Warnings: OOCness, hyperness, pointlessness, shonen ai, shortness... ^.^; bwahaha.. on with the fic!
oh, yeah, and the title was stolen shamelessly from that stupid "tickle me elmo" doll. which isn't mine. don't sue or i'll sick my turtle on ya.

Heero glanced up from his laptop, aiming a wary look towards the braided pilot who had just entered the dorm room with a suspicious bulk under his raincoat.
He blinked, frowning as Duo shook himself like a wet dog, spraying his impassive roommate with rainwater. "Stop it. What is that?"
"What, this?" Duo asked innocently, stripping his coat off and tossing it carelessly on the back of his chair and holding up the bottle triumphantly. "Ta-dah!"
Heero sweatdropped. "What's that?"
"This, my man, is Happy Fluid," Duo chortled, quickly wrenching off the cap. "It's an American drink. They call it 'Jolt'. Puuuure caffeine, man!"
Heero raised his eyes to the ceiling in a silent plea for patience and/or a swift, painless death. This was going to be a looong night.
"Ne, Heero," Duo piped after taking a swig. "Wanna try some?"
"Awww, c'mon! Just a sip! It'll keep your eyes open so you can work longer!"
Heero glanced at him coolly out of the corner of his eye, fingers dancing over the keyboard. "..."
Duo made a face, taking another gulp. "You're no fun," he declared, plopping down on his bed and digging around in the box by the foot of it until he emerged with an armload of dog-eared manga. Settling back with his feet up against the wall and his head at the end of the bed, he proceeded to read through each one in blissful silence, taking a drink every now and then.
A little surprised-- and relieved --by Duo's decision to remain quietly on his side of the bed, Heero returned to his work.
The only sound was the clicking of the laptop's keys...
For about five minutes.
"Ne, Heero!"
Duo pushed against the wall with his feet so he had maneuvered his torso to the side of the bed, his head and braid dangling maniacally off of the side, a stupid grin on his face. "Whatcha doin'?"
"On whaaat?"
"I'm bored!" Duo rolled off the bed, manga fluttering everywhere. He snatched up one, flipping quickly to a place, gnawing intently on a stick of pockey-- hell only knew where that had appeared from --and striding over to Heero. "Hey, do you think this is even anatomically possible? Is that even how you say that word?"
Heero blinked as the manga was thrust in his face, Duo's finger jabbing at the big picture on the left page.
Heero's eyes widened marginally and he shoved the book away roughly. "Don't show me that crap!"
"Aw, c'mon, Heero, it's classic literature," Duo whined, inspecting the picture. "Never heard of Kizuna before? Ain't they cute?"
"....." Heero leaned over his laptop, fingers flying, pretending to ignore the babbling, caffeine-high baka standing next to him.
"Wanna see another?" Duo asked brightly, and hurried over to the bed before Heero could protest, snatching up a few more and holding each in front of the Perfect Soldier's face at certain choice pages. "See this is Earthian.. isn't Chihaya cute? I think Kagetsuya's kinda stiff, if ya ask me, but anyway.... This is Bronze. See, that's--"
"What, you don't like old style?" Duo inspected the Bronze cover and shrugged. "Well ya kinda hafta get used to that style to enjoy it, though it's the story behind it that's cool, man! Ooo! Here! This is a Yu Yu Hakusho doujinshi I found in some cheap bookstore. The one on top is Kurama, and that spikey-haired dude is Hiei. Hiei's cool, but Kurama's a knockout. Okay, and thiiis.. where is it? This is Seimaden. Now this dude's a real asshole. See that dude he's sleeping with? With the wings? Well--"
Heero shot up from his chair, and Duo yelped, leaping back and dropping his manga in his fright.
Heero offered his Death Glare. "Don't. Bother. Me." He bit out the words, stomping each home with a fierce look so that Duo was actually looking halfway meek by the end of it.
"Well, um, I guess.." Duo floundered, eyes darting away from Heero's and straying towards his midriff, "..if you're gonna be that way.. uhh... Hey, Heero, ya got lint on ya."
Duo reached forward, brushing at the lint on Heero's side.
The other boy jerked away like he'd been stung, stopping the weird noise that came up his throat by slapping a hand instinctively over his mouth, glaring at his startled partner over his fingers. "Stop it."
"What?" Duo asked, puzzled and a little hurt. The thought that Heero couldn't stand his touch was gut-wrenching. He reached out and brushed at the spot again to dislodge the lint. "I was just--"
Heero made another weird, involuntary sound, clapping both hands to his mouth this time as he attempted to take a quick step back and ended up making an undignified sideways scrabble as he encountered the desk behind him.
