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About Me

Online Name: Ann Wellar (also my pen name)
Real Name: ...wouldn't you like to know...
Favorite Colors: Black, red, midnight blue
Favorite Subjects: Science, Music, Art
Least Favorite: PE and U.S History
BloodType: O
Astrological Sign: Aries
Favorite bands: AFI, Creed, Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Disturbed, Joy Division, The Cure, Minor Threat, The Misfits, Jane's Addiction, Aerosmith, & Red Hot Chill Peppers
Hair Color: dark Brown
Eye Color: Dark Blue
Message to people who don't like my site: If you don't like my little shrine, then why are you on it!? If you don't like it then leave, and go ruin someone elses day (for I don't often have good ones and don't need anyone making it worse!) if you wish to, but leave me the hell alone!
Message to people who do like my site: Domo Arigato minna. I put a lot of time and effort into making this site, and I'm glad that at least a small percentage of people like it. Thank you to all of my friends, and others who just like my site, for your support. I bow at your feet, *smirks* or maybe I'll just stick to thanking you instead.

I like taking personality Test and Quizzes for fun, if you want to see what you are most like, take one or all of these quizzes to find out. (Like I said before,it is just for fun, but some how these results describe me almost perfectly *shruggs* oh well, have fun)

Pirates of the Caribbean - Which character are you?

Which AFI Song Are YOU?

You are Morningstar! You're waiting and hoping
that the one you love has feelings for you.
Don't revolve your life around this person.
You're still young! Enjoy yourself!

Which AFI song are you?

Salt For Your Wounds
Which AFI song are you?

You are This Time Imperfect....from the newest
album Sing the Sorrow, deep, calm, kinda creepy

Which AFI Song Are You?

Your 'Dancing Through Sunday', your depressed and
you find beauty in the path of sorrow.

Which Sing The Sorrow (AFI) Song Are You?

you are "the leaving song part II". you
feel alone but its partly because you let
anyone in. everytime someone tries to open up
to you you shut them out because you truly
believe no one will ever love/like you.

which song off afi's sing the sorrow are you?

congratulations you are davey havok. the lead
singer. be happy, not that many people in life
are ridiculously beautiful and have their own

which member of afi are you?

You are Davey Havok! The Vocalist of AFI
!!!!!~**Which member of AFI are you???**~!!!!!!

You are goth Davey!
Everyone loves you because you know what's
going on.
Sure you creep us out every once in a while
with some white makeup or something,
but your still loved.

Which Davey are You?

Which AFI member are you???

*you are...davey havok* You are a depressed angsty poet. (not that thats a
bad thing.) Your very mysterious and people are
enchanted by that. You prefer no to talk about
your personal life so there are always rumors
circulating about you and your sexuality. You
see beauty in pain and you feel the pain at the
core of your being. You dance in the arms of

*which member of AFI are you?*

You are "Sing the Sorrow!" oh man. you have given up in most aspects of life. You express
yourself in a way which is difficult for others to understand, to the extent where they spend
months trying to figure you out. You just want the world to know your story and to not feel so
damn lonely. cheer up kid!

Which AFI album are you?

you love afi. you are obsessed. you know that they
are the best, most unique and talented band
there has ever been or ever will be. good for

how well do you know afi?

You are a true fan!!! You know everything about AFI
and are basically obsessive over them, like me.
You don't care what people say. You love AFI
and that's that. You try to be yourself and
probably have almost/every AFI album out there.
Even E.Ps and 7" vinyls. Go you! Don't let
the poseurs get you down.

How well do you know AFI?

You are Morningstar (my favorite AFI song)...You
are unhappy and you feel alone. You are very
artistic, even if you don't think so. You are
not afraid to cry. And you really don't care
what other people think of you. All you want is
to be loved...

Which AFI song are you?

(Ok, about all the AFI stuff, but they are my favorite band, so if you don't like it go back to the main page)

You are Edward Scissorhands!

What Edward Scissorhands character are you?