Notes: GW is not mine. neither is the song. =p so nyah. "With You" is (c) Linkin Park. This fic is for The Water Warrior, since I think she's asked me more than once in a review to do a 1X5... ^^; So I finally decided to try the couple out. Hope you enjoy, minna ^_~
Warning: This fic is NC-17

I woke up in a dream today
To the cold of the static/and put my cold feet on the floor
Forgot all about yesterday
Remembering I'm pretending to be where I'm not anymore
A little taste of hypocrisy
And I'm left in the wake of the mistake/slow to react
Even though you're so close to me
You're still so distant/and I can't bring you back

    He collapsed to the ground, panting harshly, the saber slipping from his fingers to land quietly on the damp dew-laden grass. Lying flat on his back, the warrior gazed up at the slowly brightening sky, drawing in great lungfuls of air, his body quivering from the hours of relentless, ferocious exercise. He turned his head slightly to gaze at the sword lying beside him, glittering as the rising sun struck the dew on it.

    It never should have happened.
    He should never had allowed Heero to...

    He sat up abruptly, pulling his knees to his chest and hugging his legs protectively close to him, panting as he glared at the grass between his feet.
   He had more self-discipline than this, he chided himself for the millionth time since last night. Why had he allowed Heero's actions and words to get to him so? He should have been able to shrug him off, to take it in stride. After all, Heero was his partner. A fellow fighter. A soldier.
    ...Another male.

    He finally managed to get his breathing under control and rose to his feet, a bit shakily, still exhausted from the almost-brutal exercise he had been putting himself through for the past three hours. Retrieving his sword, he wiped it off on his pants and slid it into his belt, casting around for his shirt, which he had discarded in the first hour.
   Sweat glistened on his toned chest as it rose and fell, and he wiped more perspiration from his brow, shrugging into his shirt, leaving the front open.

    With heavy steps, he turned in the direction of the hideout, wondering what he would say if Heero was awake already.
    His mind flew back to two days prior, when he and Heero had been thrown into this mess.

    "Heero, watch your back!" Duo's voice crackling over the radio alerted Wufei to the arrival of the dolls, and he tightened his grip on Nataku's control, gritting his teeth as the light of battle gleamed in his eyes.
    "Finally!" he growled.
    "Wufei," Heero's voice was calm over the net. "You and Quatre take the left. Duo, Trowa, go for the right of the pack. I'll take the center."
    "Ch-chotto, Heero!" Duo protested, but Wufei could already see Heero's gundam Wing Zero blasting off, headed straight for the approaching clump of dolls. Sandrock hovered by Shenlong for a moment before the two of them shot off towards the left of the group, weapons upheld for battle.
    After a curse, Duo's Deathscythe thundered after Heavyarms.

    The fight lasted for several minutes before Wufei noticed the approaching lights in the night sky. "Quatre," he said sharply, turning Nataku to avoid an approaching doll and crashing a huge arm into it, crushing it immediately. "Reinforcements."
    Sandrock's blades sliced through two dolls like paper, and Quatre's voice sounded worried as the silent explosion shook the mechs. "There's a lot of them. I hope they don't overpower us." He paused, and Wufei allowed him to think, knocking a stray doll from him, knowing the smaller boy's sharp mind was working on a plan.
    "I've got it." Quatre's voice was quiet but decisive. "Wufei, you--"
    "Heero, abunai!!" Duo's voice shouting over the com cut Quatre off, and Wufei wheeled around just in time to see the handful of dolls bearing down on the already-occupied Zero, who had been cut off from the main fight. Wufei muttered a curse and urged Shenlong over as fast as he could, being the closest to the ambush.
   He cut in directly behind Heero's mecha, almost back to back as he shot out his weapon, destroying two of the approaching dolls while Wing finished off the ones that were trying to keep him distracted.
    Just then one of the dolls broke away and shot for the earth below. "Look!" Trowa called, directing their attention. More and more dolls were following the first one's example.
    "Where the hell do they think they're going??" Duo raged. "Frigging stupid hunks of scrap metal! Get back here!"
    "It's like there's something on earth they're supposed to be guarding," Quatre said. "Maybe they got called back-- Whoop!" Sandrock ducked a blast from a doll, then drove his blade into the metal body of the thing. "Take care of the ones you can!"
   Just then Wing turned, and fell into an abrupt dive, shooting after the next two dolls to plummet earthwards.
    "Heero!" Wufei shouted, twisting Nataku around savagely and diving after the reckless soldier. "What the hell do you think you're doing, you idiot?! ..Unnh!" He flinched as his entire gundam shook and trembled as it fell through the earth's atmosphere. The cockpit grew warmer and warmer, and then...
    He was breaking through clouds at breathless speed, with Wing just barely visible below him. He gritted his teeth, striving to keep up. No way was Heero going to get all the glory!

