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Here it is! The fanart. I love fanart, don't you? If you do, click on the thumbnails below to look at all the pictures. ^_^ If you don't, or you're finished, click here to go back

The thumbnails are low-quality to save on space, but just trust me when I say the real pictures are a lot better! ^^

Attention Artists: If you have an account on Deviant Art or a similar site designed for showing off your lovely art, please email the URL to me if you would like me to link to it. I'm interested in putting a list of these links on this page.

Original Characters
By Susi (Character Name: Azaleen)

Sailor Moon
By Briget:

By Kitsunemajic:

By Leonda:

By Mercury:
(Second from left: Mercury's Senshi, Sailor Charon)

By Mina:

By Moongrl:

By Nova Girl:

By Raine:

By Sachiko:

By Serenitatis:

By Sophitia:

By Tasheena:

By V-Babe:

Gundam Wing
By Michiru Winners:

By Nova Girl:

By Pandora:

By V-Babe:

Sonic The Hedgehog
By Kitsunemajic:

By V-Babe:

Soul Calibur
By AndrAia:

By Iseoie:

By Nova Girl:

By Tasheena:

By Leonda:

By Sugar Fairy:

Outlaw Star
By Nova Girl:

Ronin Warriors
By Nova Girl:

Ranma 1/2
By Leonda:

By AnimeAsh:

By Alucard:

Yu Yu Hakusho
By Kat Makai:

By Slim Shady Fan:

By Alucard:

Chrono Cross
By Alucard:

Want to submit YOUR fanart? Here are the guidelines:
1. Please send it in either jpg or gif format (the filename for the art should end in ".jpg", ".jpeg", or ".gif") These are the only types of files I can post, and if you send it in any other file it might lose quality when I convert it.
2. No profanity, nudity (swimsuits are OK), blood, or excessive violence.
3. No yaoi or yuri - I'm not comfortable enough with it to post it.
4. Understand I may have to reduce the size of your art due to space restrictions
5. Let me know if you have an account on Deviant Art or a similar server if you want me to link to it

Send away!

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