++Chapter 23++

Heero could tell something was bothering Duo as they walked down the path towards the main gates to Relena's mansion, feet crunching in the gravel. "Duo?" he asked, frowning at him. "Nani?"
The others glanced towards them both curiously. Duo was staring intently at the ground as he walked, muttering softly to himself. When he looked up at Heero, he had a strange look on his face. "I had a dream," he blurted out. "Before Quatre woke up. Two dreams."
Heero blinked, taken off guard. "...And..?"
"I had a nightmare that I can't remember," Duo said slowly. "All I remember about it are red eyes. But before that... I just remembered another dream I had. It was really short and bizarre." He glanced around at the others. "I dreamed about Relena."
"What a coinsidence," Quatre said with a sleepy smile.
Wufei snorted. "Why would you dream about her?"
Duo shook his head, shrugging. "I don't know.. I just... had a dream that she was getting out of bed and picking out a nice dress- the kind she wears when she goes before a board."
"A healthy Relena," Trinity said suddenly.
The others looked at him in surprise. Duo blinked, nodding slowly. "Yeah..."
Heero shrugged, unimpressed, but Duo wasn't done.
"And that's not all," he said in a slightly shaky voice. "I just started remembering other dreams I've been having..."
Griffin was watching him sharply. "Such as?"
"When I was researching wiccans in the library trying to figure out who had stolen Quatre, I dozed off and had a horrible nightmare," Duo said quietly. "I couldn't remember it when I woke up... the pictures during the dream were blurred- it was more the words that stood out."
"The words?" Wufei frowned. "What was said?"
"I couldn't say them..exactly," Duo edged, looking up towards Trinity, "but they're the same words Trinity and I said when Davarius turned Lucias on Trinity."
Trinity paled slightly at the memory; the others, who didn't know exactly what had happened on the hill before they had arrived, glanced at each other in confusion, but Griffin spoke up.
"You had a dream about something that happened with Davarius?" he asked carefully.
"Yes." Duo nodded, shuddering, his eyes a little fearful. "The images were blurry...but the words... We said- or shouted -those words exactly."
Griffin was staring at him with something like respect- or fear -in the backs of his eyes. "Is that all?"
Duo started to nod, then hesitated, frowning and chewing on his lip as they exited through the gate and walked towards the woods. "Iie.. I kinda remember one I had before this all started... The weirdest one of all." He looked up at Heero. "It was when we were in that boarding school. The night before that mobile doll attacked and I met Atreusio."
Heero frowned. "What was it about?"
Duo closed his eyes as he struggled to remember. "It was hard to see," he admitted. "Two people.. on some kind of bare ground. Talking. It was..a cliff."
Heero felt the hairs on the back of his neck rise. "What were they talking about?" he asked quietly.
"The stars," Duo murmured, looking upwards at the night sky. He didn't notice when Heero stiffened by his side. "They talked about... fate..and the stars."*
Griffin frowned. "And have you heard any such conversation since?"
Duo shook his head silently, lowering his eyes to look at him.
"I have," Heero said, very quietly.
Duo looked at him in surprise. "Eh? You heard it?"
"Aa," Heero murmured, face closed off in an expressionless mask. "I was one of the people on the cliff."
Duo blinked.
Wufei and Trowa exchanged a glance.
"When did this happen?" Griffin asked with a slight hint of excitement in his tone.
Heero's jaw twitched as he stared straight ahead. "A few hours before Duo woke me up tonight."
Duo's grip on Heero's hand tightened. "Who was the other person?" he demanded quickly, unease curling in his gut. He could remember very clearly the immense sadness and hopeless feel of the dream. Had those been Heero's feelings? Or..
Heero hesitated before answering. "Atreusio."
"So you did see him!" Duo blurted before he could stop himself. "Why did you tell me you hadn't seen him? Is he all right?"
Heero didn't answer, lips pressed firmly together. Duo grabbed his arm, stepping in front of him and forcing him to halt as he stared at him earnestly. The others stopped, turning back to listen. "Answer me," Duo said in a quiet, intense voice. "What are you hiding?"
Heero lowered his eyes slowly to look at the other boy, eyes distant. "Atreusio made a decision," he said in a toneless voice. "He wanted to be with Neo."
Duo felt something sick begin to coil in his gut.
"He jumped," Heero said simply but quietly.
"From the cliff?" Quatre gasped, eyes wide with horror and pity.
