Schuldich stepped from the taxi, moving aside as Farfarello climbed out and glancing towards the driver, who was turning back to look at him expectantly. ::I already paid you.:: He slid the firm thought into the man's head, and the scruffy driver blinked, looking a little confused before turning around and driving off.
Smirking, Schuldich tossed his flaming hair back over his shoulder, looking up at the cheap hotel he had picked. Farfarello stepped up beside him, watching him keenly. "Why did we come to a hotel?"
"Because hotels are the best places to fuck in," Schuldich said nonchalantly. "I'd rather not give you your 'lessons' where Crawford the crawdad and Nagi can hear us." He beckoned. "Come on, liebe."
He led his willing partner to the manager's office, pushing the door open and ignoring the shrill buzz that alerted the man behind the desk that he had a customer. The large, unshaven man slouched over the counter hastily lowered his Playboy magazine, clearing his throat as he offered the two men a quick, forced smile that died the minute he laid eyes on Farfarello. His eyes bugged with instinctive fear, and his mouth dropped open.
Schuldich leaned against the desk, leering. "We need a room," he stated, snapping his fingers in front of the fat man's face to get his attention.
The man jolted, glancing from Schuldich to Farfarello as he licked suddenly dry lips. His thoughts churned with fear and curiosity, but he wasn't stupid enough to ask any questions. "Uh.. right. Two beds?"
Schuldich's lips curved upwards. "Just one is fine," he purred.
The man balked, disgust flickering across his face and clouding his mind before he cleared his throat again and turned to his computer, thick fingers punching clumsily on the keyboard. "How long will you be staying?"
"Just until tonight," Schuldich said lazily, entertaining himself by running his fingers through Farfarello's short spiky hair. The madman didn't seem to notice. He was busy watching the manager, thoughts darkened with images of blood and slaughter. Schuldich tightened his fingers in the white hair in warning.
Farfarello shot him a quick glare.
The manager seemed nervous under the Irishman's scrutiny as he rummaged under the desk and held out a key. "Er, room 113," he said, wide eyes never leaving Farfarello's mad one-eyed stare. He slid a clipboard towards Schuldich. "Please fill this out."
Schuldich quickly filled in a fake name, address, and phone number before tossing the pen across the desk carelessly and accepting the key. "Come on, liebe," he chuckled. ::You've scared the fat man enough. Now it's time for your lesson.::
Farfarello pulled his gaze away from the sweating manager with an undertone of regret to his thoughts before following the other assassin outside silently.
Schuldich strolled underneath the overhang as he sought out their room, humming a German tune quietly to himself, mouth curved in a smirk.
"How long does it take?"
The younger man's blunt, unemotional question struck Schuldich as funny, and he laughed loudly, grinning over his shoulder at him. "It depends," he drawled. "You'll see, butcherboy. You'll see."
He stopped before their room door and unlocked it, beckoning to Farfarello to follow as he entered, flicking on the dim lights.
Farfarello shut the door almost absently behind him, sharp golden eye darting around the room in the instinctive habit of a killer.
Schuldich deposited the key on the worn dresser negligently and turned to inspect the bed critically.
Not very big, kind of saggy in the middle, and the sheets were faded and thin. Yup, definately a fuck hotel. He grinned in Farfarello's direction, shrugging out of his green jacket. "Saa... no time like the present. Come here," he commanded.
The Irishman stared at him from the other side of the room for a moment, face as unreadable as ever, before striding over, seeming neither eager nor hesitant. Schuldich smirked as he inspected the man standing before him, reaching out to run one hand almost carelessly down one strong arm. The shorter man was compact and very well-built. And not that bad looking if you were used to him. Hm, he should have thought of this earlier.
"Ever kiss anyone, Farf?"
::You're kissing someone now,:: Schuldich purred as he covered the other man's lips with his own.
The Irishman predictably went stiff and unresponsive. Schuldich slid his hands under the young man's shirt, splaying his palms across a firm chest, working at the mouth against his patiently. ::This works better if you participate, liebe,:: Schuldich suggested, vaguely amused.