    The soldier in question was quickly approaching one of the escaping dolls. He aimed his blaster at it, allowing a small smirk to touch his lips. Gotcha...
    Suddenly another of the dolls-- which had disappeared from sights moments ago --cannoned into the side of his mech, throwing him off course. "Unnhh!" They both hurtled towards the trees below, and Heero grappled frantically with the smaller mecha, struggling to regain control before...
    His beam levered, and he fired. The doll was blasted into pieces in the blink of an eye.
    Then wood was snapping, leaves were flying past, and finally there was an earth-shaking crash, and everything was jolting and pain and noise.
    Then there was only darkness.

    Wufei snarled curses to himself as he heaved the unconscious pilot out of Wing's cockpit, dragging his limp body across the ground towards Shenlong. Leaning his partner against one of the massive legs, he propped him in a sitting position, watching as Heero's head lolled onto his chest.
    Great. Just wonderful.
    "Fucking idiot," Wufei growled under his breath, grabbing the collar of Heero's tank top in both hands and ripping it down the middle in a quick, practiced movement. Blood from a long scratch across the other pilot's chest dribbled slowly down his torso, staining the top of his spandex shorts. Wufei pulled the boy's arms from the ripped shirt and ripped it once more before quickly winding it around Heero's chest, over the wound, to stop the blood. Once he was sure the bleeding had stopped and there were no more serious injuries-- aside from the numerous bruises and scratches --Wufei hastily wiped blood from Heero's brow before rising and shinnying up into Shenlong's cockpit once more.
    Flipping on the radio, he fiddled with the frequency until Quatre's worried voice finally broke through the static. "..ei? Are..k? Wh...eero?"
    "Quatre," Wufei flipped the switch on, peering around at the woods around him for any sign of the dolls. "This is Wufei."
    "Wufei." There was relief in the blonde's voice. "Did you find Heero? Are you all right?"
    "We're fine," he grunted, testing a bruise on his knee. "The idiot got himself knocked out in a crash landing, but Wing seems to be all right, and nothing's broken on Yuy."
    "Yokatta. Wufei, we destroyed all the dolls up here. We're going to follow some of the ones that got away. We'll get in contact with you to let you know what we find out. Take care of Heero, all right? Don't let him go anywhere until you think he's all right."
    "Aa," Wufei grunted, blowing a strand of ebony hair from his face. "Wufei out."
    "Ja. Good luck, be careful."

    Heero blinked groggily, looking around in dull confusion. Where was he? His entire body hurt. Spotting Zero lying nearby on its side brought a rush of memory. Of course. The dolls, the crash... Then who had pulled him out? He looked down at the bloody, torn shirt wrapped tightly if hastily around his chest and frowned slightly. Who had bandaged him? He looked up at the looming gundam he was leaning against. Shenlong?
    "It's about time you woke up."
    Heero glanced up at the familiar voice as Wufei appeared from the trees, striding towards him with a scowl. Wufei. Yes.. he thought he remembered the Chinese warrior shouting at him right when he had followed those dolls. He rose to his feet, wincing as he leaned on Shenlong's leg for support. His ankle throbbed.
    "I think I sprained my ankle," he said emotionlessly as Wufei stopped before him. "Did you contact Quatre?"
    "Aa," Wufei nodded towards the sky. "They're after the rest of the dolls that came to earth. He said he'd let us know what they found out." He crooked a finger. "Follow me, there's an old house back there."
    Heero's eyes narrowed. "What are you talking about?" he demanded. "We have to catch up with the others."
    "Not until we take care of that cut on your chest. We don't even know where they are; we have to wait until they contact us again. Now shut up and come on, Yuy."
    Heero shot him a sharp glance out of the corner of his eye, irked by something. Yuy... Wufei was always calling him Yuy.
    It occurred to him as Wufei lent his strength, allowing the perfect soldier to lean on him as he tested his weak ankle. When he had gone after those dolls and Wufei had yelled at him... when he had followed him...
    He had called him Heero.
    He decided to keep it to himself, shrugging it off as unimportant as they slowly made their way through the trees.

