Gourry fidgeted nervously, aware that the eyes of the Mazoku were on him, even if they were closed. "I just, er, um.." he stammered, tugging at his long blond hair, "I've never done it before, so...I want to, but I don't know how...."
"Ah, I see." Xellos's smile was even more annoying than usual. "But how do you know she'll react well?"
"Well, um....I don't," he admitted miserably. "But..I wanna try."
Xellos raised an eyebrow, still grinning. "My, my, loverboy. Aren't we the bold one? All right, then... So you need some advice?"
The blond nodded eagerly. "You're really old," he said bluntly. "I'm sure you've done it a lot."
Xellos seemed undisturbed at the mention of his age, bowing slightly. "Of course. Hmm, how about this," he said, grin widening. "How about a demonstration?"
"With Lina?!" Gourry looked horrified and outraged.
Xellos tsked reprovingly. "No, of course not. That's your job, remember?" He looked around until he spotted the person he wanted, his face lighting up. "One moment, please," he quipped to Gourry, and turned towards the figure seated several yards away, watching the sunset by himself.
"Zelgadis-kun," he called cheerfully.
The golem glanced over his shoulder at the smiling man suspiciously. "What do you want, fruitcake?" he demanded.
"Will you come here for a moment? I have something I need to ask you," Xellos replied, his smile even wider.
Sighing, Zelgadis picked himself up and walked over slowly, dusting himself off and grumbling under his breath. Gourry waited expectantly.
"Now, then," Xellos chirped to the blond swordsman when Zelgadis had finally halted next to him, looking impatient and wary. "Pay attention." With that he turned around quickly, seized Zelgadis' face in his hands, and jerked him forward. Gourry made a strangled cry of surprise, falling over backwards.
Zelgadis' eyes flared wide when the other Mazoku's lips met his, a small noise of shock making itself heard in the back of his throat. He tried frantically to pull away for a moment, but the other man was surprisingly strong.
Xellos managed to pry the golem's mouth open with his own lips, and forced his tongue inside, fighting back a smile at the involuntary moan Zelgadis gave. Almost chuckling, he continued to work the shy man, unconsciously averting pressure as he deepened the kiss, his tonuge exploring Zelgadis' mouth and his lips flowing over the other Mazoku's.
Trembling, Zelgadis felt his legs give out, and sank to his knees, giving Xellos an opportunity that he took advantage of quickly by stepping in closer and tilting the golem's head up, once more capturing his lips before the kneeling man could get his breath back properly. Zelgadis' eyes slid shut helplessly as Xellos treated him to another deep kiss. The ground beneath him seemed to rock, and he instintively grabbed at the Mazoku's robes to keep himself from falling.
Finally Xellos pulled away slowly, Zelgadis' bottom lip caught between his teeth. Releasing it, he gave a sultry smile, his strange eyes partially open, looking very much like that cat who had caught the canary. He watched the panting man kneeling before him for a moment with satisfaction, then closed his eyes and turned to beam at Gourry, who was gaping at them, his face bright red, a thin stream of blood coming out of one nostril.
"That," Xellos said happily, "is how you kiss."
"You..you FRUITCAKE!!"
"Whoops, looks like he's recovered," Xellos observed, seeming completely unconcerned. "Perhaps I should make a discreet exit..."