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Which Weiß Woman Are You?

1. What's your general opinion of men?

Men are superior to women. It's a woman's place to protect her man at all costs.

Men are nice, but a woman is perfectly capable of being equal to or even better than a man.

I guess they're all right. I haven't had much experience.

Once you find one you really, really like, obsess over him - maybe even stalk him.

Men are scum put on this earth to be tortured for our amusement.

Men are living playthings with money. That can be spent on you.

Men are so cute! They do all the work for you.

2. What's your style?

Short skirts, low necklines, tight, tight, tight. I've got it and I flaunt it.

Comfortable yet professional. I have an image to keep up.

Casual yet feminine.

Kind of tomboyish. I don't have much to flaunt.

Men's clothing with a woman's touch. And a hat.

Frilly and feminine. I'm a princess, I should look like one!

I wear the same thing every day.

3. Kiss a guy. Right now.

Depends on the guy.

Ew. No.

No! I'm too shy ::blush::

Is it Aya?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Can I torture him afterwards?

Okay! ::smooch::

Oh my, it's been a while . . .

4. It's a party! What are you doing?

I'm out on the dance floor, showing off.

Coolly observing with slight disdain. Surely I have something better to do . . .

I'm helping out. Someone was nice enough to throw this party for us, and they could use some help.

Stalking boys. Especially boys named Aya.

Getting wasted and starting fights.

Dragging my date around. We're doing whatever I want to do.

Visiting with friends, having a nice time.

5. At this same party, you're approached by a creep who wants to take you home. What do you do?

Push him away and get lost in the crowd.

Give him the ice-cold shoulder. He'll get the message.

Try my very best to ignore him.

Well, Aya's ignoring me. I wonder if I flirt with this guy, will Aya get jealous . . . ?

Give him a swift kick in the nads.

Cling to the nearest guy and claim him as your jealous boyfriend.

Politely yet firmly tell him that you're not interested.

6. Some bad stuff is going down! What do you do?

Get my gun. Guns solve all problems.

Tell my informants that there's trouble and get the hell outta Dodge.

Panic! What have I done?

Run! I'm good at it, I'm fast.

Start kicking ass and taking names.

Scream! Surely someone will hear me and save me!

Act totally oblivious. They'll leave you alone after a while.

7. How do you know when you've made an impact on a man?

He acknowledges all of the things you have so selflessly done for him.

Oh, come on. Everything a woman does doesn't necessarily have to be for a man.

He swears to avenge you.

He lets you in on his deepest secrets.

He can't get over you. Even when you're dead. He even gets in big trouble because he thinks another girl is you but that girl turns out to be evil and tries to kill him . . .

He cares about you no matter what the consequences are.

He worries about you even when he has problems of his own. Big problems. We're talking wanted-by-the-law type of problems.

8. All right, where are they?

I won't tell you.

You're not authorized to have that information.

. . . . . .

Where are who? I don't know what you're talking about.

I don't know. Leave me the hell alone.

I don't have to answer to you. You should answer to me instead.

You could find those at a vegetable shop!