It's true/the way I feel
Was promised by your face
The sound of your voice
Painted on my memories
Even if you're not with me
I'm with you

You/now I see/keeping everything inside
You/now I see/even when I close my eyes

    Wufei hesitated, gazing at the worn-down house he and Heero had been staying in the past two days. Part of him wanted to turn around and go to Shenlong, hide in the cockpit and figure things out, but the proud part of him refused to allow him the indignity of such a retreat. Reluctantly he placed one foot in front of the other and approached the house, climbing the steps of the creaking porch and pushing open the screen door, stepping into the gloomy front room. He glanced around. Nothing. Letting the screen slam shut behind him, he padded into the den, peeking around the doorway.
    Heero was where he had been last night, on the couch. He must have gotten tired of waiting for Wufei to return last night, and had dozed off in a sitting position, head thrown back as his bandaged chest rose and fell evenly in slumber. The new sunlight trickled through the musty drapes of the window and fell softly across the soldier's skin, mixing in pale light and shadow to create a breathtaking scene. Wufei blinked quickly and shook his head sternly, angry at himself. Snap out of it, Chang, he ordered himself mentally. He was a little surprised Heero hadn't awoken when the screen door had slammed. He must really be exhausted. Did that mean..
    He had been waiting up all night?
    Wufei grunted quietly to himself. Ridiculous. Plucking up his nerve, he strode over to the boy and shook him by the shoulder roughly. "Oi. Yuy. Wake up."
    Heero's eyes fluttered open and focused on him. The cobalt orbs hardened as recognition settled in, and Wufei drew his hand back, startled.
    Heero sat up straighter, glaring up at the pilot. "What is your problem, Wufei?" he demanded.
    "Nani?" Wufei blinked, uncomprehending.
    "You've been jumpy ever since we crashed here," Heero pointed out, eyes still narrowed. "And then you ran off last night like a pouting child. Now you either tell me what the hell is wrong with you or call Quatre up and tell him I'll be taking this next mission alone."
    Wufei stared at him, dumbstruck.
    Well this was a first for Heero. Starting an argument... and then making it sound as if he actually gave a damn for one of his team mates... Wufei wasn't sure quite how to respond, so he went on the defense, scowling down at his fellow pilot. "How do you know I haven't been here all night?" he demanded. "My problems are my own, Yuy."
    "You haven't been here all night," Heero growled, "because I just fell asleep an hour ago."
    Wufei stared down at him for several seconds before he could speak. "Why?"
    Heero ignored the question, pushing himself up and rising, testing his ankle carefully before striding from the room with a slight limp.
    Wufei hurried after him. "Oi! I'm talking to you, Yuy! It's not my problem you didn't have the brains to go to bed last night."
    "So where did you go?" Heero demanded, entering the run-down kitchen and digging through the brown paper bag of groceries Wufei had brought back yesterday.
    "I was training," Wufei said shortly, leaning over the table and glaring suspiciously at his partner. "You're an idiot."
    "And you react badly to stupid things," Heero said calmly, wiping an apple off on his shorts before biting into it. "Last night was nothing to get in such a fit over."
    Wufei's mouth twitched, and he glanced away. Last night... "Shut up, Yuy," he said quietly. "It's none of your business. It brought up..a bad memory, that's all," he lied.
    Heero's eyes bore into him. "I think you're lying," he said finally.
    Wufei gritted his teeth and refused to answer. Last night.. Last night Heero had...

