I was born in Southbridge Massachusetts March 14th 1987, moving to California only 2 years after. A year after we first moved there my baby sister Erica was born February 14th 1990. (and for those who know what having little bratty brothers or sisters is like can relate with me when I say when she was born life was a living hell at timesÖthough I still love her (but of course)) Just shortly after she was born my mom got divorced from my father because he got sent to prison (though Iím not telling you why) and we ended up in Connecticut. In Groton (or however you spell it) Connecticut my mom met Jeff her third husband (which is currently my step father stillÖfor 10 years now they got married 3 years after they metÖbut were Ďdatingí for quite awhile) Since my step father is in the Navy we moved 3 years after they met to a different part of Connecticut (I canít remember precisely where though) The year being 1993 I was just getting into 1st grade when we moved during the school year to some place in West Virginia. I never quite got to settle in there because we moved just a few months after, Jeff being transferred to Virginia. Making new friends is always hard and I never quite fit in at my new school (Brookwood Elementary School) but I was just happy we didnít move anymore. Iíve been in Virginia Beach for 10 years (the year is currently 2003) and I currently attend Green Run High School *Gags some* Ö.now that you know a little about my past timesÖI think Iíll now tell you something more about ME myselfÖ

My name is Amber as you may have already figured out ^_^. Iím 5í4 I have light brown hair (bordering on a honey color) with steel blue eyes (a blue that has silvery coloring in it for those who donít know what steel blue is) and my weight is not up for discussion lol. Iím sure most can relate to what it feels like to tell someone your weight. I do have a scar along my jaw line like in my chibi picture at the top of the home page (Bulma pretty much drew me exactly the way I look so itís like a real picture). I got the scar from a knife fight that was never supposed to happen but did anyway. I do own a sword, I practice with it a lot, and I am happy to say Iím exceptionally good at using it. Iím a very big Vegeta fan (I refuse to say Iím his biggest fan because Iíd rather avoid any petty arguments with others who say theyíre his biggest fans). In my spare time if Iím not online Iím either writing my poetry, drawing, or getting in fights and getting into trouble with some kind of an adult over it.

My personality bites (literally) I donít much socialize with peopleÖother than Natsumi and Vegeta (Super V) (which is onlineÖso I donít know if you consider that actual socialization if itís not face to face) who get the opposite and can never get me to shut up. Though the occasional chat room trip is alright, I like to rp and spar a lot. I think thatís about it

My favorite type of meat is pork, especially ribs. My favorite drink is cream soda, then it's regular coke. My favorite color is blue, itís the best color in the world and PINK IS EVIL! EVIL! My favorite actor/actressÖhmmm, Iíve got a few of those so Iíll list some of them, Wesley Snipes (Blade), Richard Gere (Run Away Bride), Patrick Swayze (Dirty Dancing), Angelina Jolie (Tomb Raider), and the entire main cast of Mortal Kombat (Especially Raiden, he rules!)Any other changes you want me to make, email me and make sure to put the subject as "Capsule Corp Domain" or I won't even bother looking at it, ty and enjoy the site.