Have a Heart

"I don't know what I'm looking for."

Cain didn't even glance up, his fingers methodically reloading his gun. "What?"

"I mean, everybody needs something, right? Something to... what, to live for?"

The idiot was talking to himself. Cain wrinkled his nose unconsciously in annoyance and continued with his task. The sooner DG got back, the better. It was hard to tune the zipper-head out when no one else was around to provide a distraction. Raw was no help. He was sitting out of earshot, looking around nervously for longcoats. Toto was pacing several yards away, obviously distracted by his own worries.

"Or is it someone? I forget."

"Does it matter?" Cain growled.

He could feel the other man's eyes on him. "Well, you have your family, right? That's what you live for. It's what keeps you going, keeps you fighting, keeps you... well, mean."

Cain finally glanced up, levelling a barely tolerant glare at his companion. "What the hell are you talking about?"

Glitch was perched precariously on a half-rotten log, his expression thoughtful. "Well, you're mean to us because of your family right? Because of what happened..."

"Mind your own business, convict," Cain muttered irritably, returning his attention to his gun.

"I'm not a convict." Glitch sounded insulted. "At least I don't think so. Anyway, thanks for proving my point, you meanie."

"Meanie?" Cain repeated incredulously. "How old are you, five??"

"I most certainly am not."

"Then act your age, not your IQ."

"I don't know my age and-- HEY, see, that's why you're mean!" Glitch pointed an accusing finger. "You always treat me like this!"

"Maybe because you ask for it." Cain thrust his weapon in its holster and turned his back on the other man. "What the hell brought this up, anyway? Can't you concentrate on the present for one second? DG is obviously on to something here. What's taking her so long? I don't like it." He peered off into the trees uneasily. "We should check on her..."

"No." Glitch got to his feet, face resolute. "We decided to let her do this on her own, remember? Let her get her memories back her way."

"You're one to talk." Cain threw an impatient look over his shoulder. "You can barely remember what happened two hours ago."

"That's not my fault!" Glitch protested. "And you're changing the subject. Deliberately, I'm sure."

Cain fought the urge to roll his eyes, and returned his attention to the surrounding woodlands. "Then pick something more pertinent to talk about."

Glitch waved his arms in the air, tone heavy with sarcasm. "Ohh~ I wasn't aware that Tin Men knew such BIG words. I'm trying to keep us from worrying about DG, and here you are being a prick. As usual."

"For the love of..." Cain rounded on the other man, patience waning. "You do have something to live for. Your brain. You want your brain back, don't you? I sure as hell want you to get it back. You'll be easier to deal with, that's for damn sure."

"Like you're a barrel of laughs!" Glitch leapt from the tree with surprising grace and stomped over to point accusingly at Cain. "You need an attitude adjustment, buddy."

"And you need to get the stuffing beat out of you."

"Why can't you just hold a conversation like a normal human being?" Glitch protested. "All I was saying was--"

"All right, all right," Cain snapped. "Anything to shut you up. What do you expect me to say? Yeah, everyone lives for something. Big deal. With DG, it's her past."

"And with you, it's avenging your family," Glitch said quickly.

Cain stomped down on the flicker of pain that came with the memories that accusation brought on. This was not the time to mourn his family. "With you, it's getting your miniscule brain back," he continued.

Glitch pouted. "I was darned smart, you know," he insisted, then paused. "At least, I'm pretty sure I was.... Anyway, as nice as it would be to get my memories back, I don't think that counts. You and DG have actual people that make you go on. You know... DG and her sister, and you and your family..." he trailed off, his expression shifting into something almost lonely. "I don't have anyone... Or at least, I don't think I do."

Cain tried to ignore the momentary sympathy attempting to override his irritation. He was struggling to think of a response when Glitch suddenly grinned as if something brilliant had just occurred to him.

"I know! It's you!"

Cain stared blankly. "What?"

"You." Glitch smiled winningly. "I'll make my own goal. And you're it."

Cain winced. He was almost afraid to ask. "What is that supposed to mean?"

"You need a heart, Tin Man." Glitch gave him a pat on the shoulder that was cautious but encouraging at the same time. "I've gotta make you more human, that's all."

"You sound a little too enthusiastic about this."

"It'll be really hard," Glitch sighed. "I have my work cut out for me."

Cain pushed the hand off his shoulder. "I think you need to think of another 'project', zipper-head."

"No," Glitch said cheerfully, "you'll do. You need all the help you can get."

"Whatever your demented plan is, I don't want to hear about it," Cain grumbled.

"I don't have a plan," Glitch admitted a bit mournfully. "I guess I gotta get you to loosen up a little first." He frowned, staring upwards in concentration. "...I don't suppose you like to play games? How does hide and seek sound? Or-- Oh! Twenty questions?"

Cain grimaced and turned away. "Where the hell is that girl when you need her?"

"Spin the bottle?"

That did it. "DG!!"

"What? What'd I say?"