There's a serious lack of scenes in the Dragonball Z series where we see Bulma and Vegeta in the same screen shot. How depressing... ._____." Anyway here are a few of the Images we've managed to conjure up of the cute couple together, so enjoy =)!
((Heres a tip for all the bakas out there, clicks the thumbnail and look! *gasp* the image....its bigger! ))
Oh and some of the pics here are screen caps I've managed to take, you can probably guess which ones, they're all blurry X_x" if you wanna take any of the pics from this page to use for your own site go ahead I see no harm in that. ^-^"
Kawaii lookie even trunks is there ^-^ ...yup they're just one happy heh right ^^'? Well, Bulma sure seems happy about something...can't say the same for Vegeta though ^^ Hehe, the much loved pink shirt!!! Awwws, now this is one sweet pic ^_^! DB GT piccy of em...they dont look to happy @_@ Family pic again! Kami knows how they got Veggie to agree to be in it o.o'
Whatever veggies just said seems to have got her attention o.o Weeee! they're both smiling....well veggie is smirking but hey its close enough I guess ^^' oh oh oh! A screen shot from on of my fave episodes! Whoa..veg really is PMSing about something, heh probably abouta certain PINK garment hes wearing Hmm, the back of Bulmas o0' A nice pic of bulma, now if the camera just moved to the left a lil we could see veggies butt ^^! Damn such wishful thinking is getting me no where >< Bulma bossing the saiyan no ouji about, yah you go gurl!!
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