Bulma & Vegeta

“Alright, I’ll jump, but if I crash and die I’m going to be very upset!” (Bulma)

“ No, I refuse, I do not like dying!” (Bulma)

“I'm not just a pretty face.....although I certainly am that!” (Bulma)

"Hello?" (Vegeta)
"Huh?" (Bulma)
"Servant woman! Bring me a drying cloth at once!" (Vegeta>
"Hmph!" (Bulma)
"Woman?! Can you hear me?" (Vegeta)
"I hear you! But my name is Bulma and I am not your servant, so say please! Hmph!" (Bulma)
"Argh, forget about the stupid drying cloth then!" (Vegeta)
"Suit yourself! Drip dry you jerk!" (Bulma)
"What in the...IS THIS SOME KIND OF JOKE?!?!?" (Vegeta)
"Is WHAT a joke?" (Bulma)
"These GARMENTS that you left, a-are they for a man or a woman?! They're PINK!" (Vegeta)
"Ehheh, Come on! It's the style here!" (Bulma)
"Uh, men in pink. How bizzare!" (Vegeta)

I'll squash you like a pancake, Kakarott, and I like my pancakes flat!" -to um.. Goku. (Vegeta)

What are you looking at? Haven't you seen a pink shirt before?" -to future Trunks. (Vegeta)

"It's as if fate is laughing at me with a big stupid grin!" -to himself. (Vegeta)

"Now, if anybody would like to take on the androids while I'm away, be my guest. I'll be back to finish them off once you've failed!"
-to Piccolo, Trunks, Tien, Krillin. (Vegeta)

"It was a gift from your bald headed friend, and that gorgeous girl he was with." -to Gohan. (Vegeta)

"I don't have time to listen to Kakarott's hair problems!" -to Bulma.(Vegeta)

" I do a lot of push-ups and sit-ups and I drink a lot of juice." -to Cell (Vegeta)

Do you understand how fruitless this is?" -to Cell. (Vegeta)

"What a pity, your tail's stuck." -to Cell (Vegeta)

"Bring some more eggrolls while you're at it!" -to waiter. (Vegeta)

"Well if I had to fight Kakarott in the first round, the first thing I'll do is punch him in the gut." -to Piccolo, Goku,
Gohan, Krillin, Videl, and 18 (Vegeta)

"Welcome to the end of your life and I promise it will hurt." -to evil person (Vegeta)

You'll fight with me Kakarott, or if you want the other half of the stadium remodeled." -to Goku. (Vegeta)

"It's between me and your circus clown of a father!" -to Gohan (Vegeta)

All right Vegeta, it's time to face the wrath of an angry woman - and I'll bet you've never seen anything like it!. (Bulma)

It's so rare to find beauty and genius all wrapped into one tidy package. (Bulma)

What do you think your doing? You can't treat a lady like this, besides your ruining my outfit! (Bulma)

What kind of a woman do you think I am? (Bulma)

My only crime is being beautiful. (Bulma)

Do you even know who your dealing with here? (Bulma)

Did I mention to you that I'm a genius? Yep, I'm not just another pretty face. I'm almost as smart as I am beautiful. It's scary! (Bulma)

This is just too weird! (Bulma)

Come on Bulma, you've got to think of something. (Bulma)

Your reign of terror is over, capese?(Bulma)

Whoa! What happened to my polite, handsome, debonair man with a really expensive trench coat? (Bulma)

If I wasn't such a genius and I didn't have such a positive energetic personality, this situation would really be unbearable. (Bulma)

I'm the brains of the outfit. (Bulma)

Oh Brother. I will say this: your one of a kind. (Bulma)

If you want to catch a fish, you got to use the right kind of bait. (Bulma)

That's a great idea Goku. I'm glad I thought of it.(Bulma)

Just remember your not a city kid Goku, your used to the wilderness. But I'm not. I should be pampered.
I want a bath, I need air conditioning! I don't want to be stranded in the desert without a boyfriend or my Dino Caps anymore! (Bulma)

You dork. I was always the brains of the outfit when we were together, and you were always the brawn.(Bulma)

Gohan and Krillin have deserted me in the middle of nowhere and what's worse I'm running out of lipgloss. You've got to save me. (Bulma)

It's not every day they get to see a beautiful stranger. Ha, I'm going shopping. (Bulma)

You know, I sure am glad some people know how to treat a beautiful stranger like me. (Bulma)

Now listen, I don't know where you got the idea that I'd want to go on a date with you but I don't!!(Bulma)

Us girls, we have to keep our secrets you know. Don't be mad. (Bulma)

Look. We've come all this way. Lets just shut up and go for it. (Bulma)

I don't see why you can't just give him a chance. Your nothing but a lazy selfish mean old grouch. (Bulma)

This being mad stuff is getting really boring. (Bulma)

Is that the best you could do?(Bulma)

Man, I thought you guys were tough. A first grader could think of better torture. (Bulma)

Your cute, I like you. (Bulma)

I WISH you'd shut your face and drive. (Bulma)

They thought they could outsmart us. No way mister! (Bulma)

Well she's a lot older than I am. I'm not middle aged, she is. (Bulma)

This is just great. (Bulma)

Oh now my skins gonna dry up and I'm gonna get premature wrinkles. (Bulma)

I'll be dead! I don't want to die, I'm to young! (Bulma)

Man, here I am, slaving away and for who? For friends who forgot I exist. It's a darn shame. Yep, those guys are taking me for granted. (Bulma)

Gosh Bulma. Your just to much. (Bulma)

Yikes. This could mean serious trouble. On the other hand, this could be great. What a brilliant opportunity to cash
in on someone elses hard work. (Bulma)

I'm so brilliant. (Bulma)

I'm pretty too dumbbreath! (Bulma)

You know, there's something not quite right about you. (Bulma)