"Why is Japan so hot?"

Kyouya barely glanced up at the plaintive inquiry, attention on the paperwork spread out before him. "Don't talk like you just moved here," he said absently.

"How can you STAND it??"

"I ignore it," Kyouya replied tersely, shifting aside one sheaf of papers to study the open folder under them.

"I hate it."

"Then go get in your pool. At YOUR house."

"You're so mean." Tamaki flipped onto his stomach from where he had thrown himself gracelessly across the long coffee table, the only cool piece of furniture in the room. He'd gone from couch to stool to armchair, complaining how it was too hot to be sitting indoors around so much carpet and material. If this had been some sort of hint, Kyouya had chosen to ignore it.

"I told you I would be busy today. ALL day."

Tamaki attempted a pout, but the effect was lost when Kyouya steadfastly refused to look his way. The blonde shifted, wincing. The skin on his arms was starting to stick to the hard surface of the table with sweat; the wood was no longer cool, and he finally gave up with a huff of annoyance, climbing to his feet and wandering over to the table. He stood at his friend's elbow, fanning himself dramatically. "Can't you turn your AC on?"

"It is on."

"You have a pool, too. Let's go swim and cool off!"

Kyouya was unmoved by the other's enthusiasm. He adjusted his glasses and reached for a paper, eyeing its contents suspiciously. "If you want to swim, be my guest," he said shortly. "At least you'll be out of my way."

Tamaki made a face at him and squinted at the paperwork covering the entire table. "What IS all of this, anyway? It looks boring. Don't you think you'd be able to concentrate better if you were nice and cool from a swim?" He waggled his brows encouragingly.

"I think I'd be able to concentrate better if you were elsewhere."

"Am I distracting you, Kyouya?" Tamaki asked, widening his eyes.

Kyouya finally flicked him an impatient glare. "Don't act innocent, it's annoying. And yes, all of your babbling is making it hard to concentrate."

"I'd shut up if you went swimming with me," Tamaki said quickly.




Tamaki tried puppy eyes.


He tried his most charming smile.




Tamaki threw up his arms in disgust and stalked off.

"Finally," Kyouya muttered under his breath, reaching for his pencil and making a quick note in the margin of the paper he was studying. He glanced around for his calculator. Hadn't he just had the blasted thing five minu--

Something wet and unpleasantly cold slid down the back of his shirt so abruptly he gave a rather undignified yell, jumping and reaching back desperately to clap a hand to the lump in the middle of his back.

"TAMAKI!!" he roared.

The blonde was already dancing out of reach, ice tray in hand, laughing so hard he could barely stand straight. He got a glimpse of the murderous rage in his friend's eyes and yelped. Ice flew into the air as he made a mad dash for the pool doors, Kyouya hot on his heels.

He'd managed to get two steps outside when a hand snagged him by the shirt collar, jerking him to a stop so suddenly he gagged. A strong hand yanked and spun him, and he grunted as his back connected with the brick wall solidly. "Ouch," he complained, then quickly held up his hands in defense on coming face-to-face with his glowering friend. "Wait, wait, it was just a joke!" he protested.

A hard mouth on his stifled any further words, and he gave a muffled noise of surprise, hands waving weakly in the air a moment in confusion before finally latching onto thin shoulders.

Kyouya pulled back after a moment, too soon in Tamaki's opinion, and scowled at him. "There. Are you happy, now?" he demanded. "That's what you really wanted, right? Now leave me alone and let me get some work done."

Tamaki wrapped his arms hastily around the other boy, grinning widely. "My silence costs more than that, Mama. You know that."

Kyouya arched a brow. "I don't have time for this," he insisted as Tamaki started walking forward, forcing him to stumble back, still trapped in the firm embrace. "If I don't finish this paperwork by tonight--"

"Oh, act your age," Tamaki huffed, and pushed him.

Kyouya fell three feet, face frozen in surprise, and landed in the pool's shallow end with a splash.

Laughing, Tamaki slipped in after him. "See, isn't this better n--MPPHPHJG!"

Kyouya held the insufferable King firmly underwater until he was sure he was half-drowned. When he finally released the thrashing blonde, Tamaki came up coughing and sputtering and looking very undignified.

Which made it at least a little bit worth it.

He didn't get much work done that day.