    "Why did you follow me?"
    Wufei looked up, caught off guard by the question. He was sitting cross-legged on the porch, sharpening his blade. Heero was standing in the doorway, gazing up at the setting sun. "Huh?"
    "I was going to kill the dolls. By myself. Why did you follow me?"
    Wufei shrugged, returning to his task. "Lucky I did," he pointed out.
    "That doesn't answer the question."
    Wufei paused, his hand, holding the stone he was using as a whet, hovering over his sword. He couldn't answer that question because... he wasn't sure he himself knew the answer.
    He respected Heero, saw him as a good soldier. He had undeniable strength, he seemed to recognize his own sense of justice just as Wufei did, and he fought without concern for himself. The thing that irritated him most about the other boy was his lack of motive. While Wufei himself fought for his beliefs and what was important to him, Heero seemed only to fight because he had been told to. He sometimes wondered if Heero ever felt anything.
    Heero was nothing like his wife Meilan. Meilan- no, Nataku... had believed in justice so strongly that she had given her life for it. She had given her life for her cause, for her people. Heero fought because of his orders, and perhaps because of the small part of him that saw the desperate hope in Relena's ideals and wanted to protect them. They were so different, Nataku and Heero.. yet they both drove him to exaggeration. And in the end...they invariably attracted him...
    Wufei resumed sharpening his sword savagely, gritting his teeth as he tried to drive the thoughts from his head with each sweeping stroke of the stone, the ringing of the steel echoing a little in the quiet forest.
    Meilan had been a fool. But she had been his wife. While he had not loved her, he would still honor her memory. Yuy was just a fellow soldier, a man who could not possibly understand Wufei's own intentions.
        He wondered suddenly if Heero looked upon him sometimes the same as Wufei had regarded his own justice-driven wife. As if the roles between himself and his wife had suddenly been reversed.
    The thought jolted him so much that his hand slipped, and he gasped as the razor-sharp edge of the blade sliced into his arm. He dropped the sword with a clatter.
    Heero was kneeling beside him the next moment, holding the cut arm in a firm but careful grip as he inspected the long gash. Wufei gave a hiss of pain, angry at himself. He had never before cut himself on his own weapon.
    "It isn't too deep," Heero said calmly. "Wait here."
    Wufei held his arm before him, staring dully at the dripping blood as Heero got carefully to his feet and limped into the house.
    A few moments later Heero reappeared, carrying the first aid kit Wufei had brought in from Shenlong to bind Heero's own injuries. Sitting down beside his partner, Heero opened the small box and began cleaning the cut as Wufei watched silently. His arm tingled where Heero touched it, and he looked away, gazing at the trees with a sick feeling in his stomach.
    Neither one of them spoke until the cut was finally cleaned and bandaged. Wufei flexed the arm, shooting Heero a swift glance. "Thanks," he grunted.
    Heero was studying his face as he packed the box again. He had never seen Wufei cut himself on his sword before; he knew something had to have bothered the Chinese boy to have made such a foolish mistake.
    Wufei ignored him, tossing the stone into the grass and rising, carefully sliding his sword into his belt. It was already nearly dark. He entered the house, pausing to hold the door open as Heero followed. They walked silently to the den, where Heero set the first aid kit on the crumbling fire place before sinking down into the old musty couch. Wufei placed his sword on the floor before stretching out on his back on the blanket he had brought from the emergency supplies in Zero. He propped his head on his folded arms, gazing up at the ceiling wordlessly, willing sleep to come.
    He heard an almost inaudible grunt of pain as Heero tried to arrange himself on the couch, and sat up, watching the soldier carefully pull his foot up onto the couch, hands on the bandages, intent on unwrapping them.
    Wufei rose to his feet without thinking. "Oi," he snapped. "Knock it off, you idiot. Leave that alone. It's keeping you from using that ankle too much."
    Heero stolidly ignored him, taking the clip off the bandages and beginning to unwind them. Wufei strode over, grabbing Heero's hands and yanking them away from the injury, forgetting the other's strength. "Kisama," he growled. "I said--geh!"
    Heero tried to jerk his hands free, and Wufei fell forward, tumbling into the other boy. Heero gave another grunt of pain as Wufei's weight landed on his injured chest, and Wufei let loose a stream of curses as he tried to untangle himself.
    They rolled off the couch and landed in an undignified heap.
    "God damn it, Yuy!" Wufei shouted, kicking his legs free from Heero's, glaring fiercely up at the other boy, who was pushing himself up on his hands, gazing down at him with hard eyes. "Now look what you did!"
    "Omae..." Heero's eyes narrowed. "Don't tell me what to do."
    "Leave your ankle alone, damn it," Wufei growled, suddenly acutely aware that he was lying beneath a boy who had been known to bend steel bars with his bare hands. "Quit acting like a stupid child!"
    "Me?" Heero demanded, glaring at him hotly. "You're the one who jumps every time.."
    "Every time what?" Wufei snapped, then jumped when Heero laid a hand heavily on his chest. "O-oi!"
    "Every time someone touches you," Heero finished.
    No... only when you touch me. Wufei bit his tongue to keep the words inside, pushing the other's boy's shoulders. "Get the hell off, Yuy," he ordered angrily.
    "Are you going to answer me, now?"
    Wufei blinked at the calm question. "N-nani?"
    "Why did you follow me?"
    "I don't believe this!" Wufei shook his head incredulously, trying to hide his agitation. He shuddered slightly-- Heero had not removed his hand from his chest. "Because you were about to get yourself killed, baka! What the hell does it matter?? Maxwell would have done the same damn thing if he'd been closer."
    "Aa, maybe," Heero said, gazing down at him keenly.
    Wufei shoved Heero off with a sudden burst of desperation, scrambling to his feet and snatching up his sword, running for the door.
    He ignored the startled shout, bursting through the door, and then he was running, running as fast as he could through the trees, gasping in ragged breaths as his heart thundered in his ears.
    The weight of Heero's touch seemed as if it had burned through his chest, making it difficult to breath, and the raging confusion in his body and mind made him want to scream with frustration.

