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Irrashai~~~~! ^__^ Welcome to Patterns of Blood, the dwelling place of the fics of Amiko and Mami-san. The series represented are Weiß Kreuz, Gundam Wing, Slayers, and Yu Yu Hakusho. All ficcies are either no couple or yaoi. Yaoi? Nani? Yaoi is a homosexual genre, dealing with two men getting it on. This can be anything from hints to explicit, consensual to non-consensual, and kinky. *_* Yum. This warning is here in plain English, so if you've read this and get offended anyway...Well, you're not that bright, are you? This warning covers our butts. All fics will be appropriately marked with warnings and ratings. You should be 17 to read R and 18 to read NC-17, but maturity isn't often marked by age. Choose for yourselves, and choose wisely.

Oh yeah, and have fun, too. ^__^ The authors appreciate feedback, so if you have anything to say on our stories, we'd be endlessly grateful for comments & criticism (and pocky XD).

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