Farfarello made a small snorting noise and obediently opened his mouth.
Aaa, victory, Schuldich gloated as he immediately invaded the hot cavern with his tongue. Farfarello started slightly with surprise at the sensation, and Schuldich, upon opening one eye suspiciously, found the other man staring at him. He was intrigued to discover that while this was usually a turn-off with his other lovers, with Farfarello it just made it more exciting. He ran his tongue along the inside of the man's cheek, then nudged his tongue. ::Move your tongue like mine,:: he instructed, pushing his hands further up and sliding his thumbs across the nubs he found there. ::Remember, this is *supposed* to be enjoyable. For both of us.::
Farfarello's thoughts hinted at acquicense, and he lifted his own arms as Schuldich broke away momentarily for air.
He blinked in surprise at the sharp tug to his hair, his flyaway bangs falling into his eyes. "Wh-"
Farfarello tossed the headband aside carelessly, his single piercing eye intent on the flaming locks of hair. He ran his fingers through it almost like a child would do, staring at the strands in between his fingers.
Schuldich realized almost with a jolt that he had caught the other man staring at his hair on more than one occassion, seeming fascinated by its length and bright color. Had he always wanted to touch it as he was doing now? He flashed a wide grin as the other man glanced back up at him, fist tightening around his captured prize of locks. This time when he leaned in for another kiss, Farfarello's mouth opened immediately.
He began experimenting, arching his tongue to meet the German's, quickly getting the hang of it. His mind was whirling with confusion and interest. He had never indulged in pleasure before, and was obviously not quite sure how to deal with it. In the end he evidently decided to roll with it, and leaned slightly into Schuldich's touch when thumbs brushed over his nipples once more, his hands burying themselves deeper in crimson locks.
Ever the impatient lover, Schuldich pulled his hands free quickly when he leaned away to breathe, tugging at the bottom of the shirt. "Off," he ordered. Farfarello lifted his arms in compliance, and Schuldich laughed quietly as he pulled the shirt over his head and let it drop to the floor. He moved in to better appreciate that scarred, hard chest, but Farfarello batted his hands away and pulled at the German's own shirt.
"Oh, ho," Schuldich chuckled, peeling off the offending clothing. "You learn quick, lie-"
This time it was Farfarello who initiated the kiss, tugging on a fistful of hair to lower the other man's face and practically crushing his mouth against his partner's.
After that, pure instinctive lust took over.
Schuldich went out of his way to teach the other man every tongue trick he knew from mouth to bellybutton, gloating to himself when the Irishman gave a tiny uncontrollable shudder as he dipped his tongue into the man's navel. "Mmm... let's move this to the bed," he suggested throatily, digging his hands into Farfarello's back pockets and rocking their hips together. Farfarello's eye was lit with fierce agreement as he backed towards the bed, allowing Schuldich after only a moment's hesitation to press him onto the bed beneath him.
Schuldich had planned to take things slow, but with the other man sprawled beneath him, chest heaving and eye gleaming, he tossed leisure to the winds and jerked impatiently at Farfarello's pants. Farfarello lifted his hips to make the job easier, and Schuldich's mouth went dry. He tossed the pants aside and hovered over the normally stoic man, letting his hair slide down to frame their faces. ::You seem to have the rare, uncanny knack of being sexy without meaning to,:: he informed him solemnly.
"Hn," Farfarello grunted, and pulled him in for another deep kiss.
::This is sodi-mee?:: Farfarello demanded, even as he watched intently as Schuldich ripped his own pants aside and ran tapered fingers up the insides of the Irishman's legs.
"Iie," Schuldich breathed, pulling Farfarello's legs up to rest them on his shoulders, locking his gaze with that of his 'student'. "This is." And he plunged in.