I hit you and you hit me back
We fall to the floor/the rest of the day stands still
Fine line between this and that
When things go wrong I pretend the past isn't real
Now I'm trapped in this memory
And I'm left in the wake of the mistakes/slow to react
Even though you're close to me
You're still so disant/and I can't bring you back

    Wufei shook himself out his reverie, reaching out and snagging the last apple. He turned his back on his partner, leaning against the old table. "Just drop it, Yuy," he growled. "You take things too seriously. I told you, it was just a bad memory. Forget it already."
    "...Bad memory. About...Meilan?"
    The apple halted halfway to Wufei's mouth. He found himself unable to breathe for a few seconds. "You.." his voice was a bare whisper. "How did you.."
    "You said her name in your sleep the first night we got here," Heero said calmly. Wufei could hear him munching on his own apple. "Who is she?"
    Wufei gritted his teeth. He wanted to shout at Heero, to say "that's none of your business". He wanted to break something. But instead he found himself saying hoarsely, "She was my wife."
    "You had a wife?"
    "She lived only for justice." Wufei gazed down at the apple with dull eyes. "I... fight for her honor. Her memory. Her beliefs."
    "..." Heero said nothing, and Wufei could not make himself turn to face him. He took a deep breath, a part of him relieved to get the secret off his chest, and raised the apple to his mouth.
    Then Heero was in front of him, staring intently into his startled face. He took Wufei's apple from him and put it aside, eyes locked with the other pilot's. "So Meilan was your wife. That explains some things. But it doesn't explain why you said my name."
    Wufei felt his breath hitch in his throat. He gaped at Heero. "Wh-what? What are you talking about?" he demanded.
    "You kept saying 'Meilan, Meilan'," Heero said, his gaze unnerving. "Then you said my name. Right after hers."
    He didn't need to say it for Wufei to know what he was thinking: 'As if confusing the two of us with each other.' He looked away quickly, and was horrified when he felt his face begin to grow hot. "H-how should I know?" he growled. "I don't remember having any dreams, how should I know? Anyway, it's none of your--"
    Heero's arms went to either side of Wufei, his hands gripping the edge of the table and fencing him in, preventing any escape. Wufei balked, gazing at Heero with a twinge of frantic fear. He knew his face had to be bright red. He wanted to fall into a hole in the floor. His reaction to the other pilot-- which he had managed to hide for so long --was humiliating; even more so to Heero's face. "Get out of my way, Yuy," he ordered quickly, an edge to his voice. "Knock it off."
    "I think I remember Duo helping you once when you were injured." Heero's voice was deadly calm. "And Quatre touching you once to get your attention. You were fine with it.." his eyes narrowed slightly. "Why do you jerk away or jump whenever *I* touch you? Afraid I'm going to break you, Wufei?"
    Indignation flared in Wufei's eyes. "Kisama," he spat. "I can take care of myself! Why should I be afraid of you??"
    "Then why?"
    "..I..." Wufei stared at the other pilot, unable to speak, unable to voice an answer that he himself did not fully know. "I just do," he finally said weakly, still maintaining a glare.
    Heero reached up suddenly with one hand, and Wufei gasped, his head pulled back at a quick, painful tug...
    His hair whispered softly as it fell in a dark curtain, framing his face and brushing against his shoulders. He gazed at Heero in shock, a lock of dark hair falling into his face. His heart was pounding.
    Heero flicked the hair band away, eyes never leaving Wufei's face. "So that bothers you?" he asked mildly.
    Wufei couldn't speak. None of them had ever seen him with his hair down... just as Duo's braid was a promise to someone of the past, a desperate memoir of his old life, Wufei's tight hairstyle was a mark of dignity and discipline, the hair pulled in such a tight ponytail showing order and custom of his old clan. He recalled briefly a comment of Meilan's, when he had always worn his hair down... "You may look pretty and act all smart," she had scorned, "but you are an insult as my husband."
    Look pretty... another reason he had pulled his hair back. A warrior didn't need to 'look pretty'. What an insult. But now, as Heero gazed silently at him, he found himself wondering.. if Heero found him 'pretty'. The thought caused his cheeks to flush once more.

