Whispers in the Dark

Notes: Struggled not to write this, but my muses will NOT leavemethefuckalone about it. >__< Like I don't have enough fics on my plate. *buries face in hands* Though this song didn't inspire the fic, it does make me think of the fic whenever I hear it-- "Whispers in the Dark" by Skillet. Lyrics are here.
Warnings: As always-- YAOI!! Don't like, don't read. Very simple, ja? Also, this happens right after the WK series, (Gluhen does not exist) but with a few tweaks to the ending of WK. You'll see as it goes along. Enjoy ^^;;


It wasn't raining. It wasn't even dark out. Ran had always had the somewhat whimsical thought that bad things always happened on dark and stormy nights. Perhaps he'd read it somewhere. Or maybe it was because he'd lost his family on such a night.

But the sun was high in the sky-- it was just after the lunch rush. It was oppressively hot, and everywhere were girls in short skirts and school boys tugging at their ties in an attempt to cool their throats off.

He took the shortcut home, away from the main street, down the faint dirt path in the grass by the river, and under the bridge with the train rattling overhead and raining dust down on his shoulders.

He almost stumbled across the body curled up on the banks, half-in and half-out of the water. It was a small body-- like a child's. He dropped the bag of groceries he'd been toting and crouched to find a pulse. The boy was filthy with river water, clothes soaked and stained. His dark hair was matted to the side of his face with blood, making it impossible to glimpse his features from the fetal position he was in.

But he was breathing-- barely. Carefully Ran rolled him onto his back, attempting to straighten his limbs.

The face, white as a sheet and scrunched up a bit in pain, even in unconsciousness, was familiar.

He stood up so fast he almost stepped on his groceries.

His heart thudded in his ears with sudden anger and surprise, nearly drowning out the clanking and rumbling of the train. He curled his fingers into fists and took in a sharp breath through bared teeth.

Leave him

It wasn't quite a conscious thought, but in the next moment he was stepping over the still body and stalking off. He'd gotten halfway up the hill before he remembered his groceries. They weren't important, he tried to tell himself. No. Aya had been ragging on him for the past two days to remember to pick up some beef so she could make "real food". She was evidently sick and tired of the ramen and take-out her brother and the others tended to stock up on.

Snarling to himself, he twisted on his heel and hurried back down to the bridge, sliding a little in the loose dirt and gravel. Pointedly ignoring the body, he snatched up his bag and turned away again. He would go home, help his sister cook dinner, and never mention the pitiful form he'd stumbled across under the bridge.

He didn't realize he'd stopped moving until he caught himself throwing a glance over his shoulder.

Don't, he told himself fiercely, but he was already walking back.

Everything inside of him screamed for him to leave the body, to pretend he'd never found it.

Everything inside him screamed against the thought of leaving a child-- no matter who he might be --to die alone like this.

Even as he struggled with the dilemma in his mind, his body was acting. He crouched down and collected the limp boy into his arms, standing with a slight grunt. He might as well be carrying Aya; the boy was slender and quite a bit shorter than himself. He didn't let himself look down at the pale, blood-spattered face. He knew if he did, he would drop him and leave him again.

Muttering darkly to himself, he stumbled back up the embankment and continued on his way home, the bundle of flesh and bones that was Schwarz's telekinetic tucked securely against his chest.

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