This fic contains none of the following: explicit yaoi sex, twu wuv, mpreg, Tot, bondage, kink, sap, fluff, heartfelt adorations, drunken relationships, a wussy Omi, a naïve and klutzy Ken, or random phrases in foreign languages (this includes me even taking out –san and –kun, but does not change the name of any organizations or flower shops)

This fic does contain the following: a small skip between 1st and 3rd person POV, sarcastic Germans, some series spoilers (based on character knowledge, some are half-spoilers), various make-out scenes between two men, foul language, some violence, and a little bit of death.

This is not a fic about love and rainbows and happy endings. It's just a story about two assassins who find more than they expected to in each other. If you wanted sex, I can give you links to other PWPs. If you wanted sap, I never liked that genre much and I got tired of trying to write it a long time ago. Written for my friend Aion-chan because she is a fan of the pairing and in an attempt to apologize for butchering them in Alice.

Thanks for reading. ^_^

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