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Okay, Rurouni Kenshin does not belong to me, but to Watsuki Nobuhiro, everybody knows that. (I hope.) This fic takes place in a modern-day American town that I based off the one I live in for simple convenience. Some organizations or persons mentioned are probably not my own, though some are. And that's all I have to say for that.


All right, boys and girls. If you didn't get it from the picture (which I borrowed from a friend, who borrowed it from a talented Japanese artist, thank you Jess-chan) this is a yaoi centered fic. Man-on-man action. Got that?

*pauses to allow half the audience to scuttle away*

That said, there is also yuri in this fic. It's a pairing I don't feel is written enough, and is indeed one of my personal favorites.

And yes, there is one het pairing.

But I'm not telling you what they are! Read the fic and find out! *maniacal grin*

Other warnings will include death, angst, other themes that make the author herself vaguely nauseous, mentioned drug use, and yes, a lemon. I'm not telling you which chapter, so you can't just skip to it. So bah. Also much lime. And some language... And I'll warn you right now, there's oozy sap in here too. I'm a romantic at heart.

Feedback is much appreciated. If you have some suggestions, throw them my way. They may not fit what I have planned, but they will make me happy nonetheless. And I write more when I'm happy. This is an ongoing series, at present 20 chapters. So expect more in the future.


As this takes place in America, everyone can't be Japanese, though some of them still are. Thus, some names will obviously be changed. If you're confused as to who anyone is, drop me a line. I'll be glad to tell you.

And if anyone's interested, my AIM is SanoxKenshin, if you want to reach me quickly. (Don't know why you would, but hey.)

Damn. I just gave away a pairing.