Schuldich hadn't been sure what to expect out of Farfarello by this sudden action, but he certainly hadn't expected the Irishman to arch off the bed, fingers digging into the sheets. He gasped, partly with the great satisfaction of being buried to the hilt, partly out of surprise. ::Oi- I thought you didn't feel pain.::
Farfarello sagged back onto the bed, staring at him, his single eye a little unfocused. There were a few beads of sweat on his face and a fine tremor ran through his body. ::This is a different pain,:: he pointed out slowly, as if not quite understanding it himself.
::Saa... so you *taught* yourself not to feel pain,:: Schuldich realized, hesitating, his fingers flexing on the madman's thighs. ::That couldn't prepare you for a pain inside of you that you've never experienced.::
Farfarello grunted, relaxing against the bed and gazing up at the German with a hooded eye. ::Kuradan. Is this it, then?::
Schuldich blinked and laughed abruptly. "You get over shit quick, don't you?" he murmured, leaning down for a brief kiss before pulling back and thrusting back into the impossibly tight heat of his new lover's body. And then again. And again, harder and deeper. Farfarello arched again at the third thrust, but this time his face was twisted with immense pleasure. Shock and a fierce thrill exploded in his mind, and Schuldich knew he'd found his mark. He aimed for the same spot again, and began rocking into the Irishman, steadily picking up his pace.
Farfarello reached up to bury his fingers in vermillion locks of hair, and their gazes caught and held. He rocked counter to Schuldich's thrusts, the ecstasy mounting in him with no trace of the first initial pain.
Interesting- it only took a single time for the Berserker to steel himself against a particular pain.
Then Schuldich reached between them and began jerking at the Irishman's own erection- probably the first he had ever had in his life.
That did it.
It was too much pleasure at once for one who had lived a life of deliberate pain. Farfarello's body lifted and stiffened, his eye closed tightly as he came without a sound, his fingers dragging down Schuldich's shuddering shoulders.
Schuldich couldn't suppress a deep groan as he came inside the other man, his world exploding in white ecstacy.
Then it was over, and he collapsed bonelessly against the shorter man, completely spent.
They lay tangled together for several minutes, slowly regaining their breath, their bodies still quivering a little with the aftermath.
"THAT was sodomy," Schuldich murmured at last, pulling out of the Irishman with a wince and rolling onto his side in exhaustion.
Farfarello lay on his back, staring up at the ceiling with an unreadable look on his scarred face. After some time he turned his head to regard the man lying beside him. "Is God crying, now?" he demanded quietly.
Schuldich laughed breathlessly, turning onto his back and throwing one arm over his eyes wearily. "Aa. He's crying a river over us two. Good work, Farf. Not bad at all."
"..Hn." Farfarello returned his gaze to the ceiling, and silence descended once more.
Schuldich was just dozing off when there was a shake on his shoulder. "Nnf... what now?" he demanded huffily, raising his arm to glare blearily at the madman crouched over him.
"Now what?" Farfarello demanded.
"Now we sleep," Schuldich said firmly. "Don't tell me you aren't tired after that."
"You did all the moving," The Irishman pointed out. "I want to make God cry again."
Schuldich stared up at him incredulously. "You must be joking."
Farfarello stared at him stonily, as if the word "joke" wasn't even in his vocabulary.
A slow smile crept over the German's face as he reached up to trail his index finger along his partner's lips. "Yare yare... if you're going to be so adament about it..." His eyes gleamed with a predatory light. "Maybe now is time for your DSL lesson."
"Dick Sucking Lips?" Farfarello inquired quite calmly.
Schuldich gaped at him.
"Nagi told me that you would probably try something sooner or later," Farfarello said in his emotionless tone. "And warned me you would say that."
"Little snit," Schuldich murmured to himself. "Farf, remind me to hogtie him when we get back."
Farfarello nodded agreeably. "How do you *suck* a Dick?" he asked calmly. "It doesn't make sense."
There weren't any lessons for several more minutes after that, as Schuldich was much too busy laughing his ass off to demonstrate.


Author's Notes: Blah, finally complete -____- Feh.
ew ew what an odd couple. Hope you all enjoyed (hentai!), and sorry for the long wait. ^.^;;; I was NOT in the mood to do a lemon on this couple @_@

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