I used to have this list on an old website me and Tora did, but have since updated the list, and also forgotten the password to the old site so I can't update it there. ^^;
So here is a list of things I have on streamload. If you would like any of these, here are the rules/info:
- e-mail me at with the following info..
- the anime you want (in alphabetical order, please)
- your streamload username (otherwise, obviously, I can't send it to you)
- in the e-mail subject, write "Streamload request"
- You can only request 5 folders a day
- Remember, if you're just a Freeloader, you won't be able to download these episodes. I can send them to you, but they're too big for you to download. You have to have a paid Streamload account.
- If you don't have Streamload but are interested, just go to and sign up.
    Enjoy ^_^


Last updated: Mar. 26, 2005

My wishlist: