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Kazuma is the main character that the story follows. He is an alter user who will do anything for money. To people that don't know he's an alter user, he's considered a slacker who hangs around the wrong people and will dissappear for days. To those who know he's an alter, hes considered a dangerous man. He is not a guy who you want to mess with, and easily gets offened when looking for fights. But he follows his heart. His alter ability is to coat his right arm with a metal alloy, turning it robot-like. The three spikes he has on hir right shoulder-blade can be used to release his most devasting move. A spike disintegrates and green flames comes out from where it was, giving him a boost, making him super fast and strong. Since he only has three spikes, he can only use this move three times. He is considered to be one of the strongest alter users out there.

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Yuta Kanami

Kanami is like a younger sister to Kazuma, they live together under the same roof. Kanami knows nothing about Kazuma's alter ability nor his missions. All she knows is that Kazuma is getting paid for whatever he is doing, though sometimes the pay isn't enough to support the two of them. She would call Kazuma Kazu-kun, which he hates very much. She give a narration of the story through her dreams, where she dreams of what's happening to Kazuma.

Kanami does not know about Kazuma's Alter ability yet. She has no clue as to where Kazuma is always running off to. However, she does know that she wants to stay with Kazuma no matter what happens.




Ryuhou is an elite member of HOLY and is a significant character within the Scryed series. Very serious in demeanor and candid about his actions and words, he carries out his duties based on past emotions and his dislike for native alters. He is extremly powerful, and becomes Kazuma's rival within minutes of them meeting. Kazuma and Ryuhou have their hearts set on killing each other and throughout the story, that rage drives them both on.

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Kimishima Kunihiko

Kimishima orgininally hired Kazuma because he will do anything for money. Now he is Kazuma's best friend. Kimishima is strong-willed and takes joy in owning and driving vehicles.He is willing to fight for what he believes in despite the results of his actions. He provides work for Kazuma through job listings he acquires from people in need of help. Together they work a rather odd, but beneficial arrangement in simply taking up jobs for money in hopes of making a living.


Mimori Kiryu

Childhood friend of Ryuhou, she comes back to the Lost Grounds to see him. Her father is the minister that helps fund the HOLD organization and in turn HOLY as well. She has very idealistic and believes that the inners and other people of the Lost Grounds can live together in peace.


Shireece Adjourni

Shireece is another a member of HOLY. She introduced in the initial stages of Scryed and from what is gathered she is Ryuhou's partner. Always offering words of encouragement and dedicated to her duties, Sherrice is an elite member of the HOLY organization. Despite her outward smile, she is very serious about her duties and those that stand against them. In addition to that, she has a secret crush on Ryuhou that is obvious to everyone but Ryuhou. Her ability, Eternal Devout, has some extremly interesting complications that you would have to see for yourself.

Martin Jigmar

Commander of the Holy Division, he is the first known alter user. His alter ability is kept secret, so no one knows what it is.


Striaght Cougar

This fast pased alter has the ability of "Radical Good Speed." The ability allows him/ or the vehical he's riding to move at increadiable speeds. This disobedent alter has a soft spot for Mimori, but he never says her name correctly. He's a very entertaining character.


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Tatsunami George

This slavedriving alter has the ability of big magnum, which is an extremly oversized gun which fires big bullets.



This alter has an ability called "Mad Script" that will manipulate others into a script of his own. (he has funny hair)




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Emargy Maxfell

This guy is screwed up in the head. He's like a big kid. His alter, "Super Crisis" is like something out of a power rangers episode. This is one guy you'd love to hit.




Tachibana Asuka

This young alter has the ability to manipulate life with his ability, "Eterinally Eight." In addition, he starts off obsessed with his gf and holy way of life, but after his fight with Kazuma, he changes the way he thinks.

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Eelian's alter ability reminds me of Professor X. They don't exactly say what it is, but he is able to do many things with his mind, as Professor X does.



I'm not exaclty sure what his ability is yet, all I know is that it has something to do with watermelons. You'll always find this tub of lard eating them. I'm still trying to figure out why he's so fat. Arn't watermelons sopposed to be a diet food?? So far, I've seen him use watermelons as a sheild, bomb, and teleportation devise.

Ayase Terada

Ayase is a native alter who became captured by holy during a massive counter assult. She becomes the product of the mainlands experimentation on alters. Her alter ability allows her to transform objects into water. She later calls this ability "Noble Tempest." Her reason for fighting is a simple one, that reason is to save her younger brother Akira (not the same one from the movie) from death. It's really interesting to see how her character changes.

Kyoji Mujo

This power hungry, refinded alter comes from then mainland after the re-eruption of the natural phenomenon. He outranks Martin Jigmar, and slowly starts taking his power away. His primary goal is to get power at any cost and he is willing to sacrafice the lives of others to get what he wants. His alter ability is called "absorption", which allows him to absorb the abilities of other alters.


This alter relies on his strength to push others around. He's deffently one of those stereotype musclemen that are all brawns and no brains. He is captured with Ayase Terada during the same massive counter-strike against holy. After massive experimentation is done to him, he becomes a mindless buffoon that can only say his alters name. "HAMMER"