Duo grabbed the front of Heero's shirt and lowered his head, trembling slightly as he bit his bottom lip fiercely in an attempt to keep his emotions in control. Warm, strong hands rose hesitantly after a moment to rest lightly against his back. Behind him he heard Griffin draw in a quick breath and Quatre give a small whimper. Oh yeah, he thought dazedly. Quatre had said he travelled with Neo and Atreusio for a little while before they found Avarion. He liked them.
"Duo." Heero's voice was quiet, and almost gentle. "He wanted to see Neo again."
Duo closed his eyes, drawing in a deep breath to calm himself. He wanted to see Neo again. He could see Atreusio thinking like that. It had been his choice. And... it had always seemed to Duo as if the other boy was sick of life. Sick of being hurt.
But when you do such a thing, Duo thought sadly, the ones you hurt most are the ones you leave behind.
Raising his head, he swallowed hard and forced himself to smile up at Heero. "Aa," he murmured. "It was..his choice."
"Maybe in their next life," Quatre said in a tight voice, "they can try again. Maybe they'll be happy next time."
Duo smiled at the blond's words, nodding mutely, a little comforted.
Duo glanced over his shoulder at Griffin. "Nani?"
The dark-haired boy was gazing at him, expression hidden in the shadows. "Do you realize what this means?" he asked quietly.
Duo blinked.
"Your dreams are coming true," Griffin pointed out. "You're dreaming of the future."
Duo's heart did a funny little skip.
"You have the same gift Atreusio did," Griffin said quietly. "You're a seer."
"Nani?" Wufei balked. Trinity looked at Duo in surprise.
"Perhaps the fates brought you along because Neo and Atreusio were going to die." He shrugged to show his ignorance. "But you are a seer."
"Then," Duo blurted, pointing at Trowa suddenly. "What about Trowa? Is he a psychic?"
Trowa's eyes widened slightly, but he pressed his mouth firmly closed and refused to say anything when Griffin looked towards him questioningly.
Wufei looked a little uneasy, but stepped forward protectively when he saw the closed-off expression on Trowa's face. "Oi," he snapped, "it was just coinsidence, Duo. Drop it."
Duo opened his mouth to argue.
He paused, blinking. Had that been his thought? He stared over at Trowa, at churning jade eyes set in an emotionless face.
Duo opened his mouth, then shut it again with a click of teeth. Something about it bothered Trowa. But why should he be so frightened by the idea? He was proving right this minute that his suspicions were true; but looking around at the others, he could tell that none of them had heard the quiet, almost pleading voice. Not even Quatre. What the hell was going on?
He looked back at Trowa's eyes- uneasy and almost desperate. There had to be a reason only Duo could hear Trowa- and why Trowa had been able to hear him that time Lucias had tried to take him. Was that what Trowa was afraid to discuss? Did he know *why* the two of them could communicate in this silent, unnerving manner?
He glanced at Wufei, and saw the fierce, stubborn look on his face. Did Wufei know?
"Duo?" Heero frowned, touching his shoulder.
Duo spoke quickly, before either he or Trinity could agree with his idea. "Yeah, you're probably right," he said easily. "Just coincidense. I'm just kinda freaked out about this whole seer thing..." he flapped a hand helplessly, forcing a grin. Griffin frowned, looking as if he'd like to press the matter, but when no one else offered support to the possibility, he shrugged and let it drop.
You and me need to talk, buddy, Duo thought sullenly, glancing towards Trowa. He gave a start of surprise when he saw something like humor flicker in the other boy's eyes.
This was too weird. He looked away from the other pilot quickly and began walking again; the others moved with them, and their conversation switched to other things as they strode along the tree line.
"So where to?" Quatre asked, yawning hugely and rubbing at his eyes. He glanced towards Griffin, who was holding a quiet conversation with Trinity; the younger boy looked pleased to be talking to him, and was animated in his discussion. Griffin was smiling in soft amusement, but speaking as he would to an adult.
"Where do you want to go?" Wufei asked him. "Back to Avarion?"
"I'd like to go home," Quatre admitted. "I miss it."
"Griffin," Wufei got the other boy's attention. "We're going to head back to the safehouse."
"Aa." Griffin nodded thoughtfully. "I'll bring some of Avarion and Earthfire and we'll set up some shields around the building- just in case."
"Arigato," Quatre mumbled, yawning again.
Trowa smiled at him gently. "Tired, itooshi?" he murmured.
Quatre nodded silently, eyelids drooping.
Grinning in amusement, Wufei scooped the startled boy into his arms. "Aa. Go to sleep."
