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What's your Weiß Kreuz killa' style?

1. In your opinion, what's the most efficient way to kill?
A bunch of little slashes - hey, it works in the animal world.
Strangulation - it's clean, it's quick, and your prey suffers before dying. Muahahahaha...
One clean stab right through the chest.
With a crossbow - you can hide and kill at the same time!

2. Suppose you were in an elevator, riding up to the floor on which your target was quietly working overtime in his evil scheme. Suddenly, the elevator stops and the power goes out. What do you do?
I kick the walls and punch the buttons and yell all kinds of things that nice assassins aren't supposed to say.
I pry open the doors and shimmy up the elevator shaft like a squirrel up a tree until I reach the right floor.
I wouldn't be taking the elevator. The stairs are more of a dramatic entrance.
I would call security and pretend to be somebody who wasn't an assassin.

3. Oh no! Someone who didn't deserve to die has just died!
I get really pissed and go after Bad Guy of the Episode with twice as much killing energy.
Is it a woman? . . . If it's a woman, someone's going down big time . . .
Add them to my long, long list of People to Avenge.
Cry and once again question why I'm an assassin in the first place.

4. How do you go about finding out information on your target?
I have a friend who works for him.
I get friendly with his cute secretary.
I disguise myself and slink around his headquarters.
Duh! Hack into his organization's computer system, of course!

5. It's pretty apparent that you're going to die in this next mission. How do you spend your last days?
Saying goodbye to those I love and getting everything in order.
Drinking, partying, and having sex. Lots of sex.
That's okay, I never had the intention of living.
Use my smarty-brains to figure out a new plan in which I don't die.

6. What are you especially skilled at?
Running! I'm fast like a mug.
Setting traps. And driving really fast.
Appearing out of nowhere.
Crying. Oh, and all kinds of nifty computer stuff, too.

7. All good assassins accessorize. What's your fashion weapon of choice?
A sweater around my waist
Groovy shades
One earring
Some kind of hat-thingie

8. What's the worst thing in the world? Ever?
Having to kill your good friend
Watching your unrequited love die a violent death
Reiji Takatori
Being kidnapped