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This section shows the results of previous site polls.



  1. Kazuma's got to win. He's the main character.

  2. Ryuhou by far, did you see how he kicked Kazuma's ass in the first episode

  3. Kazuma has high determination to win all his fights and hes not stubborn for no reason he will win the fight.

  4. Kazuma is the the one characther that have a lot of convinience, and also Kazuma's Alter is too strong for Ryuhou.

  5. Ryuhou will kick Kazuma's ass anyday.

  6. I was the first one awake, I win! nyah haha! - Kazuma

  7. Oh you think so too? Kazuma wins again


  1.  Sure Kazuma is the main character but i think ryuhou's alter is stronger faster and better looking then Kazuma's alter.

  2. Nah, Kazuma's last form looks better than Ryuhou's last form but they are tied in strength.

  3. Kazuma's Shell Bullet r0><0rz

  4. Cougar's "The Piercing of The Final Bullet" is WAY better than Kazuma's "The Obliteration of The Final Bullet" Even though Cougar thaught Kazuma that,I think.

  5. Mr Super Computer is also underrated. Eelian has been known to see all.

  6. 8 Spheres. Period. They do everything! Asuka can fly on them, shoot them, swing them around like a lightsaber, and that's not even counting the whole "Control your thoughts and movements" thing. What can you do with Kazuma and Ryuhou's Alters? Break things, and that's all! Sounds like fun, but I'm sticking with the utility package.

  7. But in the last few episode, the hammer guy resisted Tachibana's Eternity Eight though. And Tachibana got a B class alter(it could be even lower) While Kazuma and Ryuhou are like S class even without using Shell Bullet and change Zetusei into its true form.

  8. Ayase!!! Ok Kimishima wasn't kidding when he said that she had the perfect ability. It's stealthy, its powerful, and hey she looks good while using it. Awesome!!! I feel like going for a swim now.

  9. Cougar rulezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  10. Couagar is awesome...

  11. Ryuho's alter is the coolest

  12. I don't know what 2 say but looks like I fell in love with ryuho

  13. No one like the alter "Alias?"

  14. Cougar's efficiency with his speed is off the charts!!

  15. Just think, with Kazumas' alter you'll never have to worry about injuring yourself the next time you decide to hit a brick wall.

  16. We can see how many romantics there are out there ^_^ Oh well i still say shireece is best.. I almost cried =^+^


  1. Pioneer always does great jobs with anime the bring to the U.S. Look at Trigun.

  2. Since it's a Sunrise animation, it's bound to be picked up by Bandai.

  3. s.Cry.ed looks definitly like an ADV title. Just the art and all really makes it look like something ADV would pick up.

  4. Bandai released it in Japan, so they most likely have the NA option.

  5. Bandai sponsors and distributes it, they already have the copyrights. Too bad, I wish it was Pioneer.

  6. TokyoPop got the rights to th manga so that pretty much means they will dub the series.

  7. funimation already has the best anime in the world, so why not add scryed to that list.

  8. Well...TokyoPop is going to release the Manga...maybe they will do the Anime as well...

  9. Pioneer's taste runs toward what Scryed has to offer. Just look at Pioneer's selection and genre choices.

  10. Considering the excellent job Rightstuf did with the Irresponsible Captain Tylor...I really hope they can and will give Scryed the justice it deserves!!

  11. Anything but Funimation!

  12. Tokyopop should get scryed.

  13. TokyoPop, Adultswim, or Pioneer's Taste would bring it to the state because they got the better selection of animes. Definitely NOT Funimation cuz those animes are kiddy ones.