Foreword: Well, both of us had been discussing the idea of co-authoring a fic, and this is the result. ^_^ Amiko had a weird idea for a basic plot, Mami-san thought of a nifty title, and a fic was born. It is written by the both of us over chat- paragraphs, ideas, and sentences thrown back and forth until satisfaction is reached. Neither of us is sure how long this is going to be... however, knowing Mami-san's love for epics and Amiko's recent GW arcs, it's probably going to be quite a few chapters long. ^_^;
Please bear with us, as we have never tried this before, and there will more than likely be the occassional disagreement, argument, or what have you that could slow down the writing process.
The first chapter should be up soon, and we hope you enjoy this joint effort. ^_^ Ja ne~

das Schweigen brechen
Schuldich, despite the pain of his past and the darkness of his present, may seem to have little regrets or fears about his present occupation; after all, he's got an extrodinary talent, three team mates, and plenty of money for the night life.
But what happens when what makes Schuldich who he is...

Ch. 1
Ch. 2

Meet the Muses behind this concoction

Moonshadow- Amiko's muse of violence, angst, abuse/torture, hatred, revenge, bad language, OC's, and death; female
Stardust- Amiko's muse of happy endings, humor, love, OOCness, sap, mischief, and the majority of the shounen ai/yaoi; male
Sainan- Mami's muse of angst, despair, hope, hatred, mass destruction, abuse, and pain; male
Niko- Mami's muse of cruelty, false hopes, deception, possession, obsession, darkness, and smiles; male

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