It's true/the way I feel
Was promised by your face
The sound of your voice
Painted on my memories
Even if you're not with me
I'm with you

You/now I see/keeping everything inside
You/now I see/even when I close my eyes

You/now I see/keeping everything inside
You/now I see/even when I close my eyes

    Suddenly Heero's hands were on his chest again, and he gasped, leaning back. "Wh-what--"
    Impatiently Heero pushed past the cloth, calloused fingers whispering against flesh as he pushed the garment off of Wufei's shoulders and exposed the firm torso. Wufei's body jolted as insistent hands carved a path down his chest and his abdomen, wrenching a breathy cry from him. "Heero, what the hell--?!"
    Heero leaned in, and Wufei had nowhere to run. He made a helpless noise as lips covered his ruthlessly, a hot tongue forcing its way inside. Wufei closed his eyes tightly, his body trembling violently as he clung to Heero's upper arms, leaning into the kiss and responding in desperation. If this was just a one-time thing... if Heero were to pull away in the next instant.. he wanted to grab what he could of the encounter. He wanted.. no regrets.
    Heero's kiss was deep and passionate and almost robbed Wufei of breath. His hands roamed over still-sweaty skin before nimble fingers found the tie to the Chinese boy's pants and tugged at it. Wufei wriggled, unwilling to free his mouth from the other pilot's as he discarded the shirt and stepped clumsily from the pants. Heero was leaning him into the table, his back digging painfully into the wood as Heero's body pressed up close against him, but Wufei couldn't care less. Panting for breath, he pulled at the spandex shorts, jerking them down past slim hips and giving a groan as Heero's hand cupped the base of his skull, tilting his face upwards to capture him in another drowning, mind-searing kiss.
    In moments they were both unclothed, panting as their bodies ground against each other, mouths seeking each other again and again, young hormone-driven bodies heated with lust. Wufei tilted back his head, sighing as Heero's mouth latched onto his throat, hands kneading his hips and his butt. Desire was singing in his veins, and he found himself hoping fervently that Heero would not stop. His fingers dug into Heero's strong back as he groaned quietly, the other's echoing growl vibrating against his throat. Suddenly Heero pulled back marginally, and seizing Wufei's shoulders, whirled him around so that he was facing the table, his back to Heero.
    Wufei's heart leapt into his throat as he gripped the table edge, panting, his face growing hotter, his body tensing in anticipation. Fear and lust warred with each other inside of him, and he glanced over his shoulder quickly at Heero, who was hesitating behind him, his lithe, scarred body tightening. His eyes, darkened with lust, flicked up at met Wufei's uncertain ones. He seemed to make a decision and grabbed the grocery bag from the table, his hands uncommonly clumsy as he rummaged through it. Wufei lowered his head, gazing at the tabletop and trying to catch his breath, excitement making him heady. He was almost unable to think-- everything had happened so fast...
    Then Heero found what he was looking for and impatiently tossed the bag aside, popping open the lid to the antiseptic squeeze tube and spreading some onto his fingers. Wufei gasped and arched his back at the strange feeling as Heero's fingers, cool with the gel, pressed against him and then slowly poked their way inside. He tensed, gritting his teeth in discomfort, forcing himself to remain still, trying to relax his muscles to make it easier for the other boy as deft fingers worked their way inside of him, twisting and probing, widening the passage. It hurt... but he knew it was going to hurt much worse in a moment, and his grip on the table edge was almost numbing.

