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26May07: I'm aliiive! I'm sorry for not being around for so long T_T. Graduate school isn't as easy as I thought it would be ~_~. I'm back and ready to update now that summer's here so be prepared for lotsa stuff :D! I added Comedy to the Reviews page and more to come soon.
~K a r m i e~

25Apr07: The quotes pages have several more added in to them and there are also a bunch of other summaries that have been added as well. Other than Karmie-chan going MIA, nothing else much has changed. Ah well, such is life. Karmie-chan, if you're dead, I claim your anime collection since your parents and sister has no interest in them.
~S i r   B o n~

09Mar07: Whoah, talk about no news from us in a long time! I've been so busy that I barely had any time to post updates of the site (although, I am constantly updating things). Well, haven't heard from Karmie in a while ever since she started the path to becoming a lawyer. Ah, cei la vie! Yes, there are a lot of many updated in the summary section, parody products and quotes pages.
~S i r   B o n~

15Apr06: Man, haven't done any updating in a long while. Still jobless right now (which is why there has been only a sparce amount of updating from me - all my spare time is spent looking for a job and turning in resumes). If this keeps up, I just might start knocking out random strangers and sell their kidneys in the black market. Anyway, yeah, stuff and more stuff.
~S i r   B o n~

18Feb06: Yes! I have finally gotten my bachelor's and have more time now that I'm taking graduate classes. My love for anime has been rekindled! *_* Current update: Added Baldur's Gate II quotes in the game quotes section. Many more updates to come!
~K a r m i e~

15Dec05: The semester is over yet again, giving me more free time to write summaries down once more. Of course, I will also need to look for a job for the next semester until I get out of her for Christmas. Stupid new personel manager at the Target I worked in. She refuses to let any of us college student go home for the break unlike the old one who moved away due to a promotion! I guess getting promoted quickly by kissing ass doesn't mean that you are an effective manager.
~S i r   B o n~

10Nov05: While updating and adding more stuff, I realized that two of our pages were messed up! Y-Z was strangely squashed and 0-9 didn't have the music playing. After half an hour of trying to figure out why, I finally realized that I stupidly erased the midi file from 0-9 and a single missing quotation mark screwed up an entire page for Y-Z! Anyway, I've started adding more stuff like Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid, Shuffle, Giant Robo, and even started trying to finish up Shingesutan Tsukihime. Maybe I should add in Srest of the stars all the way to the Banner of the Stars 3 as well while I'm at it.
~S i r   B o n~

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