Quatre flushed, starting to protest, but his exhaustion was clear. When Wufei refused to put him down, he gave a happy little smile and wrapped his arms around the swordsman's neck, resting his head against the other's chest and closing his eyes.
"We're pretty far from the safehouse," Trowa pointed out. "How are we going to get back?"
Trinity was looking pretty exhausted himself as he pointed towards a parking lot near the mansion. "Can't we just borrow a car?" he asked.
Duo laughed outright, and Heero flicked the braided boy a pointed Look.
"He's definately your friend, Duo," Wufei muttered, rolling his eyes.
"Yosh'," Duo said with a grin, cracking his knuckles and heading towards the parking lot. "Pick a car, any car!"
"Duo.." Heero started, raising his eyes heavenwards.
Duo ignored him, happily pointing out the good and bad points of each car as they approached the lot.
Heero settled on an SUV, and, ignoring Duo's pleas for him to pick a flashy Mustang, climbed into the front seat and hotwired it.
Trowa and Wufei climbed into the back seat with Quatre between them, and Griffin helped Trinity into the middle seat before turning to shake the hand Duo offered.
"Good luck, soldier," the wiccan said with a small smirk. "Keep them safe."
"Aa." Duo grinned at him. "Will do. Thanks for your help- tell Silverwolf I'll thank her properly tomorrow."
Griffin nodded. "She'll want to drop by anyway," he said. "To wrap things up and check on the Old Souls." He flicked a glance in the car towards Trinity, who was already starting to nod off. "We'll have your Gundams delivered to the safe house by truck."
"Duo." Heero was buckling himself in the driver's seat, glancing towards him through the window. "Come on." He nodded at Griffin in farewell.
"Ja- oyasumi!" Duo quipped, and shut the side door before bouncing into the passenger seat.
Griffin stepped back, hand raised in farewell. Duo waved cheerfully to him as the SUV backed out of its parking spot and roared off down the road.
He lowered his hand, leaning his head tiredly against the window and smiling over at Heero. "This car isn't so bad," he said with a note of teasing to his voice. "Though I liked the Mustang better."
Heero snorted, flicking him a mildly amused glance. "Hn. Baka."
Duo laughed. "Always."


"Ne, Heero..."
Heero paused, glancing back at Duo on the staircase. Ahead of him, Wufei and Trowa continued on towards the bedrooms, carrying a slumbering Quatre. Heero shifted Trinity's sleeping form more comfortably in his arms. "Nani?"
Duo wouldn't quite meet his gaze, his voice hesitant. "Could I..sleep in your room tonight? I'm afraid of having nightmares about today."
Heero frowned slightly, but nodded. "Aa."
Duo smiled weakly and they continued upstairs.
At the door to an empty guestroom, Heero handed Trinity over to Duo, waiting outside the room while Duo carried him inside and deposited him carefully onto the bed, pulling off the boy's jeans and shoes before pulling the blankets up around the boy. He paused to brush the small boy's ruffled hair from his face, smiling softly down at his young friend. "Oyasumi, Trinity," he murmured.
Turning off the bedside lamp and opening the curtains a little to let in some moonlight, he padded back out of the room to where Heero was waiting for him, and shut the door quietly behind him. He followed as Heero silently led the way to his own room and pushed open the door, allowing Duo to enter first.
Duo walked in slowly, glancing around the room as he shrugged out of his priest overshirt and toed off his shoes. He hadn't seen Heero's room in this house before Quatre had been taken- Heero tended to be selfish with his privacy.
Like most of the rooms, this one boasted a large bed and nice, antique furniture. Heero's laptop was on the desk, plugged in but closed, and there was a denim jacket- lord knew where Heero had acquired that -placed neatly over the back of the chair.
He glanced up almost shyly as Heero placed his gun on the desk with a clatter and pulled off his own shoes. He cleared his throat. "Do you mind which side of the bed I sleep on?" Heero struck him as the obsessive compulsive type who always slept on the same side of the bed... always had the same cereal for breakfast... always kept his room neat and tidy...
"Iie," Heero said quietly, pushing his shoes under the desk chair and unbuttoning the front of his long-sleeved shirt. Duo wrenched his eyes away quickly, flustered. Maybe this was a bad idea.
He pulled off his shirt quickly, dumping it carelessly on the floor by the bed, flicking his braid over his shoulder and wincing as he ran his fingers over a bruise on his ribs.