No matter how far we've come
I can't wait to see tomorrow
No matter how far we've come
I can't wait to see tomorrow
With you

    Finally Heero withdrew his fingers, seizing Wufei's hips and pressing his length against the curve of Wufei's butt, hesitating once more as he gazed down at the bowed head, the trembling back. After a moment Wufei twisted his head once more to face him, his teeth clenched but his eyes just as lust-filled as the perfect soldier's. "Do it!" he snarled.
    Heero hesitated only a fraction of a second more before finally pressing forward, the breath coming from him in a gasp as he slid inside the tight opening, painfully slow.
    Wufei gave a high keen of pain, his body instinctively arching away from the invasion, but he scrambled for a hold on the table, forcing himself back, helping Heero to impale himself as quickly as possible, his eyes screwed shut, a single tear slipping free at the effort.
    Then suddenly he was in, completely sheathed inside of Wufei, and the Chinese boy slumped against the table, shaking and panting with relief. Behind him, Heero shifted slightly, impatient to begin but giving Wufei time to get used to the feeling of having another man inside of him. The most painful part was over, and both boys knew it. In another few moments, Wufei was pressing back imploringly, and Heero obliged, reaching around with one hand to grip Wufei's own erection before slowly pulling back and then thrusting forward.
    Wufei gave a shuddering gasp at the sensation, rotating his hips and moving counter to Heero's thrusts until they had developed a rocking rhythm that sent blinding waves of pleasure through the both of them. Wufei was nearly sobbing with the intensity of it, urging Heero to go faster and harder as he rocked back with a fierce intensity that Heero quickly picked up, and soon the Zero pilot was pounding into him, wrenching cries from his lover as his hand jerked at Wufei's straining member in time to own frantic thrusts, nearly bruising the slender hip he was gripping in his free hand.
    Higher and higher the ecstasy soared, as Wufei clung to the edge of the table, nearly bent double over it, gasping and crying out, Heero's raspy breaths falling hot on his neck as the pleasure grew to almost unbearable proportions.
    Wufei screamed aloud, his body tightening like a bowstring as he convulsed violently, his seed shooting into Heero's hand as he finally reached an earth-shaking climax, stars bursting before his eyes, his sight flooded with blinding white.
    Behind him, Heero gave a deep groan as he, too, came inside of the other boy, his hands tightening their grip as he went rigid before giving a few more deep thrusts.
    Then the two collapsed, completely spent.
    Wufei lay half across the table, breathing hard, Heero draped over him, panting in his ear. Wufei closed his eyes, a slow satisfied smile creeping across his face, his entire body relaxing in contentment. A moment later Heero stirred, and strong arms wrapped around his waist, pulling him away from the table and onto the floor, where they stretched out beside each other, still tingling and exhausted. They lay spooned together for what seemed like forever as slowly their breathing slowed. Heero's arms were still wrapped possessively around Wufei's middle, and Wufei leaned his head back slightly so that it was leaning against the other's chest.
    "So.." Heero's voice was drowsy, and more content than Wufei had ever heard it before. He buried his nose in Wufei's dark hair. "Why did you follow me?" he asked, his voice muffled.
    Wufei closed his eyes, allowing sleep to creep over him, still smiling as he slid his hand down to Heero's, twining his slender fingers through stronger ones. "Mmm.. Because I wanted to."
    "Hn." Heero grunted quietly, giving a little sigh before drifting into slumber at last.
    Wufei gazed at the tiled floor, feeling as if a great weight had been lifted from his soul. "Meilan.." he murmured, closing his eyes. "I think you would have liked him."

You/now I see/keeping everything inside
You/now I see/even when I close my eyes

You/now I see/keeping everything inside
You/now I see/even when I close my eyes


   Author's notes: arggh.. I was distracted while I was writing this, so I don't really like the way it turned out.. I think it went too quick, even for a one-shot, but oh well.. -_-; don't kill me. Ta-dahhh, my first lemon ever! ^__^ And I wasn't even planning on it.. o.O; lol It just kinda came out as I was writing it and I was like.. what the hell. =p Hope you liked! This one might have a sequel, mostly becuz I just kinda left the others hanging.. going after all those dolls and stuff. We'll see. ^___^ Ja ne~