I Win

Wufei snarled in a fury, trying to wrench his wrists free of the crushing grip. Blood was running down his cheek from one of the cuts his opponent had given him almost carelessly. It stung like a bitch. "Let GO of me, you-!"

Farfarello ignored him, turning and yanking on the younger man's wrists. Wufei cursed as he was hauled bodily around and stumbled in a frantic attempt to catch his balance. His back hit the wall solidly, and suddenly he was pinned by a pale, scarred body. He found himself staring into a mad amber gaze, and a rush of mixed fear and anger shot through him. "Kisama!"

"I beat you," Farfarello pointed out calmly.

Wufei stiffened, glaring back haughtily. He refused to look at his sword, lying across the room from where Farfarello had knocked it aside so casually, despite the gash he'd earned in his forearm. "Get. Off. Me."

The madman arched a brow mockingly. "Why?" he asked simply.

Wufei clenched his teeth in an effort to keep from thrashing as Farfarello pressed against him more firmly. He couldn't move. "Do you want to die?" he growled ominously.

Farfarello's lips curved slowly in an eerie shadow of a smile, his eye glinting dangerously. "Don't you?"

Wufei opened his mouth to respond, but his words were strangled when another mouth was pressed to his own in a kiss so rough his teeth cut his lip. He gagged as the taste of blood filled his mouth, and twisted his head in a frantic attempt to escape. Farfarello's grip on his wrists tightened, bones grinding together, and Wufei's mouth opened further to make some kind of noise of pain.

A hot tongue slid past his teeth, running roughly over his split lip and touching against the inside of his cheek.

He bit down. Hard.

Farfarello drew back and gave him an unimpressed look, lapping blood from the corner of his mouth. He studied the glaring man before him for a moment in silence before leaning forward again. Wufei jerked his head back reflexively, and cracked it against the wall.

Farfarello just stared at him from mere inches away, his breath falling hot on the swordsman's mouth. Wufei's heart felt like it was about to pound through his ribcage as he glared furiously back.

"You," Farfarello declared at last in a deadpan voice, "are a sore loser."

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