Damn, he had a lot of bruises. Some of them were dark and mean looking- the ones he had gotten today. Others were turning yellow as they tried to heal from the days that had passed, along with a few scratches on his arms and of course his bandaged knuckles. He ran his hand lightly over old scars from the past on his abdomen, sides, and chest before frowning and reaching up to touch his face. Lucias had landed a few good blows to his head and face when they had been tussling. Hopefully it didn't look as bad as it felt, he thought, wincing, and glanced around for a mirror, feeling vain and not caring.
It was as he was looking around that he turned and noticed Heero.
The perfect soldier was still standing by the desk chair, shirt dangling from his hand, revealing a finely toned chest and a set of his own scars. He was staring at Duo with a strange look on his face.
He caught me examining myself, Duo realized, flushing. He hid a pleased smirk, turning away and walking over to the bed. Was he staring because he didn't know I had so many scars, or because it looked like I was feeling myself up? He covered a snicker with a cough and sat down on the bed, bouncing a little as he offered Heero a bright smile. "Arigato for letting me sleep here, Heero."
"A..aa." Heero blinked, seeming to shake himself out of his daze, his face turning expresionless once more. He laid the shirt over the chair and walked over to the bed. He went around to the side opposite from Duo and slid under the covers with- to Duo's vague disappointment -his jeans still on.
Duo yawned and quickly stripped himself of his pants and socks, leaving on his black boxers before wriggling under the covers. He reached over, turning off the lamp by the bed, and the only light in the room was a shaft of moonlight across the bed from the window.
He turned so that he was on his back, gazing up at the ceiling as he waited- like every night -for his churning thoughts to settle so he could sleep. Heero was lying on his side, back to his partner. Duo took a deep breath. But this time his brain refused to relax.
Images and memories of the past few days ran through his mind in an endless, painful cycle, and he swallowed thickly at the rush of regrets, fears, and horrors that flitted through his mind.
Davarius, pretending to be Gable so that he could win Duo over and make him betray his own friend.
Making love to the boy who would later show himself to be a monster without the capability to feel any real emotions aside from hate.
Lucias, shoving him roughly against the desk, pulling down his pants and hissing in his ear.
Knowing that Quatre was gone and they might never see him again.
The look on Heero's face when he had walked in on Duo and 'Gable'.
Lucias tearing Trinity from the rock and throwing him to the ground, pressing his weight against the smaller boy's body, ignoring his screams.
His little 'fight' with Heero after he had met Atreusio in the garden... and that almost-kiss.
Finding out that Relena was dying- and how frail she had looked lying in her bed.
Heero passing out in his arms, his hot blood pulsing through his shirt and all over Duo's pants.
Seeing Trinity again before Relena.
Cradling Wufei's bloodied, pale face from Neo's attack on the safehouse.
Wufei and Trowa endlessly fighting.
Seeing the betrayal in Quatre's eyes when Davarius had revealed himself.
Watching as Neo took the blow meant for Atreusio, seeing him die in his friend's arms, deaf to his anguised cries.
The agony and pleading in Atreusio's eyes as he turned to Duo, begging silently for help in carrying his partner's body.
The cold smile on Trinity's face as he revealed himself as the Night.
Duo tried to take a deep breath, but choked on a sob instead, quickly covering his mouth with his hand to muffle the sound. Something hot and wet slipped down his cheeks, sliding down the side of his face towards his ear. It was followed by two more burning paths, and he closed his eyes helplessly, shaking with the silent sobs of someone who has taken all they can take.
The bed shifted, and before he could get himself under control Heero's shadowed face was hovering over him, calloused fingers hesitantly brushing at the wetness on his cheeks. "Duo..?" he murmured.
Duo felt his face heat up with humilation, and turned his head aside quickly, hiding his face from the other boy. The only one of them to see him cry had been Wufei that night he had told him about the Maxwell Church, and that had been embarrassing enough. For *Heero* to see him break down like this... the perfect soldier himself.... Duo wished he could melt into the bed and disappear. He couldn't bring himself to face the scorn and disgust that must be clouding Heero's cobalt eyes.
"Duo." Strong fingers seized his chin, turning his face and forcing him to look up at the frowning boy crouching over him. "Look at me."
Duo was pressing his hand into his mouth so hard his teeth were crushing his lips. He stared up at Heero, the shaft of moonlight illuminating the tears on his face. He knew his eyes were shattered with the pain ripping him from inside, but there was nothing he could do about it.
