||Notes: keep in mind this fic is SHOUNEN AI. That means boy likes boy. In this case, young boys. There's also prob'ly a few spoilers, especially (obviously) for those who haven't read the series HunterXHunter. I've only read up to volume 8, so the spoilers are only up until that point. This fic takes place sometime before the big auction in vol. 8. Keep in mind I will cheerfully ignore any flames, as it won't be the first time some narrow-minded bonehead has flamed me. As for those who like this couple, pleez enjoy and review~ ^__^ Domo!||

{ // denotes flashbacks }

Gon flopped onto his back on the bed in the impressive hotel. "Sugoi~" he breathed. "This Hunter license got us a lot of good treatment, ne, Killua?" He twisted his head to find his young friend.
Killua glanced up from where he was looking through the contents of the fridge in satisfaction. "Hai," he agreed. "Told you."
"I can't wait until the auction tomorrow." Gon rolled over onto his belly, beaming cheerfully at his friend. "It should be fun!"
Killua cocked an eyebrow at the smaller boy, unable to hide a grin. His friend thought some of the strangest things were 'fun', but in this case he had to agree to a certain extent, though worry gnawed at him. What if they lost the auction? He watched the other boy kick his legs in the air, sprawled on his belly, chin propped on his hands as he smiled at Killua.
Killua felt a flush rise to his cheeks at a memory, and hurriedly turned his attention back to the fridge.

//They were sitting on the grass, watching the stars at Gon's home, when he had uttered those innocent words that had rocked Killua to his core.
"I'm happy when I'm with you."
"Wh-what are you saying so suddenly?" he had sputtered, blushing furiously. Gon had ignored the question, simply smiling up at the stars above, and Killua hadn't dared to press the issue.// (1)

Gon was silent for a long moment; when Killua finally shut the fridge and turned to face him, the spikey-haired boy had a serious expression on his face.
"I wonder if I'll see Hisoka again?"
A flash of suppressed anger and unexpected jealously shot through Killua at the name. "He said he would find you," he said as calmly as he could. Gon, you little simpleton... you are so concentrated on trying to become his equal fighting-wise that you are blind to his sick interest in you. I've seen him, seen the way he looks at you, the way he smiles, the intimate way he's touched you before when he is 'proving his superiority to you'. You are so innocent. Can't see the lust that lights his eyes whenever he sees you? It made Killua want to rip the strange, psychotic man's throat out. But he only said, "Don't worry about him. He's a creep. Anyway, one day you'll be stronger than him. You already surprised him at the Celestial Tower."
Gon smiled at his friend, nodding. "Un. I hope so."
Killua smiled chillingly. "I know so."
Gon bounced up from the bed at a knock on the door, crying loudly, "I'll get it~!"
He threw open the door, smiling up at the man that stood in the hallway, whose hand was upraised in greeting. "Yo."
"Leorio," Gon said cheerfully, stepping aside to let the man pass. "Are you staying at this hotel, too?"
"Aa." The tall man pushed his sunglasses further up the bridge of his nose with his middle finger, grinning at his small friend. "Nice place. I tell you, there's a lot of rare things up for auction; I'm going to get some of them." He noticed Killua watching him and his eyebrows rose to his hairline. "Eh? Are you two...sharing this room?"
"Yup," Gon said before Killua could respond. "Aren't the beds in this place big?" He ran to bounce on it for demonstration. "They're so soft! I've never slept in a bed like this, have you, Killua?"
His friend was blushing furiously at the forest boy's naive comments, watching Leorio's glasses slide down his nose and his eyebrows rise even further. "A-ano.. No, I haven't, Gon." He was painfully aware of the fact that the room contained only one bed. He cringed as Leorio's gaze shot from him to the boy on the bed and back again. "Ano..eto..." he sweatdropped, struggling for an excuse.
Gon leapt from the bed, hands behind his head as he blithely changed the subject, unaware of the discomfort he was causing. "Ne, Leorio-san, have you seen Kurapika? I haven't seen him since we split up after getting our licenses."
"I-Iya," Leorio said, shaking his head and putting aside his suspicions with a visible effort. "I haven't heard from him, either. Who knows what that kid's up to."
"I'll bet he's doing something important," Gon said with conviction, heading towards the fridge to explore. "Kurapika is strong."
"He has a good sense of justice," Killua said quietly. "At least we know he can't fall in with the wrong group or hire himself to some lunatic." (2)
Gon looked up from where he was making himself a gigantic sub sandwich, a memory triggered by the word 'justice'. "Hai," he agreed. "He killed that man who was pretending to be one of the men from the group that killed his tribe. His eyes went red because of it."
"Crimson Eyes," Leorio said solemnly. "There's one kid you don't want to make mad." He glanced at the two friends, the assassin with the deadly gaze and the Hunter with an undeniable strength and endurance hidden under his carefree manner. He wouldn't admit it to their faces, but he would think more than twice before pissing either of them off to the point they would turn on him. Especially Killua. He was just a kid, but... he gave the older man the creeps when he smiled. How Gon had latched onto him and become his close friend was beyond him.
He jerked a thumb over his shoulder, slouching idly against the wall. "Wanna see the sights before we turn in?"
"I'm tired," Gon protested, finishing the sandwich at an alarming rate. He yawned hugely to prove his point. "It's warm outside.. I got drowsy walking around earlier."
"OK. I'll leave you two a.." Leorio stopped himself, screwed up his face in discomfort, then decided to drop it at the sharp look Killua shot him. "Uh.. G'night." He left hastily, turning off the light behind him.
Killua sighed, scratching the back of his head in despair as Gon bounded past and leapt onto the bouncy bed with a whoop. Finally he held out his hand, trying to keep his face and voice dispassionate. "Toss me a pillow," he ordered.
Gon hurled one at him playfully, intending to catch him in the face, but Killua snatched it deftly out of the air and padded over to the side of the bed, dropping it onto the floor. Gon leaned over the edge of the bed, watching in bewilderment as his friend tugged his socks off and sprawled on the floor on his back, tucking the pillow beneath his head. "Killua?" He cocked his head. "What are you doing on the floor? This bed's big enough for both of us."
Killua rolled over so that he wasn't facing the other boy, shrugging noncomittedly. "That's OK, I like sleeping on the floor."
"Good night, Gon."
Killua sighed quietly with relief, closing his eyes and willing sleep to come. For several minutes there was no sound from Gon aside from his restless tossing and turning on the bed, then finally silence.
Killua was just starting to drift off when his instincts were triggered, and his eyes snapped open at the soft sound of feet on carpet. He rolled halfway over, watching dumbly as Gon stepped over him, dropped his own pillow nearby and flopped onto the ground, sprawling on his back as he grinned sleepily at his friend, who only stared back mutely. "OK, I'll sleep on the floor too so you don't get lonely," he said cheerfully. "I used to sleep in the trees all the time back home when I could, so it doesn't bother me." He yawned hugely, eyes drooping as he rolled onto his side so that he was facing Killua. The other boy jolted slightly as the movement brought them closer, his breath catching in his throat. Gon, who was already starting to doze, didn't notice. "Oyasumi..." he murmured.
Killua held his breath until he couldn't stand it anymore, and took in a quiet gulp of air, staring at the slumbering boy so close before him. Not even a foot of space was between them, and he could feel the other's breath just barely against his face. He couldn't seem to tear his eyes away from Gon's relaxed face. He swallowed hard, watching in detatched amazement as his hand raised slightly of its own accord, wavering hesitatingly a mere inch from the small Hunter's face.
Should he have asked that question?

//"Ne, Gon."
"Eh? What's up, Killua?" Gon looked up from petting the stray dog, grinning. "It sure is crowded here, isn't it?"
"Aa..." Killua glanced around as if for inspiration, for once finding it hard to say what was on his mind. "..Gon..?"
"Do I...ever scare you? You aren't afraid of me? I mean, you know about my family. You know what I can do..."
To his surprise, Gon only laughed. "You aren't like your family, Killua-kun. You kill people.. you get creepy sometimes. But I'm not afraid of you. I trust you. I like you because you're you." He smiled. "That's why I stay with you."// (3)

'I like you because you're you'....
Gon.. Killua's hand fell tentatively, feather-light, on his friend's cheek. You don't really understand why Hisoka comes after you. You don't understand yet how I feel. I don't even know if you know how you feel. You like me.. but as a friend? Or... do you really like me and you are too innocent to understand it or see it as wrong?
A small smile teased at his lips as Gon murmured in his sleep, turning into Killua's gentle touch, and he hesitated before carefully drawing his hand back, tucking his arm under his head and watching his friend sleep.
I will stay with you because you are you, Gon.
And I will wait until you are older, until you realize how I feel and decide how you feel; just like Hisoka is doing. Because...
You are worth the wait.
Still smiling, Killua closed his eyes and allowed sleep to overcome him.
In the darkness of the room, Gon opened his eyes and smiled at the child assassin.


(1) this is an actual scene in the manga :D Ever notice how Togashi-san puts little shounen ai hints in his stuff? first the emotions between Kurama and Hiei in Yu Yu Hakusho, now all this stuff btw Killua and Gon and Hisoka and Gon :D yihihi~
(2) *cough* *looks upward innocently* of course not, killua-kun..
(3) this didn't happen in the manga.. i took liberties.. :D