. Now since I found out about it during one of the busiest times of the summer, it might take me a little bit to repost all the pics that were taken down. So far, I was able to repost ep 6. Hopefully I'll get more time to repost more eps. Sorry for the inconvenience. ~ZeWrestler


Hey everyone, sorry for not updating in a long time. I've had so many other things to do latly, that I havn't had a chance. Some of these things include my cousin getting married and college orientation. Well anyway, here are some updates that you'll all love. First, I found 2 new wallpapers that will be added to the site. Secondly, I've added a server for wallpaper only to reduce my bandwitdth. Lastly, I added 38 new pictures from episode 13. Once again, I really love it when people submit scryed related fanart, wallpapers, or alters of their own to the site. So please feel free to submit stuff.


I got some wallpaper submissions. Special thanks to Misha-san for submitting the three wallpapers to the site. They look great. I can always use some more wallpapers, alters or fan art, so please feel free to submit some work of your own. I also added a new wallpaper that I did.


I updated the links section today, and added 3 new links. One of them being a new Scryed fan page called Radical Good Speed. Check it out it's a good shrine dedicated to Cougar. In addition to this, I added 40 pictures from one of my favorite episodes, ep 12. Enjoy the updates.


Well, my bandwidth still get exceeded. So I am going to have to think of a way to reduce it so I wont have to worry about the site being temporarly suspended by angelfire. In other news, I added 41 new pictures from episode 11.


Once again, to prevent the site from exceeding to much bandwidth, I created a new server to help keep the bandwidth down. I also fixed the about me link that my brother pointed out to me was broken. Finally, I added 43 new pictures from ep 10.


Because I exceeded my bandwidth a few days ago, I created a new subserver, that should help reduce my bandwidth. In addition to this, I added 43 new pics from episode 9.


The site has now been up for over a month :o) To celebrate, here are some updates. First I created a new poll. Check it out. The results from the previous poll, I put in the brand new poll section that displays the results of the previous polls. I fixed a linking problem with one of the pictures in ep 1, ep 2, and I added 41 new screen shots from Ep 8. I fixed an error in the episode guide as well. I'm still eagly waiting for people to submit alters of their own or to even create fan art of their own. So if you get a chance, I would appriate it if you could submit something.


I added 43 pictures from ep 7 to the site.


Added 40 pics from ep 6. I am still looking for people to submit alter's of their own, wallpapers of their own. Please draw something. I'm also thinking about creating a fanart section of the site, but i need people to submit fanart for that. So please draw something and submit it.


Added 35 pics from ep 5. Also experimenting with guest map, so if you would like to help me out, please click on the guestmap icon by the site counter and post your location.


Sorry I havn't had a chance to do many updates latly with work and college stuff. Anyway, I added 41 pics from ep 4, and fixed a linkin problem with the wall paper section.


Just joined the new Scryed webring created by Resie. If you have a Scryed site, please join.


Finals are over. And to celebrate I've made a few new updates. First, I added some new links to the link section and seperated it by Scryed Pages and other pages. In addition to that, I created a small banner for people to use when linking to this site. Next, I created a Wallpaper section on my page. With the ability for people to send me creations of theirs that can be posted. Finally, I've added another 42 pictures from Episode 3. Enjoy the updates.


Despite the fact I have finals tomorrow, I decided to do yet another update to the site. This time I added 43 new pictures from Episode 2. I hope you enjoy the pictures. Also, please sign my guest book and try out my create an alter. I'd like to see more people try both of those. I've also added a poll to the site.


Well, I've done a lot of work in the last few days. First things first, I started a picture gallery. As of now, I have 42 picture from Episode 1 uploaded to the internet. There will be pictures from other episodes to come eventually. In addition, I added a bio entry for Big-Kun and updated a few other bio entries.


Added a new bio entry about Kyoji Mujo, and fixed the broken banner link to


Added a new bio entry about Ayase.


I added an Update section to the site to keep track of the site history, and I created the first picture to be seen in the create an alter section of the site. I hope my creation, (despite the fact it isn't really that good) will inspire others to make alters of their own.


Added a links section to the site.


The Site is launched and set up for the WWW to see.


The site is born when i can't find that many good Scryed Sites online.