Heero drew in a sharp breath on seeing his face, but his expression was hidden by the shadows of the room. "Duo.." he sounded quietly confused. "Nani..?"
"I know it's over," Duo gasped, finally raising his hand from his mouth, spurred into speech by his own self-loathing as he wiped hastily at his face. "Everyone's safe and shit, and Davarius is dead. It's just..." He sniffed loudly, rubbing his nose and glancing away. "Now that it *is* over and I can actually sit down and *think* about it all... So much SHIT has happened, Heero!"
"Duo." Heero's voice was sharp. Duo gave a little start of surprise as Heero released his chin to cup the side of his face in his calloused palm. His heartbeat sped up considerably as he stared breathlessly up at the other boy. Heero lowered his head slightly, and now his face was visible in the moonlight, as well. His face was stern, but something in his eyes was almost..soft. "Those things that happened.. you couldn't stop them," Heero said quietly but firmly. "Shit happens."
Now *that* was a phrase Duo had never expected to hear from Heero Yuy. He stared up at the other boy mutely, eyes wide and vulnerable.
"Trinity's safe," Heero continued. "Quatre, Trowa, and Wufei are safe. Relena is safe. It's over, Duo."
"I don't care about them," Duo blurted. Heero's eyebrows rose in mild surprise, and Duo flushed, correcting himself. "I mean... I do care about them. And I'm glad they're all safe. But they're not the ones I worry about."
Heero's frown deepened. "What do you mean?"
"I was going crazy thinking they might be in trouble," Duo said quietly. "But I always.. was more afraid for you."
Heero stared at him, nonplussed, and Duo rushed on before he could lose his nerve. "You've already tried to self-destruct once," he said quickly. "And you don't *think* before you jump into a fight. The others know better, but you..." His voice grew sad, "you act as thought you have nothing to live for."
Heero opened his mouth and then closed it again. Something like helpless bewilderment flitted across his face.
Duo watched him, his own anguish fading in the face of Heero's internal battle. Sitting up, he grasped the other boy's shoulders and acted without thinking, turning and pressing him into the bed beneath him.
Heero stiffened immediately, his muscles tensing under Duo's hands. His face went blank and emotionless. Duo crouched over him, his grip light enough for the soldier to break away easily. He leaned down, his braid slithering over his shoulder to land against Heero's chest- which was rising and falling quicker than usual. "Ever since I first saw you on that dock," Duo murmured, staring into Heero's unresponsive eyes, "and saw how little you seemed to care for your own life, I wished I could change your mind. I remember.. thinking at first that Relena was the perfect person to pull you from the brink. Someone for you to care about and protect." He shook his head slightly with a rueful smile. "But the more I got to know Heero Yuy... the less I liked Relena Peacecraft. Everyone knows I think she's a twit. Do you know the real reason, Heero?"
Heero didn't answer.
"It's because," Duo whispered, "I hated how she could bring out the softness in your eyes. I hated that she could have you for herself- that she could win your heart and that simply because she's a girl, everyone expected it."
Heero's mouth twitched, but Duo didn't let him get a word in edgewise.
"I wanted to give you something," Duo murmured sadly, gazing down at him. "I wanted to offer you something that you could live for. Something different from everything being a soldier has taught you."
Heero's eyes flicked over Duo's face. His voice was quiet. "Like what?" he demanded.
Duo hesitated.
Should he tell him? He swallowed hard. After all they had been through together... after he had finally gotten close to the other pilot... what if after hearing what Duo had to say, Heero shut him out again and became the cold emotionless soldier he had been for so long? What if he hated Duo? Staring into pools of endless cobalt, he felt his control slip.
I don't care, he realized suddenly, and lowered his head so that his forehead was tapping Heero's gently.
"Love," he said softly, gazing down at him, drowing in cobalt. "Love is the one thing you can be gentle with, Heero Yuy."
Heero stared up at him silently for a long moment. Duo smiled sadly and started to pull away. Well.. at least now Heero knew.
Heero shifted, raising his arm, and Duo froze as a hand touched his cheek almost hesitantly. He stared down numbly at Heero's face, watching as those mysterious eyes studied him as if they'd never seen him before. "Iie," Heero said quietly. "You are.. the only thing I can be gentle with."
Duo took in a quick, shaky breath, feeling his eyes widen. Something in him unfurled suddenly and hotly, almost choking him, and his eyes were smarting again. "Heer-"
He wasn't sure who it was that leaned towards the other, but suddenly his mouth was pressed to Heero's, and he was clutching his shoulders in a death grip. He was kissing him as hard as he could, pouring out every bit of longing, of want, that he'd been feeling since he had first seen the stone-faced boy that day on the docks.