Duo's eyebrows shot up to his hairline. "Heero.." he said slowly, "was that...a laugh?"
Heero glared daggers at him, hands still covering his mouth, but a slow smile was spreading over Duo's features already.
"A kind-of laugh," Duo said, unable to stop his wild grin. "But I heard it." He advanced slowly, and Heero found himself retreating, keeping a wary eye on Duo's hands. "You're tiiiicklish, aren't ya?" Duo crooned, lifting his hands threateningly, grinning like a madman. "Who woulda thought! The Perfect Soldier is ticklish!"
"I am not!" Heero lowered his hands to snap, but Duo dove at that moment, seizing his sides with ruthless, wiggling fingers.
Heero squawked indignantly, thrashing against the invasion frantically, the strange, ticklish feeling that was threatening to force a laugh to his mouth growing larger. "Duo!! Stop!"
Duo laughed, avoiding Heero's swats and tickling even more, fingers tickling up the wriggling boy's sides, stomach, and up near his underarms.
Heero thought he was going to die.
Unable to stop his convulsions and the weird half-laughs half-angry/frantic shouts coming from him, he fought to escape from his tormentor as Duo pursued him across the room, laughing and tickling him mercilessly.
As soon as he saw an opening, Heero retaliated, his hand snaking out to attack Duo's stomach.
The other boy whooped, doubling over immediately, and Heero went at him with a vengeance, mimicking the other's moves as he tickled Duo all over. The self-proclaimed Shinigami laughed hysterically, trying to twist away and grab Heero's hands. "HAHAHAHAHA! St-st-hahaha Stop it! HAHAHAHAHA! No f-fair! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Whoops!"
Heero had cornered him against his bed, but Duo, still frantic to escape, still tried to back away, tumbling onto the bed instead, grabbing frantically for a handhold and finally latching onto Heero's hands, pulling the startled boy down with him so they both landed in a heap on the covers, Duo still laughing breathlessly, Heero breathing hard on top of him.
After a moment Heero regained his breath and pushed himself up indignantly to stare down at the boy giggling beneath him.
Duo grinned up at him maniacally, stretching hugely, his shirt creeping up to reveal some of his flat lower belly. "Neee, Heero, didn't know you'd fight back," he teased, still fighting the giggles. "See, you should loosen up more often!" His hand snuck back towards Heero's side, but Heero grabbed it quickly, still staring down at his partner. Duo grinned innocently back. "Nani? Why so distrustful, Heero?" he snickered. "Maybe I wasn't tryin' to tickle you."
Heero snorted.
"Maybe I was tryin' to do this," Duo said slyly, reaching up with his other hand to slide it under the other boy's shirt, fingers splayed against Heero's lower back. Heero jumped a little, skin still sensitive, before giving Duo a strange, wary look. "What are you doing?" he intoned.
Duo grinned cheekily, sliding his other hand free and slipping it under Heero's shirt as well. "Nothing," he said cheerfully.
"Hn." But Heero didn't bother to shake the hands free. They felt almost..nice where they were.
"Ne, Heero.." Duo breathed, looking up at him intently.
Heero grunted.
Duo glanced searchingly from one cobalt orb to the other, almost hesitant. "Want me to show you another game?"
"..." Heero raised an eyebrow. "Does this have anything to do with 'Kizuna'?" he asked drolly.
Duo blinked, then grinned widely, running his hands up Heero's back before removing one to tangle it in the dark hair above him. "Mm, maybe," he murmured, hooded eyes lit with promise.
Heero hesitated, glancing up at the laptop waiting patiently on his desk. He glanced down at the boy grinning suggestively up at him and felt a smirk tug at his lips. "Ch'. Whatever," he said carelessly.
Duo's grin grew even wider, his hand flexing against Heero's skull to bring his head closer. "Good. This one's called Making Out."
Heero blinked, a little startled by Duo's forthrightness, then Duo's lips were on his, and he gave a mental shrug, giving in to the other boy's 'games'.
He tasted like caffeine.


Author's Notes: *snickers* ^_~ Hope ya liked!
Ne, for anyone that's been looking for yaoi manga *points above* the ones Duo shows Heero are real. ^_^ (Tho Seimaden's based mainly on a girl/guy couple, there is yaoi in it). I've never tried Jolt, but I got the idea when stayin' up w/ a friend all night, cuz he mentioned it. Ja~!

(ps- sorry it's takin' so long w/ my other stories, but I just had surgery last week, so I just started typing the other day cuz it was makin' me sore. i'll be workin' on 'em tho! ^.^;)