Heero seemed a little startled at first by Duo's fervent kiss, but in the next moment he was responding, letting his fingers slide into the other boy's hair and opening his mouth, pushing roughly past full lips to bury his tongue in the hot sweetness of Duo's mouth.

It felt like hours before they pulled away, staring at each other and breathing hard, both of them looking dazed.
Duo ran his fingers over Heero's face, fascinated as a child would be by its contours. He could feel strong fingers tangling in his hair, tugging at it, and he blinked in surprise as his hair suddenly loosened and fell in a soft amber wave, sliding over his shoulders to shield them from the rest of the world.
Heero seemed strangely entranced with the curtain of hair. He ran his fingers through it carefully with a faraway look, and Duo was reminded of that night in the hotel when he had asked the sullen pilot to brush his hair for him. He lifted his head, closing his eyes in pleasure as gentle hands ran over his scalp and through his hair. Heero took advantage of the sudden exposure of skin and reached up, capturing the nape of the other boy's neck in his hand to prevent him from escaping.
Duo gave a gasp of surprised pleasure as Heero latched onto his throat with a hot, demanding mouth and tongue. He lowered himself, taking the weight from his arms as he allowed his body to sink against Heero's, arching his neck to the side to expose more skin. He tangled his hands in dark locks of surprisingly soft hair, a little whimper escaping his lips at Heero's ministrations. Heero seemed a little surprised by Duo's eager response- acting on instinct, he hadn't expected Duo to react so pleasantly.
'Ah,' Duo thought dazedly, 'I almost forgot. Heero's never been with anyone.'
For a beginner, Heero was doing very very well.
He moaned quietly as Heero began a slow exploration, trailing his mouth from Duo's neck to his shoulders and then his collarbone.
Happy at the other soldier's lack of a shirt, Duo began running slender fingers over Heero's exposed torso, grinning as Heero jolted a little at the contact, his breath hitching. Taking advantage of the other boy's pause, he lowered his head and began running his lips teasingly over Heero's neck and chest in a featherlight mimicry of what had been done to himself. Heero squirmed a little, his breathing a little harsher, and Duo grinned triumphantly before leaning down to run his tongue across one of his nipples.
Heero let out a small cry, arching into the touch, eyes flying open wide as Duo's mouth latched firmly onto the nub, his hands continuing to caress every inch of skin they could reach. Never in his life had he felt anything like this. He buried his hands in Duo's hair, unable to stop his body's reaction as he writhed beneath his fellow pilot, wishing desperately he would stop this torture, at the same time hoping it would never end.
Duo chuckled against his chest, and Heero shuddered at the sensation, closing his eyes tightly. "Duo.."
Duo raised himself on his elbows, capturing his mouth in a long, tender kiss. Heero opened his eyes to stare up at him dazedly as he pulled away.
Duo's eyes were soft, his lips curved in a small smile. "Ai shiteru," he murmured, running fingers gently down Heero's cheek.
Heero gazed up at him, unable to speak for a moment. Swallowing thickly, he cupped the back of Duo's skull, flexing his fingers carefully against the other boy's head. "Aa," he said finally, his voice almost a breath of air.
It wasn't much, but evidently it was enough to satisfy Duo for the time being. His smile widened, and he kissed Heero's nose teasingly. "As much as I'd like to continue," he murmured, noting with satisfaction the sudden gleam to Heero's eyes, "in my current state I think I'd pass out somewhere in the middle."
Heero raised an eyebrow at him. Duo laughed, giving him another chaste kiss before settling down beside him, throwing his arm around the other boy and giving a pleased smile as Heero turned onto his side so they were facing each other.
As Duo relaxed and closed his eyes, emcompassed in the warmth of his partner, he was unaware of the cobalt orbs that studied his relaxed face in the shaft of moonlight for a long time after sleep had claimed the Deathsythe pilot.
Tenderness crept into Heero's eyes, unseen by his companion as he reached up to brush hair from the heart-shaped face. "Aa," he murmured to the dark room. "Ai shiteru... baka."

Author's notes: please excuse any typos... -_-; i'm too hungry and lazy to go back and proofread =pppp

*if you think the scene that took place btw Heero and Atreusio in the previous chapter sounds familiar, go open chapter one of Stargazers and you'll see why ^_~

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